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Oregon Democrats’ Path to Destruction

Oregon Democrats’ Path to Destruction

Show Summary: Oregon Democrats aren’t exactly shy about overspending taxpayer dollars. Indeed, they seem quite proud of the devastating 29% tax increase they are in the middle of passing in 2019. So why do they want to take away voters’ ability to fight back?

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Air Dates: May 25 & 26, 2019 | Jeff Kropf

This Week:  There are taxes and then there are extinction-level taxes. Because Oregon Democrats seems to be lurching down the path of destruction — unless they can be pulled back from the brink.

Oregon Democrats: You have too much of your money

The Far-Left Oregon Democrats seems to revel in their super-majority ability to create taxes on a whim. With no chance from the Republicans to be able to stop them. Worse, they seem to take great joy in thumbing their noses at the everyday Oregonians by mislabeling taxes and working hard to take away Oregonians’ ability to stand up in protest.

There is a lot under discussion this week on I Spy Radio. While we know it’s Memorial Day, this is exactly why all those sacrifices were made. So we can fight the battle on the Home Front.

Oregon Democrats: New and Artful Taxes

Democrats are finding new and creative ways to layer taxes on top of other taxes—all while saying but this is just a little percentage and won’t add up to much. Except, when you add all the layers together they add up to a lot.

For example, take the “tiny” .57% tax the Democrat supermajority just passed—the Corporate Activities Tax (more accurately, the Gross Sales Tax). However, this tiny unnoticeable tax (HB3427) will raise $2 billion in new taxes. Most importantly, this bill taxes the gross sales, not net profits. (Yes, this is a sales tax.) In other words, if your low-margin business spends $95 to make a product and you sell it for $100, you will be taxed on the full $100, not your $5 in profit.

Most importantly, that “tiny tax” is on top of any other taxes you’re already paying?

Remember: this gross receipts tax / shadow sales tax is a repeat of a ballot initiative Oregon voters rejected just two years ago. Pesky voters! You don’t get to decide. Oregon Democrats know better.

A Whopping 29% Increase in Taxes


But that’s just the beginning. In addition to the Gross Receipts Tax, here are a few of the tax hikes the Far-Left are supporting and are likely to pass:

  • Family Leave $1.5 billion
  • Carbon Tax $1.1 billion (at a minimum!)
  • Employee Assessment Tax $500 million
  • Medicaid Tax $335 million
  • Small Business Tax $130 million
  • Kicker Cut $108 million

All told, that is $5.673 billion in new taxes. Counted against the General Fund, that is a tax increase of almost 29%. Twenty-nine percent.

What’s even a more difficult to stomach is not a moment’s pause to even consider cutting spending. When is enough, enough?

Oregon Democrats Want to Silence Ballot Initiatives

And while the Far Left wants to cut the Kicker Tax and keep $108 million of it for government, here’s another kicker: they want make it harder for Oregonians to bring ballot initiatives to the voters. Enough is enough.

It’s time for action. We talk with Jeff Kropf, former Oregon legislator and current head of Oregon Capital Watch Foundation (OCWF.org.) about these staggering new taxes and a potential challenge to the Gross Receipts Tax.

Again. Because Oregon voters defeated this same tax just two years ago. But we can’t stop fighting. If we do, and if the Democrats in Salem get their way, this may truly be the last chance we have.

Tune in this week to hear what’s coming and what to do about it.

Podcast Version

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Links Mentioned

  • Jeff’s group is Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation, which can be found at ocwf.org.
  • No word as of our show airing on the ballot initiative. If you want to be involved or to get updates, you can email Jeff at [email protected]
  • While you’re at it, join our email list to be alerted to upcoming shows and more. Never miss an I Spy Radio Show!
  • As Critics of the New Corporate Tax Increase Ponder Referring It to Voters, Democrats Seek to Hinder Signature Gathering (Willamette Week, May 20, 2019)

Additional Links & Info

Show 5-20 IRS Targeting Scandal

Show 5-20 IRS Targeting Scandal

Click the mic to download the show! (Shows are available by Mondays at noon)
To download, right-click the mic, select “Save Link As…” Or use the handy player below

Air Dates: May 16 & 17, 2015

Two years on and the IRS targeting scandal continues and, worse, the arrogance of IRS attorneys continue unabated. So where are we? Will anything substantial ever happen to the people at the IRS who targeted conservative groups? (Other than paid leave or retiring on the taxpayer dime, of course.)

This week on I Spy Radio, we take an in-depth look at the IRS targeting scandal. First, we’ll talk with former Oregon State Representative Jeff Kropf about his experiences with the IRS when he tried to form his nonprofit, Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation, the chill it sent through conservative circles, and a startling new development in his lawsuit against the IRS. Not only has the IRS not learned their lesson, but the arrogance of their attorneys continues unabated.

And then, there is probably no one who epitomizes the IRS targeting of conservatives more than Wayne Allyn Root who has been harassed endlessly by the IRS, including audits of previous returns and one roadblock after another as he tried to set up a conservative nonprofit organization. Wayne ended up joining the Judicial Watch Foundation lawsuit against the IRS. And, he has new evidence showing IRS collusion.

Links & Research on the IRS Scandal

  • Jeff Knopf’s organization, Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation: website (ocwf.org) and its Facebook page.
  • Links on the Z Street case… ACLJ write up: the IRS tells a panel of judges that the IRS can discriminate for 270 days until they’re forced not to by a lawsuit;
  • Jewish Press: characterized it as the IRS taking a pummeling by the judges: “Standing in the figurative shoes of the IRS, she was unapologetic and resolute, and with heels dug in, confirmed [the discrimination against conservative groups] is precisely the government’s position”;
  • A reprint of a WSJ commentary on Z Street
  • Wayne Allyn Root’s article on Fox News: “I’ve got proof it was a Democrat-led conspiracy
  • See for yourself—article in the Blaze, showing the photos of the documents and notes in Wayne Allyn Root’s case
  • Wayne’s website – rootforamerica.com

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