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Socialism’s ties to Islam Part 1

Socialism’s ties to Islam Part 1

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Show Summary: This week we explore socialism’s ties to Islam. Are the two new Muslim Congresswomen jihadists? We get answers form a former jihadist.

Original Air Dates: March 9 & 10, 2019 | Kamal Saleem

This week: In the first of a two-part show, we open our discussion with Kamal Saleem, about the ties between socialism and Islam. Kamal is a former cultural jihadist who converted to Christianity after he’d come to America to destroy it from withing. This week, our focus is: Are there jihadists in Congress?

There are a lot of similarities between the two political philosophies (and, yes, Islam is a political ideology). They both believe in the supremacy of their own ideology. They both believe in collectivism. They both believe in killing the opposition. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our talk with Kamal takes some interesting and surprising turns.

We talk with him about hte two newly elected Congresswomen who are both Muslims. Ilhan Omar has received the bulk of the attention with her anti-Semetic tweets but Rashid Talib is every bit as radical. Both are socialists.

In past I Spy Radio shows, we’ve wondered about the two ideologies—socialism and Islam. They are very similar in their world view (except on societal issues). Both use similar tactics and strategies to further their goals. Lying, obfuscation. Promising one thing and delivering another. Dividing society into groups and making them hate one another. Both socialism and Islam target the same segments of society—the disaffected and disgruntled.

Did you know where Hitler got his ideas on how to cope with “the Jewish problem”?

Tune in to hear the surprising ties between socialism and Islam— from a former cultural jihadist’s experience and viewpoint.

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