Why McCabe wasn’t Prosecuted | New FBI Revelations

Why McCabe wasn’t Prosecuted | New FBI Revelations

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Show Summary: This week, it’s about who isn’t going to jail—but should be. We look at the curious case of Andrew McCabe and why isn’t he going to jail for lying to investigators—the same crime that sent so many others to jail. And just when you thought your opinion of the FBI couldn’t go any lower, it turns out they may have been more involved in spying on candidate Trump than previously known.

Original Air Dates: Feb. 22 & 23, 2020 | Scott McEwen & John Kiriakou

This Week: Will there ever come a time that we Americans will watch as the blindfold of justice slip back over the eyes of Lady Justice?  While this should be the hope of all Americans, sometimes it doesn’t feel like we will. Especially when we watch Inspectors Generals time and again recommend criminal prosecution against the Deep State—only have the Department of “Justice” decline prosecution.

So we’re left wondering—what it will take to actually see equal justice under the law? And we’re really wondering why Andrew McCabe (who lied to Congress and investigators) escapes prosecution—only to see the book get thrown at Roger Stone (who lied to Congress and investigators). Why the difference?

Is it really just as simple as a different justice for Trump supporters vs. Hillary supporters?

It’s time for a little venting.

The McCabe Case: Prosecutor v. Defense

Tackling that, we talk with Scott McEwen, co-author of American Sniper whose newest book, The Trigger Mechanism (book #2 in the Camp Valor series), just hit the shelves. Scott is also a “recovering attorney” who personally knows many in the DOJ, including some in upcoming prosecutions. He also understands many of the nuances of some of these trials—or non-trials.

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So far, only Trump associates get prosecuted. But meanwhile, Obama or Clinton associates skate.  Scott analyzes the McCabe non-prosecution from a prosecutor’s stand point. For example, were there legitimate reasons not to pursue a clear case of lying? The very crime others have, in fact, gone to jail over.

And what about from a defense standpoint? Did McCabe have something to scare off investigators? Scott discusses the strategy behind these cases, and his thoughts of what’s left for McCabe.

We then take a fascinating look at the Coronavirus and what might really be going on in China.  The official narrative from China is that things are under control. Except there is simple, basic fact that may have revealed things are clearly not okay.

And of course, don’t miss the news on Scott’s new book, from his Camp Valor series and some of the exciting developments yet to come.

McCabe Lied – So Why No Jail?

Then we go to former CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, who was one of those people who went to jail for lying to investigators. You can imagine he’d like to vent a little about McCabe not being prosecuted for lying to investigators.

John has some special insights into all of this. When he was with the CIA, John knew CIA chief John Brennan and some of the others that are possibly caught up in Durham’s probe. John gives great insight to how and why decisions were made and the legal problems some of these officers may face.

New FBI Revelations

He also gives us some very interesting background on Christopher Steele, who he worked with when Steele first worked as a foreign agent with the CIA. And, just when you thought your opinion about the FBI couldn’t get any lower, there is a new report that revealed some hidden details in the Inspector General’s FISA Abuse Report. Here’s a hint: the FBI was even more involved with spying on candidate Trump than previously known. Could this new report reveal the real reason why the FBI really fired Christopher Steele?

You’re not going to want to miss this one.

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