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Black Voices | Inspiration from Those on the Front Lines

Black Voices | Inspiration from Those on the Front Lines

Show Summary: It’s Black History Month! What better way to celebrate than with voices that get overlooked: Black conservatives. It’s all about diversity and individuality, right? Although, why is it democrats seem to shun Blacks who choose to be individuals and think for themselves? Don’t they love all Blacks? Or just the ones that fit their preconceived notion of Blacks? Wait a second. Isn’t that racist? Yes. Yes, it is.

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Original Air Dates: Feb 13, 2021 | Nadra Enzi & Melanie Collette

For a party that claims they embrace the Black community, why is it democrats seem to hate Blacks who choose to be individuals and think for themselves? Don’t they love all Blacks? Or just the ones that fit their preconceived notion of Blacks? Wait a second. Isn’t that racist?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Black History Month

Originally, we scheduled Nadra Enzi and Melanie Collette to talk about Black History Month. We came across through Project 21, a program of the National Center for Public Policy. But what they had to say was so interesting, we only spent a one segment on Black History Month.

In fact, look for both Nadra Enzi and Melanie Collette to come back on to I Spy Radio in the near future.

Nadra Enzi

Project 21, a leading voice of conservative black men and women for over 25 years. They are focused on smaller government and indivisible rights and stand together to offset the far-left’s assault on the economic gains they made during the Trump years, not only for minorities but all Americans.

We welcome first-time guest, Nadra Enzi, a self-described “American Cougar” and advocate for residents who are “clawing back” against challenges to create an environment of safety against crime. Nadra talks to us about the challenges faced by black conservatives and gives us his insights to the many Blacks who are conservative but why they stay quiet. And the incredible pressure applied to them by those who don’t want them to have a voice.

Nadra, who works tirelessly against crime, also gives us an inspirational look at the hope they’re building in the black community.

Melanie Collette

Then we welcome another first-time guest, Melanie Collette, who is the host of “Money Talk with Melanie” and a guest host of Patriot Tonight on SiriusXM. Melanie is also working on her PhD in business administration and management at Northcentral University.

In addition, Melanie has worked in education for many years and she takes us into the current abyss of the educational system and the pressures on a black woman to conform to democrat ideology within that system. Ideologies that she sees as abusive to her but, equally important, the policies and ideologies are abusive to her students. Little wonder that she is currently writing a book series, “The Angry Educator.”

If you think that challenges can’t be overcome, tune in to find some very inspirational surprises.

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Links & Info

  • Find out more about Project 21 by going to its parent organization is the National Center for Public Policy, which can be found here
Illegal Immigration and the San Bernardino Shooting

Illegal Immigration and the San Bernardino Shooting

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Air Dates: Dec 5 & 6, 2015 | Guests: Susan Kibbe & Scott McEwen

In a follow-up to our show on illegal immigration two weeks ago, we interview Susan Duff, the Executive Director of the South Texans’ Property Rights Association to get insights into what is really happening on our borders. Also, in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings by, apparently, a radical Muslim, we talk with bestselling author, Scott McEwen, who lives nearby in San Diego. We’ll get his thoughts on combating PC nonsense, and yet another case of terrorism on our own shores.

In October and November, there is usually a decline in the number of illegal border crossings but instead there has been a sharp uptick. Why? The Drudge Report also had headlines about “Dead Illegals pile up on Texas Ranches.” What on earth is happening on our border?

Moments after our interview with Susan Kibbe and just minutes from our next interview, news broke about the San Bernardino shootings. We were initially scheduled to talk to a U.S. Border Agent who had to decline our interview “for the time being” (could it be enforcement agencies were told to immediately go to silence?). So we turned to one of our favorite guests, Scott McEwen, who lives about 100 miles from the shooting in nearby San Diego.

In her shrill impersonation of the Obama Doctrine (never let a crisis go to waste), Hillary Clinton —without a single bit of information about the shooting—immediately called for more gun laws. Unfortunately for Hillary, her anti-gun narrative fell victim to the facts: this was a terrorist attack. Scott McEwen is an expert on the military, tactics, and training and we talk with him about the military planning that would have gone into this attack. Where did they get their training and the weapons — which are not commercially available? (Update: FBI says weapons used for the San Bernardino shootings were not legally purchased.)

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