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Why Oregon’s Health Care Lost Its Way—and Can It Recover?

Why Oregon’s Health Care Lost Its Way—and Can It Recover?

Show Summary: It was only six years ago that Oregon had one of the health care systems and markets in the nation. But then Democrats “fixed it” with their zeal for universal health care. A look back—and can it be fixed?

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Air Dates: Nov 9 & 10, 2019 | Lisa Lettenmaier

There’s a scene in Star Trek III when the crew of the Enterprise have stolen the ship and they’re being pursued by the Excelsior, the newest, fastest ship in the Federation fleet. The Enterprise goes to warp and the Excelsior prepares to give chase—only to have the engines grind to a halt and come to a dead stop. Scotty turns to Dr. McCoy, hands him some bolts, and says, “Here, Doctor. From one surgeon to another. The more they overhaul the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”

And that’s pretty much what happened to Oregon’s health care.

Oregon’s Health Care: What Happened?

What happened? In a word: Democrats. In their zeal to push Oregon into “universal health care,” also known as “single payer.” Or, more accurately, “socialized medicine.”

A Look Back at Oregon’s Health Care

This week, we’re joined by Lisa Lettenmaier, the owner and operator of Health Source Northwest. Lisa is our go-to expert for health care, especially the “unique aspects” of Oregon’s health care market, given our lurch toward socialized medicine.

It’s open enrollment time. Do you have an insurance plan? The deadline is Dec. 7th for Medicare and Dec. 15th for individuals. See HealthSourceNW.com

Oregon’s Health Care System Transformation

In 2013, then-Oregon-Governor John Kitzhaber, a huge proponent of single-payer/universal health care/socialized medicine introduced a grand plan for Oregon’s health care. It was generally known (in typical socialist lingo) as “Oregon’s health system transformation.”

Kitzhaber convinced Obama to spend billions on this new innovative health care system that was going to transform health care as we know it: improve care and lower costs. You read that correctly. We spent billions to lower costs.

It introduced regional monopolies known as “coordinated care organizations” (CCOs). This,  despite studies that repeatedly shown that ACOs (associated care organizations, as they are known in Obamacare) do not save money. And do not improve care.

Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations

To set up these monopolies, they introduced legislation to bypass antitrust laws, violating the free market. The Oregon Health Authority (nice name, Nazis!) became the overseer of all things health. And the bureaucracies. Multiple layers of bureaucrats between you and your doctor. All of whom end up on Oregon’s PERS. A global budget that removed the ability to track monies allocated per patient. (Because that wouldn’t ever lead to abuse, grift, and corruption.) And a never-before seen cap on Medicare and Medicaid.

Basically, CCOs violated every free-market principle that would lower costs and improve care.

And, sadly, Oregon Republicans helped pass it. Yes, Republicans. How did this happen?

Useful Idiots: Oregon’s Republicans

Basically, the transformation was sold to gullible Republicans under the guise of “saving money” and “local control.” After the fact, they were “surprised” that this turned out to be a big giant push toward socialized medicine.

In reality, it shouldn’t have surprised any of them. Why? Because on the first page, the first paragraph of the bill it clearly said, “It is the intention of the Legislative Assembly to achieve the goals of universal access.” Yes. Universal health care. Single payer. No private health care. The finest that Venezuela has to offer.

Bill language from Oregon's health care transformation

True Stories of Socialized Medicine

Here’s a reminder: no democrat running for president has ever lived under socialism. Not one.  That’s right. None of them have ever lived under universal health care. And yet Bernie and Warren and several others are pushing for both socialism and universal health care.

Know what’s funny? Have you noticed that when people in those universal health care systems run into trouble, they go to where there isn’t a universal health care system? Instead, they come here to the U.S. rather than waiting weeks or months for treatment.

Well, not everyone. Just the rich. And the politicians.

When you run into trouble in a universal health care system, you go to where there isn’t a universal health care system

Want some true stories from people who have lived under socialized medicine? See this thread on Twitter from Carlos Osweda.

