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Jesus in the Passover: the Symbolism Jews Overlook in the Seder Meal

Jesus in the Passover: the Symbolism Jews Overlook in the Seder Meal

Show Summary: An interview with Dan Sered of Jews for Jesus on the symbolism of Jesus—yes, Jesus—in that most holy of Jewish feasts: Passover. Tune in! Your next Communion won’t be the same.

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Air Dates: Apr 20 & 21, 2019 | Dan Sered

This Week: Despite no shortage of political news this week, we are taking a break from it all to celebrate Easter.  But this week, Friday at sundown, was also Passover. Did you know that the symbolism within Passover’s sacred meal, the Seder Feast, point to Jesus as the Messiah? Our guest thinks so. We’re pleased to welcome for the first time to our show Dan Sered, COO of Jews for Jesus on the symbolism of Jesus in the Passover. 

Passover Meal: The Origins of Communion

As Christians, we all know about Communion. It’s a meal many Christians celebrate monthly or even weekly. But how much do you really know about Passover, which is the origin for Communion?

As the name implies, Jews for Jesus is an organization of Jews who believe that Jesus was and is the Messiah. We invite Dan on to walk us through the Passover meal, how it’s celebrated and the many deep traditions within the highly structured and ordered Seder meal.

For thousands of years, Jews embraced the prophecies of the Old Testament that would reveal the Messiah. But as you’ll hear, so much of the Passover meal itself—this most sacred meal so central to Judaism—actually symbolize and point to the very Messiah they’ve rejected. Jesus. You’ll also hear the struggle many Jews go through when (as other Jews see it) they “leave” the faith.

Symbolism of Jesus in the Passover

Join us to hear the traditions and symbolism of this sacred meal. We reflect on the symbolism, its ties to Christianity, and how the routine and order taken throughout Passover represent God has laid out a plan and process for our life and salvation.

Your next Communion won’t be the same. 

As we start this very holiest of celebrations, we wish you all a very wonderful Easter weekend!

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True Location of Solomon’s Temple

True Location of Solomon’s Temple

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Summary: For generations, Jews and Christians alike have believed that the true location of Solomon’s Temple was located on top of what is currently called, the Temple Mount, where the Muslim Dome of the Rock currently is. Some even believe the Holy of Holies was located on the very rock under the Dome. Since retaking Jerusalem, the Jews have prayed at the Western Wall, which they believe is the outer court and foundations of the Jewish Temple. But what if the experts have it all wrong? We talk to Dr. Bob Cornuke, who’s been called “a modern-day Indiana Jones” as he reveals the clues that reveal the true location of Solomon’s Temple.

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Air Dates: Mar. 19 (11a PT) & 20 (7p PT), 2016 | Dr. Bob Cornuke

Are the experts wrong? What if the true location of Solomon's Temple is south of the Temple Mount in the City of David.
The current Temple Mount, facing north. Note the empty area south of it.

If you close your eyes and envision Jerusalem, like most people you probably see the big iconic golden dome known as the “Dome of the Rock.”  It is on top of the highest hill in Jerusalem and surrounded by walls. In that same complex, just south of the golden dome is the al-Aqsa Mosque, and the hill and entire complex is collectively referred to as “the Temple Mount.”

The Temple Mount area is also what nearly everyone believes is the previous site of Solomon’s Temple—and where Herod rebuilt the magnificent temple that was the center of Jewish life at the time of Jesus. Christians believe t was in this temple on this spot where he taught and prayed. Where he overthrew the merchants’ tables, where he stood at trial before Caiaphas the High Priest. And it was the veil of this temple that was torn top to bottom after he died on the cross within site of the Temple.

But Herod’s Temple was completely destroyed during the Jewish Wars, which began in 66 A.D. All that remains of the original Temple—according to Biblical archaeology experts and generations of belief—is the area known as Western Wall or Wailing Wall.

Rebuilding the Temple

The Jewish people would love to rebuild their holy temple there but the Jews aren’t even allowed on the Temple Mount. Instead, they’re confined to pray outside the temple complex at the Western Wall. To rebuild the Temple, it must be rebuilt on the original, true location of Solomon’s Temple. But to do that, they would have to destroy the Dome of the Rock (or the al-Aqsa Mosque, depending on which expert you talk to). Needless to say, this would probably set off World War III since it is considered the third holiest site in Islam.

Rebuilding the Temple on the true location of Solomon’s Temple has importance to Christians as well. Because many believe that before Jesus returns, the temple must be rebuilt.

But what if all the experts are wrong? What if the original, true location of Solomon’s Temple is not on the “Temple Mount” at all?

Finding the True Location of Solomon’s Temple

All too often, whether in politics or academia, the “elite” or “establishment” have one way of thinking and it may take an outsider to shake things up.  But what if — when it comes to the Temple Mount and the true original site of Solomon’s Temple — what if the “establishment experts” have it all wrong?  What if the Jewish people could rebuild their temple right now?  And all that needs to happen is to awaken people to the truth in order to overcome generations of perception and establishment thinking.

On this week’s show we talk with Dr. Bob Cornuke about the evidence that disproves the experts. Using his experience as a former police investigator, he walks us through the clues and evidence from Biblical, historical, and eyewitness accounts that would indicate the original site of Solomon’s Temple was south of the Temple Mount, in the City of David.

An illustration showing the true location of Solomon's Temple along with Fortress Antonia
Click to enlarge

Dr. Bob Cornuke is a biblical investigator, an international explorer with over 50 expeditions around the world searching for lost locations described in the Bible. These include the search for Noah’s Ark (with Apollo XV astronaut, James Irwin), the real Mount Sinai, St. Paul’s shipwreck, and even the Ark of the Covenant. In addition to his exploits, Bob holds a PhD in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University and is the President of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE) Institute located in Colorado Springs, CO. He is also the author of nine books, his latest is Temple: Amazing New Discoveries that Change Everything about the Location of Solomon’s Temple.

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