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Doing Great Things During Hard Times: Oregon’s Truckers

Doing Great Things During Hard Times: Oregon’s Truckers

Show Summary: Truckers have always been everyday heroes. Right now, with Oregon’s wildfires, they are larger than life heroes. We talk with Jana Jarvis of OTA, to find out what they’re up against.

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Air Dates: Sept. 12th & 13th, 2020 | Jana Jarvis of Oregon Trucking Associations

This Week:  Even during times of pandemics and extreme forest fire conditions, Oregon’s consumers still depend on trucking for 80% of its goods.  In fact, many of us take it for granted that when we walk into a grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store, or a host of others there’s always going to be a full shelf of items for us to choose from.

IMPACTED by Oregon’s wild fires? Find resources to help, what to do, and info on alert levels at Oregon’s Wildfire Resources

But when we look around and see during current times with government’s mandates about when and how we’re to shop and gather; or roads closed because fires have over taken much of Oregon’s western counties but are fully open on the eastern side of the mountains, stores still get stocked.  It is doing great things during hard times.

Wildfire Resources by County, including latest Announcements from local officials

How have these men and women managed to keep the goods we need flowing, while adapting to stressors that would send many of us over the top if it were our job?  Especially as these same men and women have their own families and homes, and are faced with the same emergencies as the rest of us.

Oregon Trucking Associations

So we take a look into the world of truck driving and find some rather remarkable surprises—like jobs, jobs, jobs.  And good, family wage jobs even for those who don’t want to travel or be away from family.  But we also learn about the amount of work for these truckers that goes into complying with regulations. And did you know that Oregon has some of the nation’s highest costs attached to operating rigs here?  No surprise maybe, but even there, there are some in government who want to make things in Oregon even worse.

And remember, it was these everyday heroes who stopped the dreaded cap and trade tax. Truckers united with loggers to stand up to government. Find out what it takes to do their jobs and you’ll find out how and why they have the discipline to come together and fight for what they believe in.

And with all the devastation from wildfires in Oregon, we will need more of these heroes than ever before.

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