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UFOs vs Trump-Russia Collusion

UFOs vs Trump-Russia Collusion


Show Summary: What do UFOs and the Trump-Russia collusion narrative have in common? No evidence of collusion is now considered evidence of collusion. And even then, there is more evidence of UFOs than there is of Trump-Russia “collusion.” We talk with CIA whistleblower, John Kiriakou, about the state of the Justice Department.

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Air Dates: Feb. 2nd & 3rd, 2019 | John Kiriakou

This last week, CNN, MSNBC, and other “mainstream media” outlets actually declared that Trump-Russia collusion was now settled. Because the lack of evidence for Trump-Russia collusion must mean that Trump really is a Russian spy.

Yes. No evidence is now evidence.

Although, strangely enough, so far there is more evidence for actual UFOs than there is evidence for actual Trump-Russia collusion.

Media Desperation over Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative Falling Apart

While it’s laughable that the dinosaur media now thinks that the lack of evidence is somehow now evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the rest of us aren’t laughing. Think about it. Now just the mere accusation of a crime is enough for a conviction. If we think you did it, you must have.

But it’s worse than that.

Mueller’s Trump-Russia Collusion Probe

While the media can make itself a joke, they can’t actually put anyone in jail. But a corrupt “justice” system can. And that’s the danger here. A justice system is only as just as the people in it. Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein—would you trust them to be fair and unbiased? What about John Brennan? Or Clapper?

The thing all those guys have in common is that each of them have openly lied to Congressional investigators. So why aren’t any of them in jail. Isn’t that what we do nowadays? Jail people who lied to or misled investigators? Just ask General Flynn, George Papadopalous, Carter Page — or our guest this week: John Kiriakou.

John Kiriakou

John is very familiar with how the FBI operates; setting up the people they’re investigating. In fact, he’s previously said on I Spy Radio that the joke at the CIA was that the FBI couldn’t get a conviction without setting up their victim. Kiriakou, like others swept up in the Mueller probe, was bankrupted into accepting a guilty plea, despite being cleared by the FBI of any wrongdoing.

Don’t miss John Kiriakou’s latest book: Doing Time Like a Spy

We talk with John about the state of the Mueller probe (and we mean probe in the best UFO sense) and what it says about the Justice Department.

We also discuss some deeply troubling aspects of our Justice System that ought to be worrying everyone. Including—and perhaps especially—Democrats.

Yes, Democrats. Democrats should be deeply troubled about the Mueller probe.

The Real Problem with the Mueller Probe

The problem with the Trump-Russia collusion Mueller probe is straightforward. It’s an abuse of power to pursue your political opponents. John Kiriakou knows a lot about being a helpless target of an all-powerful federal government that is hell-bent on a conviction. John Brennan demanded Obama jail him, and he did — by bankrupting Kiriakou until he had no choice but to plead guilty.

It’s the abuse of power Democrats need to worry about. Why? Because if they permit the Mueller probe to continue despite the fact there is no evidence, then they are helping to set the legal precedent for Republicans to “investigate” a future Democrat president.

This ought to be the kind of thing that unites Americans. Against their government. This is the kind of abuse of power our forefathers fought for in the American Revolution.

Tune in this week to hear more about why Americans, all Americans, need to start coming together and how that can begin to restore trust in our own government.

Podcast Version

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The Second Scenario

The Second Scenario

Show Summary: There was collusion in our election—but it wasn’t Trump, it wasn’t just Russia and it wasn’t just 2016. Tune in to hear the evidence of who was doing the conspiring and why.

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Original Air Dates: Dec. 2 & 3, 2017 | Kevin Freeman

This Week: When have you last heard a progressive say “I want America to win”?  And if they say it what have they described that America would look like?  Well, this week we’re looking into that description, what it was, when it was used, and who used it.  Interestingly, the Carnegie Foundation wrote a report that gave us three scenarios of how we could measure the US’s relationship with China: China winning, America winning, or a draw. And even though it was written in 2013, long before President Trump announced his candidacy, the scenarios unintentionally summarized what the United States would look like under a President Trump versus what President Obama was doing.

