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The Green Energy Scam that Fooled Texas (and the Rest of America)

The Green Energy Scam that Fooled Texas (and the Rest of America)

Show Summary: Welcome to the new phase of Global Warming – Global Freezing. Yes, the Left really does want you to believe Global Warming caused the ice and snow in Texas. But they don’t want you to believe green energy failed. Sure.

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Original Air Dates: Month # & #, 2021 | Myron Ebell & Chuck Wiese

It’s been a long week—or maybe going on two, depending on if you’ve gotten your power turned on—as ice invaded a rather comfortably mild winter for most.  Then temperatures dropped all across the nation, placing people in at times life-threatening conditions.  How did this happen when we’ve heard so often from the global warming community that carbon dioxide was creating rising temperatures?  But even as the snow and ice hit, those same experts blamed—what else?—global warming.

The Green Energy Scam

Unbeknownst to many, for years, governors like GW Bush, made policy decisions about investing in windmills and solar. Governors like GWB knew only what pro-Global-Warming “scientists” told him about Global Warming, which led to pro-Global-Warming policy decisions. However, these scientists’ predictions were made by claiming their computer models were nearly infallible. Or at least not to be questions. So governors didn’t.

But as the years of weather conditions didn’t match up with the predictions, science became a game of outfoxing, out-promoting, and outspending those who angrily exposed their lies and fraud. And now we see the results of what happens when following the brick road of lies leads to disaster, with oil-rich Texas being the prime example of unreliable “renewable” energy.

But why? Why were some, calling themselves scientists, willing to place themselves in a situation where they now look ridiculous? We examine that this week and hope to shed new light on some old fights.

Myron Ebell Weighs in on Texas Green Energy Failure

We start out with Competitive Enterprise Institute’s, Director for the Center of Energy and Environment, Myron Ebell, who grew up in Eastern Oregon and is now working in Washington, DC — the hotbed of the Global Warming debate. With Biden taking over and touting the US return to all things green, we discuss what happened this winter in Texas. Ebell walks us through how Texas got to the point of wind turbines freezing up and breaking, putting Texans at risk with no heat while in freezing temperatures. Texas of all places. A conversation that maps out why so much went wrong and that the rest of the nation cannot ignore, especially with the rush to infuse “climate change” into literally every level of government.

Chuck Wiese: The Global Warming Scam

Then we bring on meteorologist, Chuck Wiese, who is also a retired commercial pilot, where accurate weather data really mattered. He takes us in-depth into those magical, global warming computer predictions and brings to life the techniques used to create the computer model.

You’ll learn a bit more about weather itself, how its predicted, and why predictions routinely break down more than five days out. And we learn how those billion-dollar climate warming models compare to weather forecasting and why they not only don’t work in the long-term but can’t work in the long term. Real life information that global warming supporters can’t run from.

In other words, as Chuck would say, the Great Oz no longer has his curtain to hide behind.

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The Beginning of the End? The Day the Hockey Stick Broke

The Beginning of the End? The Day the Hockey Stick Broke

Show Summary: Scientific American said that without Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick” there would be no Global Warming Alarmism. Dr. Tim Ball won his lawsuit against Mann and his vaunted hockey stick—so is this the beginning of the end for the Climate Change movement?

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Air Dates: Sep 14 & 15, 2019 | Dr. Tim Ball

Michael Mann's hockey stick launched Global Warming Alarmism
Michael Mann’s hockey stick launched Global Warming Alarmism

What is it that AOC has been championing?  Oh yes, we have 12 years to live. And while some of us are old enough to remember four previous “we only have 10 years to do something” events, she’s a good marketer because millennials are so terrified of global warming, they’ve been actually committing suicide over it.


It would be funny if it weren’t so sadly true.

Officialdom of Global Warming Scaremongering

One reason people take this nonsense of Global Warming seriously is because of official reports, like the UN Special Report on Global Warming, released in October, 2018. If you look through it, there it is: 2030 as doomsday. Just 11 years from now  as the point of no return—if we keep on our current path and don’t do something. And it’s mentioned 35 times in the report.

So, is it marketing? Or scientific research?

