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Show 5-20 IRS Targeting Scandal

Show 5-20 IRS Targeting Scandal

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Air Dates: May 16 & 17, 2015

Two years on and the IRS targeting scandal continues and, worse, the arrogance of IRS attorneys continue unabated. So where are we? Will anything substantial ever happen to the people at the IRS who targeted conservative groups? (Other than paid leave or retiring on the taxpayer dime, of course.)

This week on I Spy Radio, we take an in-depth look at the IRS targeting scandal. First, we’ll talk with former Oregon State Representative Jeff Kropf about his experiences with the IRS when he tried to form his nonprofit, Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation, the chill it sent through conservative circles, and a startling new development in his lawsuit against the IRS. Not only has the IRS not learned their lesson, but the arrogance of their attorneys continues unabated.

And then, there is probably no one who epitomizes the IRS targeting of conservatives more than Wayne Allyn Root who has been harassed endlessly by the IRS, including audits of previous returns and one roadblock after another as he tried to set up a conservative nonprofit organization. Wayne ended up joining the Judicial Watch Foundation lawsuit against the IRS. And, he has new evidence showing IRS collusion.

Links & Research on the IRS Scandal

  • Jeff Knopf’s organization, Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation: website (ocwf.org) and its Facebook page.
  • Links on the Z Street case… ACLJ write up: the IRS tells a panel of judges that the IRS can discriminate for 270 days until they’re forced not to by a lawsuit;
  • Jewish Press: characterized it as the IRS taking a pummeling by the judges: “Standing in the figurative shoes of the IRS, she was unapologetic and resolute, and with heels dug in, confirmed [the discrimination against conservative groups] is precisely the government’s position”;
  • A reprint of a WSJ commentary on Z Street
  • Wayne Allyn Root’s article on Fox News: “I’ve got proof it was a Democrat-led conspiracy
  • See for yourself—article in the Blaze, showing the photos of the documents and notes in Wayne Allyn Root’s case
  • Wayne’s website – rootforamerica.com

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