Trump Wins!

Trump Wins!

Trump wins!

Wow. Here on I Spy we predicted a win, but you just never know until it happens. But what a relief. America has been spared four years (or, more likely, eight years) of ongoing Clinton scandal, of watching our country and government be put up for sale to the highest bidder, of Wall Street’s corrupting influence, and even Hillary’s foreign donors feeling like they had a seat at the table.

Instead, it is Donald Trump. President-elect Donald Trump.

If you’ve listened to I Spy Radio, you know we go after high-level guests. That takes a long time to schedule because they are in high demand. As such, we were scheduled to take this week off because of the unknown results of the election and we’re running a best of this week.

Sit back and enjoy. It isn’t the Fourth of July. But it sure feels like it. (And don’t miss the very prescient closing remarks!)

And then join us next week as we turn from our series of shows that exposed the dangers of what a Hillary administration would look like and turn to what a Donald Trump presidency will look like.

What a great day in America.

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