Mann’s Vaunted Hockey Stick

Back in July, we had Dr. Tim Ball on I Spy Radio to discuss American exceptionalism.  After our interview, Dr. Ball gave us a heads-up about some fake numbers and scaremongering the IPCC were releasing to prop up their global warming alarmism.  We penciled him in for early September.

But then something amazing happened. Because during our wait to have him back on, he won a huge, HUGE court decision on the defamation lawsuit brought by Michael Mann, the hockey stick inventor.  The hockey stick that has become the “proof” of global warming.

Hockey Stick or Science Schtick?

Dr. Ball had been sued because he’d taken Mann’s science to task and Mann, not appreciating anyone daring to doubt his science schtick, decided to sue Dr Ball over defamation.

But there was a problem when Dr. Ball asked for Mann’s evidence.  Mann wouldn’t deliver the computer program he’s used to interpret the numbers to arrive at his conclusions.

A scientist who didn’t want to reveal his data? Or his methods?  That’s a violation of a basic tenant of science: always show your work so others can independently verify it. Instead, Mann cried that his “proprietary information” couldn’t be revealed. Basically, Mann had created his own secret version of Microsoft Excel to interpret the data. No wonder then that no one else has been able to come up with the same results using the same data.

And that’s why it’s not so much a hockey stick as hockey schtick.

But it makes you wonder. If a scientist doesn’t want to reveal his data, is he a scientist? Or a marketer? Or a marketer pretending to be a scientist?

And ask yourself this. Why would Mann create falsified evidence of something that didn’t exist — unless he stood to profit from it?

Tune in this week for an inspiring and in-depth look at why you never give up. Especially when you’re right.

And what’s really exciting? Dr. Ball’s win may have saved the world from this ongoing hoax.

Podcast Version

Links & Info

  • Dr. Tim’s books can be found in the I Spy Radio store page
  • The Daily Kos article trying to save the doomed Michael Mann: “Tim Ball Pleads For Mercy As An Irrelevant Sick Old Man, Gets It, Declares Victory” (Daily Kos, Wed. Aug 28, 2019)
  • Should Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann Be Prosecuted For Climate Fraud? (Principia-scientific.org, May 23, 2018) {Use graph for website}
  • UPDATE – Dr. Tim Ball wins @MichaelEMann lawsuit – Mann “hides the decline” AGAIN (Watts Up With That, Aug 22, 2019)
    • “The Weaver defamation case involved an article Ball wrote saying that the IPCC had diverted almost all climate research funding and scientific investigation to anthropogenic global warming (AGW). This meant that there was virtually no advance in the wider understanding of climate and climate change.”
  • Breaking News: Dr Tim Ball Defeats Michael Mann’s Climate Lawsuit! (Principia Scientific, Aug 23, 2019)
  • Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick is the most laughable and widely discredited object in scientific history (The Hockey Schtick Blog, Aug 14, 2013)
  • Anti-science totalitarians want to silence climate security commission (CFact.org, Mar 8, 2019)
  • Educating the Next Generation to Debate Alarming Climate Claims (CNS News, Jul 9 2019)
The Good Guys get a Win! What Oregon can learn from them

The Good Guys get a Win! What Oregon can learn from them

Show Summary: When it comes to slaying the dragons in life—whether metaphorical or the governmental kinds—we all like to see the good guys win. This week on I Spy Radio, we follow two stories about just that. Dr. Tim Ball who just won a major court, a libel lawsuit because he dared to be skeptical about Global Warming. Plus former Navy pilot and Blue Angels commander, Greg Wooldridge. Oregon’s newest Republican candidate for governor. Good guys winning! Can Oregon learn from these? Can Oregon win again?

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Air Dates: March 3 & 4, 2018 | Dr. Tim Ball & Capt. Greg Wooldridge

On last week’s show we discussed Oregon’s ongoing health care debacle, including one of Oregon’s largest Coordinated Care Organizations was forced to close its doors as it faced a $100 million loss for 2018. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since the bills that created Oregon’s Health Authority and Coordinated Care Organizations were designed to create universal health care. In other words, socialized medicine.

