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A Little Christmas – A Former Jihadist Joins Us for Some Peace on Earth

A Little Christmas – A Former Jihadist Joins Us for Some Peace on Earth

Show Summary: This week, we talk with former jihadist, Kamal Saleem. Kamal came to America to destroy it from within but converted to Christianity and now works to expose the dangers of Islam. We talk with him about Christmas, what Christmas was like growing up in a Muslim family in the Middle East — and those recent Trump peace deals with Israel. We get a surprise on a deal in the works.

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Original Air Dates: Dec 26 & 27, 2020 | Kamal Saleem

Even in 2020, there are miracles. Today’s guest is himself a bit of a miracle. Raised in a devout Islamic family that sent him to jihadist training school while he was still a child, Kamal Saleem was commissioned to go to America and destroy it from within. That is until a miracle happened.

Kamal Saleem’s Miraculous Conversion

cultrual jihad, a real and sinister threat to America. Watch this incredible video of one former cultural jihadist
A former cultural jihadist – watch the incredible video of Kamal’s journey.

A terrible car accident broke his neck, but Kamal was surrounded by the love of devout Christians who nursed him back to health and saved him — not just from death but from the lies and hatred of radical Islam.

Watch the incredible, miracle that led to Kamal leaving the hatred of Islam behind, to embrace the love of Christianity

Kamal now leads Koome Ministries. Their mission is to see Ishmael Redeemed.

Christmas War

Wait. Christmas? War?

Yes. Christmas is known as a time of Peace on Earth but it was really, when you think about it,  a declaration of war: Jesus coming to earth to declare war on the realm of Satan and that his dominance over the Earth and mankind was coming to an end. 

And right now, there is still a war. For our freedoms and liberties that are enshrined in the Constitution, which recognized God’s desire for mankind to be free. Sorry, liberals. That’s just how it is. Yet we see democrat governors throughout the U.S. trying to take these God-given rights away.

Peace in the Middle East?

But it is a time of peace. And we take some time to talk with Kamal, who grew up in Lebanon, about the Trump peace deals between Israel and its former adversaries. Morocco. The U.A.E. Bahrain. Sudan. And others in the works.

What will happen to these fledgling deals if Biden manages to steal the election? And what would happen with Iran? We already know Biden wants to re-up the Iran Deal. Could this spell disaster in the region? Because there is another, historic—and prophetic—deal that’s shaping up. Between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

This would, quite literally, be a deal of Biblical proportions. Tune in to hear how this deal would be a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy!

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Trump’s Jerusalem — The Key to Peace in the Middle East?

Trump’s Jerusalem — The Key to Peace in the Middle East?

Show Summary: The mainstream media was too busy spewing anti-Trump propaganda to notice how “Trump’s Jerusalem” may have profoundly positive and long-term results. We talk with a former jihadist to learn how Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, combined with some unreported events in the Middle East, may open the door in real peace in Israel. Perhaps even the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.

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Air Dates: December 9 & 10, 2017 | Kamal Saleem

A former jihadist reveals why “Trump’s Jerusalem” combined with some unreported developments in the Middle East will open the door in real peace in Israel.

This week, President Trump decided to put a foot down on death-by-committee and officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. After years of promises from past presidents, President Trump directed the State Department to begin the process of moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem. The result from countries such as Turkey was outrage. Fires of anger started raging as Muslims responded to a long time promise of the mid 1990’s.

Not surprisingly, the anti-Trump media also tried to ignite their own firestorm. Except they are completely missing why this is such a historic moment and the key pieces of the puzzle that are suddenly now in play. Even the Trump-friendly media like Fox News and Breitbart are missing these key puzzle pieces. But don’t worry; we have the answers.

Trump’s Jerusalem: A New Era of Peace in Israel?

We pull in our expert on Middle East issues: former Jihadist, Kamal Saleem, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, to give us insights into the reasons why Muslims are exploding over President Trump’s decision—but also why there is real reason to believe peace may come to Israel as a result of these puzzle pieces that the media is completely missing.  Because Kamal is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, he is able to give us information you won’t hear in the main stream media. So, tune to find out why this decision to move the embassy is one of the most historic decisions of modern time.

Don’t miss what the rest of the media is missing!

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