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Everything you Suspected about Obama is True

Everything you Suspected about Obama is True

Show Summary: If you always suspected Obama didn’t have America’s best interests at heart, if you believed there were enemies in our midst pulling the strings—you’re right. We talk with a former jihadist about the Islamic training camps and then gives the evidence of Islamic influence not just on Obama but both Bushes and both Clintons. Everything you suspected about Obama is true.

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If not for Trump, Hillary would be about to take the oath as our next president — with Huma Abedin as her closest presidential advisor.  Despite the mainstream media’s blackout on the matter, many people have heard that Huma has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But did you know that Huma was specifically placed with Hillary Clinton when the Clintons were still living in Arkansas?

Known Islamic training camps in the US
Known Islamic training camps in the US

On this week’s I Spy Radio Show, when we ask who is allowing these Islamic training camps and why, we get a shocking look at the behind-the-scenes manipulation of our nation’s highest office. And it’s not just Obama.

Kamal Saleem is a former jihadist. He was sent here, commissioned, by the Muslim Brotherhood (the very same Islamic organization that put Huma next to Hillary) to attack America from within. That means he knows the Muslim Brotherhood’s inner workings, their strategies, their tactics, and their goals.

Some known members of the Muslim Brotherhood
Some known members of the Muslim Brotherhood

When last we spoke with Kamal in December, there was one story that we just couldn’t get to with him: jihadist training camps right here in America.  Within the camps, they are preaching hate for America and actually undergoing military training on how to kill Americans. And they are operating with the full knowledge of the FBI and Dept of Justice. Why? And who permitted them?

And that opens the door to a world that many people always suspected was happening but didn’t have the proof until now. Do not miss this weekend’s show.

This week’s show will open your eyes to how perilously close we came to losing our country. You’ll hear why our own intelligence agencies are attacking President-elect Trump. You’ll learn the inner mechanisms that have created so much anger and division in our country.

Don’t miss this show. You’re about to hear why everything you always suspected about Obama is true.

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