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Liberal Hypocrisy: Facebook & Guns | Plus Trump’s Real Strategy in China

Liberal Hypocrisy: Facebook & Guns | Plus Trump’s Real Strategy in China

Show Summary: Hollywood liberal hypocrisy. Celebrities wouldn’t have any standards if they didn’t have double standards, whether it’s about guns or Facebook. Another law Obama broke. Plus, Trump’s real strategy in China. We talk with two bestselling authors, James Hirsen (Tales from the Left Coast) and Scott McEwen (co-author of American Sniper).

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Air Dates: April 7 & 8, 2018 | James Hirsen & Scott McEwen

What do all slaves, since the beginning of human history have in common?

Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out the answer to that one.

But what do all Liberals have in common? Hypocrisy of course. Liberal hypocrisy is rooted in their subjective reasoning. It’s not “murder” if it’s the unborn. It’s not “breaking the law” if it’s illegal immigrants coming here to take advantage of America’s generosity.

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James Hirsen on Liberal Hypocrisy

James Hirsen is a NT Times bestselling author (Tales from the Left Coast), international business attorney and commentator on all things Hollywood. He’s also a frequent guest on I Spy Radio.

Liberal hypocrisy is always apparent (except to them) but no more so than in the recent Facebook scandal and the anti-gun “March for our lives” protest. Why?

There is no why. It’s just the bottomless barrel of liberal hypocrisy of course.

Liberals and Hollywood celebrities are fleeing Facebook. And shrieking at Mark Zuckerburg as they slam the door behind them.Why? Because Facebook sold data on 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica who bought it for the  Trump campaign. Gasp!

Liberal hypocrisy. Ban everything. Ban America!You’ve probably heard elsewhere that Liberals were perfectly okay with Facebook giving Obama access to data—and the Liberals even praised Obama for being oh-so-clever. But not just 87 million users. Facebook gave away data on 190 million users.

Did you know Obama and Facebook may have actually broken a law by doing this? (Don’t hold your breath about the DOJ going after either of them.)

And then there’s guns. The Hollywood liberals—who make their millions selling movies about guns, using guns, shooting guns, and making it all look cool—took to the streets to march for gun confiscation — while surrounded by armed guards.

Trump Strategy on China

Up next, it’s bestselling author, Scott McEwen (co-author of American Sniper) on some international issues. We’ll talk over some strategic war games being played out on the world stage — not so much militarily but economically as well.

Remember: economics IS warfare. Scott has some surprising insights into what Trump is doing with China and why.

Scott lives on the border in San Diego. What’s he think of the horde of illegal immigrants marching their way through Mexico?

Scott’s fans will also want to hear the updates on his upcoming movie. And some updates on two new books that will be released this year  which have already been optioned for movies.

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Is All that Liberal Hypocrisy about to Bite them in the Butt?

Is All that Liberal Hypocrisy about to Bite them in the Butt?

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Show Summary: Everyone knows the Left is nothing if not hypocritical. And examples of liberal hypocrisy abound. Like Madonna the tolerant liberal spewing hate at a march supporting democracy while rejecting the results of an election. Or Hillary mishandling over 1,000 highly classified emails but getting off scott free—while prosecuting a Navy sailor for having six photos of “sensitive” areas on his cell phone. But is all that hypocrisy about to bite them back?

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Air Dates: Month # & #, 2017 | Kathleen Saucier, Lt. Col (ret.) Jeffrey Addicott, & James Hirsen

More liberal hypocrisy - Al Gore the eco hypocriteLiberal hypocrisy not only thrives in D.C. and Hollywood but is often rewarded. The problem is, it’s not just “free speech” but their hate speech and hatred of anything they disagree with has ripple effects through society but the justice system as well.

We just finished up a proud tradition in America, the presidential inaugural celebration. We watched as President Trump was sworn into office and the solemnity of the moment when America invested him with the power to be the leader of the free world.

Liberal hypocrisy or just plain stupidity? But with all the excitement of the day, compare that to people on the Left were rioting and destroying property on the streets of DC—along with Congressional members who could have set an example of unity for the good of the country but instead chose to sit out the inaugural ceremony.