Actual Collusion

Don’t miss this fascinating, free-ranging discussion with guest, Kevin Freeman, one of the world’s leading authority on cyber security. We head into directions the main stream media does not want to —and refuses to—report on. We start on trade, mix in technology, and uncover deliberate sabotage.

Here’s a hint: it’s not just Russia. And it’s home-grown.

We break down how certain relationships, such as with Russia, were allowed that corrupted our election and why it was important to Russia to sabotage the election. No, not the 2016 election. The 2008 election. Tune in to find out who else was involved. And the collusion goes back even further than 2008, right back to the 1980s.

The Democrats' Russian collusion delusion. The Democrats' Russian collusion delusion. It's all an illusion.
The Democrat collusion delusion. It’s all an illusion.

It’s not just interfering in our elections but tampering with our financial markets. Listen in to hear how, intentionally or not, President Obama weakened the US by turning his back on financial markets—and turned a blind eye to actual interference. Don’t miss the evidence after evidence of the sabotaging of America—from within. And a lot of people lined their pockets as they corrupted their country and sold their souls to other countries.

Buckle up and hold tight.  This is a show you don’t want to miss.

Exciting News!

Right now, volunteers in Oregon are working overtime to try and stop the taxpayer funding of this ugly new abortion law. As Students for Life head home on Christmas break, they’ll be bringing petitions with them to gather signatures to help stop the funding. Also, we’re pleased to announce that StoptheFunding.org is bringing out Mike Huckabee in late January (20th and 21st) to help with the signature gathering effort. So far, we can confirm he’ll be speaking in Portland, Salem, and Medford. Stay tuned for more details on locations and times!

Head here for the news so far and how to get updates 

Podcast Version

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Red Lines are for Losers: Developing an International Strategy

Show 7-16 Summary: Strategy is always complicated but it gets even more so on an international stage. Tune in to hear the challenges facing the U.S. on multiple fronts as we look at international strategy through two distinct but intertwined lenses: economic and military. You’ll come away with new respect for the complexity of international strategy in an ever-changing world as President Trump rolls out his strategy that favors action. And why there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Click the mic to download the show! (Shows are available by Mondays at noon)
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All Stations Stream Live!
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11:00AM Saturday: KBKR (Baker City) | KLBM (La Grande)
7:00PM Sunday: KAJO (Grants Pass)

Air Dates: Month 22 & 23, 2017 | Crista Huff & Carl Higbie

I Spy Radio is going international this week. Well, actually, we’re always international thanks to all of our stations’ live streaming, but imagine a giant jigsaw puzzle and you finally figure out where your piece fits. So far, the jigsaw has seemed just a jumbled mass of confusion but then you put your piece in place and suddenly the puzzle starts to make sense. That’s because your piece changed the landscape and became part of the big picture.

Strategy and its moving parts
Strategy is complex. Try moving just one part.

But then, all of the pieces around your piece change shape and form and the picture changes yet again.

And that is essentially what’s going on with the US’s international strategy where you have Trump making strong decisions in Syria and also now in N. Korea — fitting in his piece of the puzzle. His actions, as just a part of the overall strategy, start to change the big picture even with the world’s complications.  Because we’re not only dealing with other cultures and nation states but then there’s also the confluence of US law. And their laws. And on and on.

On this week’s show we have two guests who will focus on two different aspects of international strategies. One is Carl Higbie, a military expert and former Navy Seal, and you’ve undoubtedly heard him on Fox News.  And we also have Crista Huff (@CristaHuff) who is a chief stock analyst for Cabot Wealth (cabotwealth.com).  Both of these individuals look at the world in terms of our international policies from two very different lenses. One through economics and one through military and yet the two lenses are very intertwined.

Obama's red line strategyTake Syria. A prime example of complex situations centered around military action but a war that started not only over political but over economic reasons: an oil and gas pipeline. Add to the mix Russia whose economy depends on attempting to dominate oil in Europe.  Now top that off with our own changes in the US moving from a leader, Obama, who had a non-action policy to Trump as a leader who is engaged by taking action and making changes.

Listen to hear how even though we’re throwing the net pretty wide this week you’ll gain an understanding and appreciation of just how complex so many of these issues are especially when you’re dealing with two very different dictators.

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Carl Higbie’s (Segments 4–6)