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The Fight is On: Oregon Democrats Go Full-Blown Tyranny

The Fight is On: Oregon Democrats Go Full-Blown Tyranny

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Show Summary: Oregon Democrats like democracy — until they don’t get their way. At which point they go full-blown Socialist and want to fine, or even jail, their political opponents. It’s time to fight back against the tyranny of one-party rule in Salem.

Original Air Dates: Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2020 | Kevin Hoar, ORP Communications Director

This Week: Politics isn’t easy and sometimes causes people to become warriors when they would rather be negotiators.  But in Oregon’s case, it is impossible to negotiate with the Oregon Democrat super-majority which has decided Republicans have no rights. To object, complain, or offer suggestions.

Oregon Democrats: Full-Blown Socialism

The reality is, elected Democrats don’t want Republican input. They just want Republican bodies in the House or Senate so the Oregon Democrats can pass whatever they want.

So the Republicans, unwelcome and unnecessary (other than being a warm body) have taken the only step left to them: to walk out and deny Democrats a quorum.

Now, in return, Oregon Democrats have taken the extreme step to issue subpoenas to demand that Republicans return.

Oregon Republicans Doing their Job

Democrats are now trying to claim Republicans aren’t “doing their job.” But Republicans are doing their job. Because they were elected to represent their constituents, who are opposed to cap and trade. It is not the Republican’s job to let Democrats pass whatever they want.

The rights the minority party, Oregon’s Republicans, are exercising is to use any legal means possible, to stay true to their oath in office to stand up for their constituents.  It is the Republicans’ job to represent those who vote them in—and protect them against a Democrat agenda that will change Oregon for decades.

This is what the tyranny of the majority looks like. Imagine the damage they will do if they get any more power. It must stop.

The ORP: Oregon Republican Party

That’s why our show this week is so very important with so much at stake.  This week our guest is Kevin Hoar, Communications Director of the ORP.  The show comes on the heels of Thursday night’s vote for the House Democrats to issue subpoenas’ to drag the House Republicans back to session.

And the elected Oregon Democrats repeatedly demonstrated in this session they cannot be trusted with power. Republicans need to remove them from office.

It’s time to come forward, step up, and get involved.  It’s not enough to just be a part of Timber Unity. So it’s time to gear up and take action. There is only one party now that is standing up for rural Oregonians. There is only one party standing up for everyday Oregonians. Or for Oregonians’ businesses. And it’s most definitely not the Democrats.

Fight Back. Get Involved

It is time to end one-party rule in Oregon. To do that, Republicans need to take back at least enough seats to break the super-majority. Even better, take back at least one of the chambers, perhaps even both. And you can help.

We’ll introduce you to the Oregon Republican Party, what they do. We talk about how to get involved. How you can get involved in campaigns, support the Republican efforts. Or even run for office yourself. And we also talk about some of what’s going on in the background, of Democrats actions, that is going under reported.

Because this is the year for people to get engaged. And fight back and stand up against the Democrat agenda of socialism and tyranny as they try to politically strangle good people into saying nothing.

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Links Mentioned

  • Check out the ORP’s website is www.oregon.gop. See their “get involved” page
  • One of the first steps to getting involved, whether you  or join the ORP, is to make contact with your local county Republican party. Find your county Republican party on this page (scroll down for the “county parties” button).
  • Want to run for office? Need help? Not sure where to get started? We can put you in touch with the right people. Just drop us a line on our contact page. Absolutely no charge for connecting you, we just want to help.