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Antisemitism: Never Again is Now

Antisemitism: Never Again is Now

Show Summary: After the Holocaust, Jews and the rest of the world pledged “never again.” But a mere two generations later, Evelyn Markus had to flee the EU’s antisemitism for America—only to find antisemitism on the rise here too. What happened? And why?

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Original Air Dates: Nov 16 & 17, 2019 | Dr. Evelyn Markus

This Week: A look at the rise of “acceptable hate”: antisemitism. The world seems to have forgotten the Holocaust, because right now antisemitism is surging again in Europe. And lest you think this is merely “anti-Israel”, you need to know that Leftist politicians have been spotted in marches where shouts of “Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!” have filled the streets.

How is this happening? And why?

Antisemitism: Big-Government Sponsored Hate

Big government demands conformity from its subjects. And uniformity. You must be part of the group and those outside the desired conformity, are labelled dissidents, and targeted for hate. And even removal. We’ve seen it before throughout history with the Holocaust but we’re seeing it again now in places like Hong Kong.

Surprisingly, we’re also seeing it from the Left right now in the EU and even right here in the U.S. It’s not just the Left’s embrace of socialism that’s worrying, it’s the fringe elements of hate: antisemitism. While not unique to the Left, hatred of Israel and, by extension, Jews, seems to have become almost mainstream within the Far Left.

This is deeply worrisome. Especially to someone whose parents lived through the Holocaust.

Why Antisemitism Matters

Because the rise of antisemitism gives rise to hate of all sorts. The snowball effect of hate spreads and it becomes mob hate – not just the hate of individuals but of hate directed to an entire race.  The mob hate finds its way to those in power who begin to preach the politics of hate and the hatred of a race simply because of their existence.

This week, we’re pleased to welcome Dr. Evelyn Markus, an activist against antisemitism. An author and speaker, she is the hand behind Never Again is Now, a terrific film about not forgetting the lessons of the holocaust  in the face of rising antisemitism in Europe and even right here at home

Never Again is Now

"Never Again is Now" film by Dr Evelyn Markus, the troubling rise of antisemitism
“Never Again is Now” is available on Amazon Prime

Dr. Markus’ parents lived through the worst of the politics of hate. After The Netherlands were conquered, the Jews—who had been welcomed and lived a quiet, wonderful life in The Netherlands—were targeted by the Nazis.  Then, after what they thought were incidental acts of discrimination, the Jewish people realized too late that things were growing out of control.  Forced to wear yellow stars affixed to their clothes and before long, entire families were loaded into trains without knowing where they were going. And it was too late to stop it.

And, cruelly, neighbors turned on neighbors. Even worse, collaborators turned in those in hiding or who might have escaped. Neighborhoods were emptied never to see many of their once friends, ever again.

Dr. Markus’ parents survived the Nazi occupation — miraculously escaping with their entire family intact when many of their friends had only a few family members survived or were wiped out altogether.  Dr. Markus talks to us about her parents’ life, what it was like for them to go through it all, and the very real world of seeing how good people behaved when their lives were at stake.  Some who you’d think would be brave crumbled, while others who hardly appeared destined for greatness, did great things.

Antisemitism on the Rise? Again?

But Dr. Markus’ story doesn’t end there. That’s really just the beginning. Her story is about her realization that—despite the shadow of WWII and so many personal stories of loss—that antisemitism was rearing its ugly head in Europe after 9/11. Things became so bad that she left Europe, only to realize it was spreading in her newly adopted  homeland: the U.S.

Join us for a spellbinding look at the rise of hate. And what can be done, what must be done.

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Links & Info

  • The movie is Never Again is Now and is available via Amazon.com; free for Amazon Prime members, $7.99 for non-members.
  • Dr. Evelyn Markus’s websites: JoinNeverAgainIsNow.com 
  • You can follow Dr Markus on Twitter
  • Is it Holland or Netherlands? Yes. Sometimes. Maybe. Both. (via Holland.com)
  • HUNDREDS of Orthodox Jews Chant “Four More Years!” at NYC Trump Fundraiser on Tuesday — Donate $5 Million to Reelection Campaign (Gateway Pundit, Nov 14, 2019)
  • Ans van Dijk – Jewish collaborator who betrayed 145 jews to the Nazis, including her own brother and his family. (via Wikipedia)
  • When Did the World Find Out About the Holocaust? (via Jewish Virtual Library)
Obama to Prosecute Global Warming Deniers? Plus a new movie: “Climate Hustle”

Obama to Prosecute Global Warming Deniers? Plus a new movie: “Climate Hustle”

Show Summary: An exciting new movie is coming out: Climate Hustle, which destroys many of the sacred myths of the Global Warming Alarmists, like the whole 97%  catch phrase. Plus, it’s no fiction—the Obama Administration wants to prosecute Global Warming Deniers. Except our guest has the evidence to turn the tables on Obama and his Nazi-like thought police.

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Air Dates: Month 23 & 24, 2016 | Paul Driessen & Ron Arnold

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It’s not really “news” that Obama and his administration hate dissent.  If you don’t think in the right way be prepared for the Attorney General’s minions to be knocking on your door, ready to lock you up.  Ever heard of RICO? That’s the legal tool that Obama’s attorney general is asking the FBI to consider using to prosecute scientists and corporations who are “deniers” of global warming, aka climate change. Astounding. Except one of our guests has the goods on the Alarmists.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that it’s America in the 21st century and not 1930s Nazi Germany. Fortunately, we have some very brave patriots on the side of true science who are not going to stand for the treatment Obama’s administration is willing to dish.

Climate Hustle: the Movie

Climate Hustle the Movie - are they trying to control the climate… or you?
“Are they trying to control the climate… or you?”

Our first guest, Paul Driessen, is part of CFACT.org that has been leading the effort against the global warming alarmists and they have a new movie coming out: Climate Hustle.  They go after the false notion (yet so oft repeated in the press) that 97% of scientists believe there is climate warming and much, much more.

The movie is a national, one-day release on May 2nd with many showings in Oregon (including Salem, Eugene, Portland and many other cities) and across the United States. Just go to http://www.climatehustlemovie.com to find theater locations and times.  This is definitely a don’t-miss movie for all you global warming deniers out there!

Plus! We’ll be giving away some tickets, stay tuned for details — or send an email now to be sure to notified about the contest.

Obama to Unleash FBI on Global Warming Deniers?

Global Warming Alarmists' mindset: The Earth is not dying, it is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses.Then our second guest, Ron Arnold, returns to I Spy Radio to give us the insights into the secret e-mails and documents he obtained that shows collusion by attorneys general offices, criminal manipulation by the State Department, and even the involvement of college professors who plan to “get” the global warming deniers.

Don’t miss this shocking interview with a behind-the-scenes peek at the Far-Left’s attempt to lock up people who refuse to buy into their agendas.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact Global Warming is a $1.5 trillion industry? Is that why Obama and his minions are trying so hard to silence the deniers? (See what a trillion looks like and check out this infographic.)

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