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Oregon vs Oregon: Urban vs Rural, Politicians vs the People

Oregon vs Oregon: Urban vs Rural, Politicians vs the People

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Show Summary: Oregon’s economy is growing, but politicians want more taxes, including a carbon cap and trade. Why are Oregon politicians determined to ruin a good thing? There is great news out of Trump’s administration with their budget proposal. This should be a time to invest in Oregon, not punish Oregonians with a carbon cap and trade. Plus: Did Gov. Kate Brown and timber companies betray Timber Unity?

Original Air Dates: February 15 & 16, 2020 | Jonathan Williams & Dr. Bob Zybach

This Week: There is some good news that you’ve probably never heard before.

But before we get there, breaking this week were details of what we warned you about a few weeks ago. Details of Governor Brown’s secret meetings with timber companies have come to light, including the start of a deal between timber companies and environmental groups that is taking the wind out of Senate Republicans’ sails. A deal that, despite the 10,000 people who showed up Timber Unity had any say in.

And don’t think she didn’t know exactly why she was doing to sabotage Timber Unity. It is with the deepest sense of betrayal we see these kinds of tricks — instead of straightforward, honest discussions where all sides have a say.

The Good News: Trump Administration’s Exciting Budget Proposal

But, as we said, there is some good news and something you’ve probably never heard before: the words “exciting” and budget proposal” used in the same sentence.

This week we start our conversation with Jonathan Williams, of American Legislative Exchange Council. We’ll discuss with him Trump’s exciting budget proposal that does what so many fiscal conservatives have dreamt of: a return to a balanced budget, honest-to-goodness cuts in federal spending. Be sure to tune in and hear about the 6 million dead people who are finally going to get their checks cut off. Jonathan will also give us the honest-to-goodness look at Oregon’s economic outlook.  An article was recently published touting Oregon’s beating the national economic trends — but we dig into the reality.

The Bad News: Did Timber Betray Timber Unity?

Then we have Dr. Bob Zybach back due to the secret meeting Gov Kate has been having with 13 timber companies and environmental groups.  For someone who has defended the timber industries for decades, you can imagine this secret backroom deal felt like a real betrayal. We discuss the timing and look into the memorandum of understanding itself. We can only guess they’re trying to accomplish—because none of it makes sense.

But get used to this type of behavior if the cap and trade bill goes in.  Salem’s Democrats have purposefully put in measures to keep hidden from public records requests how the government will spend their new revenue. And to whom they will give it.

But we can guess.

Get the inside look at the backroom deals, this week on I Spy Radio. Don’t miss it!

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