HB3650: Oregon's legislative intent was to create universal health care.
HB3650: Oregon’s legislative intent to create universal health care. Paragraph 1. #ReadTheBill

(This should not have been hard for the Republicans who voted for these bills to figure out. Especially given that the very first paragraph said so. See the graphic at the right.)

Our predictions from years ago have sadly come true as we see the Democrat majority in Oregon’s legislature continue to push for a single payer system for health care (which will raise taxes), Cap and Trade (which will raise taxes), divorce us from Trump’s tax cuts (which will raise taxes), and increase gun control policies (which will raise taxes).  Without more Republican legislators, Oregonians are left powerless to curb the Democrats’ desire to run our lives and spend our money.

It is critical that we replace Democrat Governor, Kate Brown, before she spends us into California-level oblivion. Many Oregonians are beginning to lose hope of ever shaking the Democrats from the halls of power before it’s too late.

This week we’re happy to say there’s hope. Because as you’ll hear, the Good Guys can and do win.

Good Guys do Win

First up, we talk with Dr. Tim Ball, a retired professor who has been battling three libel lawsuits against him, all by the same lawyer who is representing three clients with very deep pockets. He and his wife were forced to exhaust their savings as they fought to protect their right to free speech in anti-free-speech Canada—simply because he dared to be a skeptic of Global Warming.

But Dr. Ball just got some outstanding news on one of the lawsuits against him. The Left has sought to sue him ito silence, intimidate him, and make an example of him as a warning to others who would dare to speak up and expose the bad science behind such things as the Michael Mann’s famous “hockey stick” chart, that has become the poster child of the Global Warming movement. Now, after seven years, the court dismissed the case in favor of Dr. Ball.

But there is some more good news too. Tune in to hear the story not only about his recent victory but how another development could have global implications and slay one of the biggest dragons of the Global Warming movement.

See? The good guys do win.

Can Oregon Learn to Win Again?

Captain Greg Wooldridge for Governor
Navy pilot, Captain (retired) Greg Wooldridge is running for Oregon governor as a Republican.

Next up, we talk to a new candidate for governor of Oregon, retired Navy officer and three-time Commander of the Blue Angels— Captain Greg Wooldridge.  Capt. Wooldridge is one of those rare Americans who has excelled in a field that is the fewest of the few: a Blue Angels pilot and Commander.

The training and talents needed to lead the very best—which demands extreme precision and high efficiency from everyone involved—requires a unique set of skills that Capt. Greg Wooldridge used to not only lead the Blue Angels but how he turned around a failing Naval bases into one of the premier bases in the world. You’ll hear how the training and leadership needed for precision flying is not just about the pilot but the entire team, ground crew, suppliers, and so many others who have to come together to put the planes in the air.

Tune in to hear why Capt. Wooldridge decided to run. You’ll how all those years of work and leading troops at the highest levels, Greg Wooldridge can bring a winning mindset to lead Oregon. You’ll hear why and how his leadership skills are desperately needed to turn Oregon around. And if he gets the chance, he can win in November and make all of us —and Oregon—winners again.

Podcast Version

Since these are two very different guests/topics, we’re splitting the podcast into Tim’s and Greg’s segments. Or you can listen to the  whole enchilada.

The whole enchilada

Dr. Tim Ball’s segments

Republican candidate for Oregon governor, Greg Wooldridge’s segments

Links Mentioned

Dr Tim Ball (segments 1–3)

So much for Global Warming. The U.K. is getting pummeled by winter. This, 18 years to month after the UK’s Independent infamous article citing a Global Warming “expert” who declared “Winter was just a thing of the past.