And then of course we saw the women’s march and the terrible tone they and many elites in Hollywood set, hypocritically spewing vile hate from their platform—about President Trump’s supposed hate speech. And this right on the heels of Inauguration Day’s pomp and circumstance.

More liberal hypocrisy - Russia was good when Obama was president now its badBut it’s not just hate speech. We’ve seen how Hillary Clinton broke the public trust by skirting federal laws to up a personal server that was proven to be hacked by foreign governments and used that private server to mishandle more than 1,000 classified emails. Was she punished? No. She was allowed to run for president despite flaunting the laws.

Meanwhile, a Navy sailor who took 6 pictures of sensitive areas of a submarine was sentenced to a year in federal court.  Both people did something wrong but the judicial system was clearly not blind and instead tipped the scales for the one who had money and power.
liberal hypocrisy - pro-illegal immigrant; but hating on Melania Trump, an actual legal immigrationThis week, we take on the double standards by interviewing Kathleen Saucier, mother of that Navy sailor, Kristian Saucier, along with his attorney Jeffrey Addicott.  You’ll hear the specific details of the double standards imposed on Saucier’s sentencing and what a President Trump might do to bring back some balance to the scales of justice—both for Kristian and for Hillary.  Since Mr. Addicott is  a world-renowned expert in terrorism law we discuss some of the new executive orders President Trump has put forward this past week.  Don’t miss our conversation about terrorist training camps on U.S. soil and their complicated relationship with the Constitution.

Fact: Obama issued 1,385 commutations and 212 pardons

Then we talk to media analyst James Hirsen (author of Tales from the Left Coast) about some of the outrageous examples of far-left attacks on President Trump and his family.  Listen to find out whether their hypocrisy is so out of control that it will finally cost them. And, if you want to do something about it, stay through to the end on how you can still see the movies without rewarding the studios that push these the hate-baiters.


Kathleen Saucier & Jeffrey Addicott (Segments 1–4)

James Hirsen (segments 5–6)

Media Censorship: Turns out Conservatives do it too

Media Censorship: Turns out Conservatives do it too

Show Summary: We’ve always thought that here in America that we have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Well, thanks to the Obama administration, we’ve seen that’s not the case. Media Censorship: it’s not just Obama anymore. It’s Conservatives too. One journalist, shares his experience of being blackballed when he bucked the elites’ narrative.

Air Dates: May 7 & 8, 2016 | John Rosenthal

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It’s not always big government we investigate.  Sometimes it’s “big environment” and this week, it’s “big media.”  We talk with author and political analyst, John Rosenthal, who covers European and transatlantic issues but has also extensively covered the Syrian civil war. John found out that if you don’t write what is the “approved narrative”—you don’t get published. And not just that, but they’ll try to destroy your reputation for daring to report the real news.

As Americans, we’ve always felt that we have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Well that’s not exactly true.

After listening to John’s story and what happened with his relationship with the National Review, a “conservative” magazine, we find that censorship is alive and well—and it’s coming from both sides of the media elites.

Media Censorship: Collusion

Much like Washington insiders who bow to their donors, the news insiders now demands journalists bow to the Washington establishment who want to create a narrative to support their policy ambitions. Tune in to catch this fascinating exposé on what’s really happening inside the news industry.

What’s especially shocking is not that it’s conservative sources doing this. Tune in to hear how conservatives conspired with the Obama administration to create a false narrative in Syria.

And it continues. This week, establishment news sources like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard find themselves on the outside of the primary process and are actively attacking the presumptive nominee. These are the same elite who demanded Trump sign a loyalty oath but now they’re attacking him? What’s their motivation or fear? Is it that the media elite are losing their power?

We discuss this with John.  But, even more chilling, are his accounts of how the news elites and the administration collude to use stories to create a political narrative—a narrative that has had deadly results. Just think about this: how many policies have we seen that are bad for America, but end up being good for the elite in power?

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