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Election Aftermath – Good vs Evil. Stop the Steal.

Election Aftermath – Good vs Evil. Stop the Steal.

Show Summary: We talk with Burgess Owens, who retook the seat lost by Mia Love in 2018 when she turned anti-Trump, and the fight ahead for the soul of the nation. We also talk with Dr. Jerome Corsi on the plot to bring down the President — and why he thinks Trump will win. Interesting how both men focus on good vs. evil.

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Original Air Dates: Dec 12 13, 2020 | Burgess Owens & Dr Jerome Corsi

We talk with Burgess Owens, former Super Bowl Champ and frequent I Spy Radio Show guest, about the election aftermath. He retook Mia Love’s seat after she went anti-Trump, buying in to the media narrative rather than trust her own president. That’s fine. If she hadn’t, she’s still be there. But betraying party and country, she lost. Which opened the door for Burgess Owens to take the seat.

And then we welcome another frequent guest, Dr. Jerome Corsi, who takes a look at the ongoing fraud and attempt to steal the election. Dr. Corsi has written two books recently, which are borderline prophetic: “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency” and “How the 2020 Election Ends in a Trump Win”.

In the fight ahead to save America, funny how both men mentioned good vs. evil.

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