Send in the military: Armed Forces are deployed as England AND Scotland are put on red alert – Britain’s highest ever weather warning – for first time as South West faces up to two feet of snow and National Grid warns UK is ‘running out of gas’ (Daily Mail, Mar 1, 2018)

  • Court Battle: Michael Mann Losing, Gives Tim Ball ‘Concessions’ (Principia Scientific International, Feb 1, 2018)
  • Breaking: Climatologist Dr Tim Ball Wins Epic Libel Court Battle (Principia Scientific International, Feb 14, 2018)
    • “The judge ruled that Weaver was not defamed by me and dismissed the claim completely. This was after almost seven years and thousands of dollars in legal costs.” But, Ball lamented, “There are no media reports and my guess is there won’t be any.”
  • This article nicely sums up the three cases against Dr. Tim, and their status. “ALERT: Canadian judge dismissed all charges in lawsuit against Skeptical climatologist Dr. Tim Ball” (Climate Depot, Feb 13, 2018)
  • Tim Ball wins — Andrew Weaver drops libel case after 7 years (Climate Depot, Feb 14, 2018)
  • In Dr. Tim’s own words: “Tim Ball’s Victory in the First Climate Lawsuit Judgment – The Backstory” (Watts Up With That, Feb 14, 2018)
  • Desmog Blog: “Judge Dismisses Libel Claim, Climate ‘Sceptic’ Tim Ball Not Credible Enough To Take Seriously” (Feb. 14, 2018)
    • “[The judge dismissed the libel case] on the basis that Ball’s writing is not sufficiently credible to inflict damage on the reputation of a professional climate scientist.”
  • The actual court ruling is here.

Capt. Greg Wooldridge (segments 4–6)


Obama to Prosecute Global Warming Deniers? Plus a new movie: “Climate Hustle”

Obama to Prosecute Global Warming Deniers? Plus a new movie: “Climate Hustle”

Show Summary: An exciting new movie is coming out: Climate Hustle, which destroys many of the sacred myths of the Global Warming Alarmists, like the whole 97%  catch phrase. Plus, it’s no fiction—the Obama Administration wants to prosecute Global Warming Deniers. Except our guest has the evidence to turn the tables on Obama and his Nazi-like thought police.

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11:00AM Saturday: KUIK (Portland) | KBKR (Baker City) | KLBM (La Grande)
7:00PM Sunday: KAJO (Grants Pass)

Air Dates: Month 23 & 24, 2016 | Paul Driessen & Ron Arnold

Click the mic to download the show! (Shows are available by Mondays at noon)
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It’s not really “news” that Obama and his administration hate dissent.  If you don’t think in the right way be prepared for the Attorney General’s minions to be knocking on your door, ready to lock you up.  Ever heard of RICO? That’s the legal tool that Obama’s attorney general is asking the FBI to consider using to prosecute scientists and corporations who are “deniers” of global warming, aka climate change. Astounding. Except one of our guests has the goods on the Alarmists.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that it’s America in the 21st century and not 1930s Nazi Germany. Fortunately, we have some very brave patriots on the side of true science who are not going to stand for the treatment Obama’s administration is willing to dish.

Climate Hustle: the Movie

Climate Hustle the Movie - are they trying to control the climate… or you?
“Are they trying to control the climate… or you?”

Our first guest, Paul Driessen, is part of CFACT.org that has been leading the effort against the global warming alarmists and they have a new movie coming out: Climate Hustle.  They go after the false notion (yet so oft repeated in the press) that 97% of scientists believe there is climate warming and much, much more.

The movie is a national, one-day release on May 2nd with many showings in Oregon (including Salem, Eugene, Portland and many other cities) and across the United States. Just go to http://www.climatehustlemovie.com to find theater locations and times.  This is definitely a don’t-miss movie for all you global warming deniers out there!

Plus! We’ll be giving away some tickets, stay tuned for details — or send an email now to be sure to notified about the contest.

Obama to Unleash FBI on Global Warming Deniers?

Global Warming Alarmists' mindset: The Earth is not dying, it is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses.Then our second guest, Ron Arnold, returns to I Spy Radio to give us the insights into the secret e-mails and documents he obtained that shows collusion by attorneys general offices, criminal manipulation by the State Department, and even the involvement of college professors who plan to “get” the global warming deniers.

Don’t miss this shocking interview with a behind-the-scenes peek at the Far-Left’s attempt to lock up people who refuse to buy into their agendas.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact Global Warming is a $1.5 trillion industry? Is that why Obama and his minions are trying so hard to silence the deniers? (See what a trillion looks like and check out this infographic.)

Links Mentioned

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