Podcast Version

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Why Trans Pacific Partnership is a Bad Deal for America

Why Trans Pacific Partnership is a Bad Deal for America

Show Summary: The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal is Obama’s final nail in America’s coffin. If you thought Obamacare and the Iran Deal were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. In an explosive interview, we dive into why it’s bad and why our Congressmen vote for such atrocities. And not just why but who is supporting this? Plus, could one of the presidential candidates, who publicly says he’s against it, might actually be for it?

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Air Dates: Apr. 16 & 17, 2016 | Crista Huff (former Morgan Stanley VP

Click the mic to download the show! (Shows are available by Mondays at noon)
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One of the questions we consistently try to answer here on the I Spy Radio Show, is why. Why does a government agency do this or why does a politician do that? But uncovering “why” requires digging deeper into motivations and a lot times those motivations are hidden away, lurking in the shadows where you don’t know what happened behind closed doors or what’s been promised.

On this week’s show, we’re talking about the monstrosity better known as the TPP – the Trans Pacific Partnership. This is Obama’s magnum opus for weakening America. And it must be stopped. The TPP is a major trade deal involving 12 Pacific Rim nations, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam and others. China is not a signer, yet, because after the agreement is signed China can come in later through a back door.  Why, do you ask? Oh, you’ll find out why.

Trans Pacific Partnership = Anti-American

It’s amazing that anyone who calls themselves an American is backing this agreement. Foremost it represents a stunning loss of U.S. sovereignty.  But beyond that, common economic sense says this will harm the US economy–especially given that even its own supporters say it will result in only a 0.13% increase in the nation’s Gross Domestic Product by 2025. (See links, below, for citation.)

But even that less -than-rosy projection is based on the assumption of the U.S. being at full-employment. (How’s that worked out the last seven years?) So why take a huge gamble and throw our economy into upheaval for not even 1/50th of a percent increase per year over nine years?

It boggles the mind why would anyone in the U.S. support this. And not just why, but who is supporting this? Tune in to learn the answers, including whether one of the presidential candidates might be misrepresenting their position on the Trans Pacific Partnership. And find out why, if this goes through, it really could be the end of America as we know.

Links Mentioned During Show

  • Crista Huff’s terrific website, Good Fellow, LLC. Be sure to check out her fantastic TPP blog page, frequently updated with the latest info
  • Check out Crista on Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival blogtalk podcast
  • If you want to stop the TPP, CALL the Capitol Switchboard! (202) 224-3121. Ask to be transferred to your Congressman’s office and tell them you want them to vote no on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal; do the same for both of your senators.
  • The Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee is Rep. Kevin Brady (TX).
  • Article via Drudge: New Balance publicly calls the TTP a bad deal (Apr 13, 2016)
  • Robert Zoellick and The Trilateral Commission and Robert (via FreedomWorks’ SourceWatch)

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Show 5-05 | Socialism Exposed: Superiority of Capitalism

Show 5-05 | Socialism Exposed: Superiority of Capitalism

To download the show, right-click the mic, and then “Save Link As…” or use the handy player below
To download the show, right-click the mic, and then “Save Link As…” or use the handy player below

Air Dates: Jan 30 & 31, 2015

By now, you’ve heard or read the usual conservative fact-checking of Obama’s State of the Union speech but we wanted to go deeper than just fact-checking to analyze the progressive ideology that lie at the heart of the speech.

This week on I Spy, we talk with author and economist Dr. Gerard Lameiro to analyze the underlying philosophies and values on display in Obama’s State of the Union address.

For example, most of I Spy listeners know that the free-market system is superior to socialism but why is it so superior? What makes it more successful from both an economic and philosophical standpoint? And what is so unique about the American system of capitalism that makes it better than any other free-market system in the world? We also analyze Obama’s faith in big government to drive the economy, the unfairness of wealth, that regulation is the solution, and much more.

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