Burgess Owens on Reparations: Why the Democrats Owe my Race

Burgess Owens on Reparations: Why the Democrats Owe my Race

Show Summary: Long-time guest on I Spy Radio, Burgess Owens, destroys the Democrat argument for reparations.”Every bad thing that’s happened to my race has been at the hands of the Democrats.

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Air Dates: June 22 & 23, 2019 | Burgess Owens

This Week:  Reparations. A topic that isn’t on most people’s top-ten list of things America needs to do. But it’s a grievance issue. And the Democrats and their presidential candidates are pushing it into the spotlight, so we’re addressing it. But it’s also an issue that shocked people when told, if there is a forced payment, who should pay.

Democrats and their Reparations: Imposed Guilt

Reflection is what you see in the mirror. Projection is when the self-absorbed see themselves in others. The Democrats are obsessed with race. They think everyone else is too. And they think everyone else therefore must be a racist. Because when you see race in everything—you’re the racist.

And it is those far-left Democrats who piously sit in front of their microphones, sneering and condescending to those who didn’t agree with them—the almighty gifters of gifting freebies.

For decades these same Democrats believed that the gold dust shaken from their magic wand of government hand-outs saved the Black community from certain demise.  That if it wasn’t for the generous Democrats who slammed their fists and screeched “Racist!” into their mics to anyone who voted no to welfare handouts that these same poor Blacks would just curl up and die. (Do you see who’s the racist here…?)

Democrat Reparations: You need to Pay for our Guilt

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Let’s be clear. Democrats owned slaves. Not one Republican owned slaves. None. So why do Democrats think everyone, including non-slave-owning Republicans should pay reparations? And ever since they lost the Civil War, Democrats have been trying to run Blacks’ lives. It’s an arrogant assumption. And a racist one. Arrogant and racist because Democrats assume Blacks can’t succeed without them.

But the Democrats’ arrogance didn’t go unnoticed as many in the Black community learned to grow from the dark days of slavery and replace that life with a life of excelling. Embracing freedom, they created families, strong communities, and a belief that if you worked hard and earned your own way it would break those chains of mental and physical slavery for themselves and the next generation.

As these men and women broke out of their chains and put the past behind them, the Far Left delved into techniques of Socialism and Marxism. The Left discovered that to gain and maintain power and control over others was by keeping the powerless dependent on them and their government giveaways.

Burgess Owens: Throw off the Chains of the Democrats

It’s these two dichotomies of thought that we see clashing on our Congressional floors fighting from opposite sides of the room.  Freedom vs. dependence.

Enter Burgess Owens, who through his testimony stood up to those who wanted to keep him and other Blacks dependent, needy, and powerless.

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Burgess, a long-time guest of I Spy Radio, has been all over the news this week. He made headlines when he shocked Congressmen by saying that it’s the Democrats who should pay reparations to the Black community. (If you missed his Congressional testimony, we’ll be playing some excerpts from it and there are some additional links below.)

Burgess Owens: It’s the Democrats who Owe my Race Reparations

On this week’s show, we talk with Burgess about how reparations, which he calls a Marxist idea. We also hear how demeaning it was to hear Congressional members push for a program that neither recognized nor applauded the life of excellence that he and other Black men and women have lived. That making life easier through handouts actually keeps people in chains.

Join us this week to hear his thoughts on why those who push for reparations are really the racists—and why at this time in history we might finally have them on the run.

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