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Show 5-25 Obamacare vs Healthcare

Show 5-25 Obamacare vs Healthcare

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Air Dates: June 20 & 21, 2015 | Grace-Marie Turner

The Supreme Court will decide soon what to do about the Obamacare subsidies, which some say are the backbone to the entire law. What will it mean for the healthcare system if Obamacare is, to use Obama’s words, “fundamentally transformed”? We talk with Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute about what the Court’s potential rulings could mean.

Obamacare advocates like to say we need to keep Obamacare because the Republicans haven’t come up with any plans to replace it. But this is a straw man arguement because a bad “comprehensive” plan is not inherently a better situation than a series of plans. It implies the healthcare system must be run by the federal government without stopping to ask whethere it should be meddling in your health care in the first place.

One aspect of Obamacare that many people haven’t heard of — including Oregonians — are School Based Health Centers. These “health clinics” are not what they seem. Like so much of the tripe pushed by the radical Left, what they claim is different, very different, than what they are. We talk with Nancy Traherne of the Rogue Vally Republican Women, which invited Mark Anderson to speak at their June 24th luncheon. (Note: If your organization would like Mark to come discuss how to fight back against SBHCs, please contact Karla Davenport for booking information.)

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