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Good News for Good News

Good News for Good News

Show Summary: Time for a little good news. Changes to the Endangered Species Act mean species might actually start to recover. Hollywood most famous mainstream pop-culture couple goes Christian. Bernie reveals the real intentions of Global Warming Alarmists. And a new Christian movie continues to prove the viability of movies with an actual story. Go figure!

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Air Dates: Month # & #, 2019 | Dr. Bob Zybach & James Hirsen

Good Time for Good News

This Week:  Over the past few months we’ve been able to experience what President Trump has done for our courts, especially the 9th Circuit.  There have actually been decisions made in the past few weeks that support things like, oh you know, the rule of law.

With just that one amazing change, Trump may finally be able to make a decision without being hauled into court, as the Left tries any trick to try stop. And this subtle but important change means we can look at some of the new rules knowing they may actually be enacted.

Good News for the Endangered Species Act

One of those are incredibly important changes he’s made to the Endangered Species Act. And, naturally, what’s being reported about simple changes that could lead to actual recovery of these species is being mis-reported that it will destroy a “vitally needed” government program.

This act that was to save animals from extinction because the money resource for far-left organizations who abused it through their sue-and-settle actions.  Rather than trying to protect animals from harm they wanted to raise funds by suing while having prelimary agreements from Deep State bureaucrats to happily ensure the government would lose its case so that they could pay out high and outrageous attorney fees back to them.  A legal loop hold that until recently was handing over millions to pro-environmental-anti-human groups.

With that atrocious practice eliminated, we turn our focus to the changes Trump’s administration has actually made to the ESA and its new benefits to species and to landowners.  Dr. Zybach walks us through what he’s seen in how the landowner is now empowered to help with the ESA and why that’s a good thing.

Also, don’t miss his personal encounter with the Endangered Species Act, Oregon’s “other Spotted Owl”, the Marbled Murrelet. It’s a good example of abuse by the scientific community and what happens when you sacrifice science on the altar of politics. (You can download his article, Oregon Coast Range Old-Growth: Part III, Marbled Murrelet Habitat.)

Good News from Hollywood. Wait, what…?

Kanye West September 2019 Album leaks, Jesus is King
Kanye West September 2019 Album leaks, Jesus is King

Then we turn to Hollywood, the last place we expected to see good news this week and talk with James Hirsen about one star of pop culture who is making a dramatic change —to Christian music.

Kanye West, who recently became a born-again Christian, has a new album coming out in September.  Mr. Hirsen walks us through Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian, have a tremendous impact on pop culture and why the Far Left may push back against them. Or just flat out turn on them. Because, you know, kids listening to an enlightened and positive message is clearly so dangerous.

We also have a momentary dip into the darker side of Bernie Sanders who wants population control because of (drum roll) global warming. He wants to sacrifice life to save us from death, sigh.

But we only stay on the dark side for a little bit and quickly turn back to some more good news—the newest Christian movie, Overcomer, and its powerful message.

This week, it’s all good fun, and uplifting, except for Bernie’s message.  But then again, when is anything socialist ever good news?

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Muslims and Christians – Good News the Media isn’t Telling You

Muslims and Christians – Good News the Media isn’t Telling You

Show Summary: The mainstream media of late seems to be trying to outcompete one another when it comes to bad news. But there’s some good news the media isn’t telling you about the war between Muslims and Christians.

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Show 7-13
Air Dates: April 1 & 2, 2017 | Kamal Saleem

The mainstream media lately has been trying to outcompete the others on just how bad the news can be. And that includes Fox News which is no better than the others when it comes to crowing about bad news. Everywhere you look, it’s bad news. Nothing is working, the swamp is still as full as it always has been, Obamacare repeal failed, and on and on.

Even some of our favorite shows on Fox have taken this approach. They seem… giddy to report bad news, especially when they think they’ve uncovered something worse than what their competitors are putting out. Every show is filled with angry people arguing and shouting over the top of one another. How do you learn anything from tha t — other who shouts louder or argue more cleverly? So maybe you’ll get some Facebook or Twitter fodder about how some host “really schooled” some guest. Great! Now tell me what you learned about the topic being discussed.

Here on I Spy Radio, there’s no yelling. No arguing. We don’t give you shouting points. And from the feedback we get, that’s one of the things that makes us so popular.

But you know what? We’re coming up on Easter and Easter is the ultimate good news.

So this week, and the next two weeks, we’re focusing on some uplifting stories. We’re starting this week with Kamal Saleem and although we start off with some negative aspects — especially the terrorist attack in London and sanctuary cities, hang in there. I promise you: by the end of today’s show, you’ll be feeling great.

This week’s focus is on Muslims and Christianity and some very positive good news that’s happening, right under your nose, and which the media is largely ignoring. Although we did find this one story on Fox News, which made it onto their website’s news page—but somehow never got a mention on O’Reilly, Hannity, Tucker, or their other major shows.

And then there’s this one from the Blaze:

Muslims and Christians

In the war between Muslims and Christians it turns out Christians are winningThat’s right. There are some remarkable untold stories out there about the war between Muslims and Christians. And it turns out, Christians are winning.

But thanks to the mainstream media, you didn’t know that, did you?

Tune in to this week’s show to learn how and why Christians are winning. Not only are they winning, the Muslims converting to Christianity are even revitalizing Europe’s fading cathedrals.

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