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The Wokeness just isn’t Slowing Down | Corporate and Racist Racism

The Wokeness just isn’t Slowing Down | Corporate and Racist Racism

Show Summary: Corporate wokeness? What happened to making profits for the real owners of a company—the shareholders? And the Biden administration’s outrageous racist policies to fix racism. But that just makes our government peddlers of racism.

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Original Air Dates: Mar. 20th & 21st, 2021 | Scott Shepard & Cody Wisniewski

This Week: We know that Oregon is the Petri Dish of Leftist ideology. And in Oregon, many times we conservatives feel there’s a double standard and a double whammy of far-left ideas, policies, and actions hitting us as we watch constitutional rights not only get attacked but many times stripped. This week’s show is all about those double standards, especially when it comes to corporate and racial wokeness.

For those of us who just want America to be America so we can just live in peace and harmony, it becomes tiring to constantly have to watch and react to these never-ending reminders that if we rest, those precious rights go away. But, here we are, Oregon’s legislature once again proves the need for eternal vigilance. Especially when we look at the proposed anti-gun rights bills for 2021.  Five bills that include one giving the Oregon Health Authority oversight of gun storage under the guise of a “health initiative” to stop adolescent suicide.

This, while teenage suicide rates have increased over this past year due to covid lock downs and masks orders. As they say never: let a good crisis go to waste.

Wokeness, Corporate Style

As if that weren’t enough, even when you just want to relax and be entertained, the Left inserts their ideology into the corporations that used to entertain us. Now, they want to indoctrinate. On social justice, on race, on everything. It’s wokeness brought to the corporate world. Or forced on it. We hope. Though we suspect many wholeheartedly embrace it.

Funny how companies used to worry about the bottom line. Stockholders used to worry about the customers and if their company was providing quality service and products.  Not so much anymore where CEOs are convinced corporations are here to save humanity from itself.

Pushing Back on Corporate Wokeness

First up we talk with Scott Shepard of the Free Enterprise Project (a program of the National Center for Public Policy Research), regarding their confrontation with Disney’s CEO at a shareholder meeting. They wanted to discuss Disney’s embrace of far-left policies that counters what conservative stockholders may want.

Especially since Disney fired a conservative actress from a hit show for her tweets, while allowing similar comments from a progressive actor. Fairness and equity? How about just flat out hypocrisy. Which, of course, Disney can’t see.

Mr. Shepard talks to us about how the far-left got a foothold into corporate America and where its heading. Is America setting the legal stage for its own demise? But you can do something about it.

And don’t miss Biden’s in-your-face racist policies: cancelling farm-loan debts for minorities.

Wokeness, 2nd Amendment Style: Grab the Guns!

Then we talk to attorney Cody Wisniewski, who is with the Mountain States Legal Foundation. We talk about the bad news of Oregon’s latest attempts of eroding our 2nd Amendment rights with five new anti-gun rights bills. But we also discuss what is going right in other parts of the country. Including bills being introduced that would greatly increase gun rights and the states that agree.

See Oregon’s list of woke anti-gun bills, below

Oregonians can take heart that constitutional efforts are winning, which makes it worthwhile to keep up the good fight.

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Links & Info

Scott Shepard  

Cody Wisniewski

Oregon’s anti-gun bills up for consideration

  • SB 554 – limits possession of firearms in public buildings, even if you have a concealed carry license
  • HB 2510 — gives the Oregon Health Authority oversight regarding safe storage of firearms, punishable by fines up to $2,000. Yes. You heard that right. A health agency thinks they should be able to tell you how to store guns in your own home and fine you if you don’t do it their way.
  • HB 3055, regarding carrying when traveling now adds commercial airlines.
  • HB 3268 prohibits possession of weapons in the Capitol — except for police or military. Penalties are five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both.
  • HB 25 43 prohibits transfer of firearms until State Police qualify the recipient of said firearm.  Oregon Firearms Federation says this could allow the Oregon State Police to deny a firearm’s transfer forever —  with no explanation or justification.