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Get off the Path to Tyranny | Stop America’s Slide toward Socialism

Get off the Path to Tyranny | Stop America’s Slide toward Socialism

Show Summary: With one of the most-locked down economies in the nation, Oregon knows about tyranny. We talk with State Senator Dennis Linthicum on how we correct course—statewide and nationally.

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Original Air Dates: Jan. 09 & 10, 2021 | State Sen. Dennis Linthicum

This Week’s Show: Getting off the Path to Tyranny

Now on the other side of all the election let downs, illegal ballots cast, state officials stepping all over their own state’s constitution, riots, and those killed during the riots we’re shaking off the desire to hide our heads in the sand, and instead focus on fighting back.

Pretending we don’t have serious problems, or overreacting by pushing violence and government overthrow, won’t solve anything. We need a steady hand on the wheel as we try to untangle and undo the forces determined to destroy our country.

New Rules in Elections. Win if Possible. If not, Chang the Rules

A recent Just the News article from John Solomon wrote that the 2020 election wasn’t just an election, it was a political watershed in which the rules and strategy for winning were rewritten. So by not thinking it through of what has to happen now, with all these institutions and media in favor of socialism, stopping it means we must take instead seize new rules and strategy for winning.

This week, we take a deep dive into Senator Linthicum’s latest newsletter. He examines how we in Oregon have been forced into shut downs and a ruined economy through the government’s manipulation of numbers, using covid as the cover.

Jump down to read Senator Dennis Linthicum’s full newsletter

What better way to exercise their desire to rid of us our rights while making us beholden to the scraps of money tossed into households, making them grateful. A socialist-style society being formed as covid smoking flares keeps the truth hidden. Covid or global warming it doesn’t matter. It’s the same tactics designed to confuse and manipulate. Their bureaucracy of supports all respond to one goal: control of everything.

The senator walks us through how the mirrors of deception are made and used and ties it back to current events in DC. This while Trump is making clear that he may be leaving the presidency, but he’s not leaving the fight.

Neither are we.

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Links Mentioned

Dr. Frank Bures: False positive COVID PCR tests sow confusion (Winowa Daily News, Jan 3, 2021)* “I have seen it written that anywhere from 25% to 40% of people with COVID infections are totally asymptomatic.”

Experts: US COVID-19 positivity rate high due to ‘too sensitive’ tests (MSN, Aug 30, 2020)

Fauci reinforces WHO’s recognition that vaccine may not prevent contraction (Just the News, Jan 5, 2021)

 Senator Dennis Linthicum’s Newsletter

The massive COVID-19 “Test-Test-Retest” scheme is the only thing that keeps Gov. Kate Brown’s lockdown hype going. The destructionists in control love their power and testing has proven to be the perfect tool. We all know that good data is a requirement for good decision making. The testing mantra was originally portrayed as the tool to help us gather good data and lead us to make good decisions. But now we see the data isn’t being used to make good decisions it is being manipulated for ulterior ends.

COVID-19 testing has expanded dramatically throughout our state and the nation. Thus, as more and more people get tested, local county health organizations can use the data to pump statistical non-information and keep the public confused and fearful. What we do see, in the statistics, is that COVID-19 “cases” might be rising but the numbers are bolstered mostly by non-ill, non symptomatic people who are presumed to have COVID-19 although they feel just fine.

False positives have long been recognized as problematic and the World Health Organization (WHO) finally released a guidance memo on December 14th, warning that high cycle thresholds on PCR tests will result in false positives. So this misguided policy perspective is unforgivable. Also, the “infection fatality rate” is falling faster as the presumed, confirmed, and asymptomatic cases keep rising. This should be great news but it is never treated by the media or political class, as such.

This makes me wonder about several things…

  1. What does our future hold?
  2. How long will these lockdowns last?
  3. Will lockdowns become a common “goto” too?

This last question may seem outlandish, but recall that the WHO’s original definition of a pandemic was regarding, “epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” A new definition appeared on the scene right in front of what we now call the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic. This newer definition removed criteria about the severity of any illnesses and also removed the criteria for high rates of mortality. The definition now refers to a pandemic as “a worldwide epidemic of a disease.”

If you are wondering why death rates are never discussed, it is because they are no longer relevant to the definition. This means the media, health officials and the political class can push this entirely spurious statistic to keep thoughtful questioners at bay and give statistical reinforcements to the next administrative dictator.

The public was complacent with the original “flatten the curve” logic because it was to meant preserve personal protective gear, ventilators, and hospital beds. All good goals and, indeed, the death curve has been flattened for nearly eight months. Yet, death counts don’t count and case counts remain the COVID-19 boogey-man.

The above graphic for case counts shows an obvious upward trend. In fact, this statistic is so visually terrifying that scare-mongers avoid publishing the fact that the annual average compares favorably to other flu seasons. The nefarious news sources and social media networks are doing their best to censor and quiet the rising anger against their unbalanced reporting and the government’s needless and ineffective lockdown strategies.

From the data we can determine that these mandates are incapable of stopping a viral outbreak. But, what if the purpose of these mandates is not about stopping the virus? What if these mandates are about control? Monetary, physical, emotional, and spiritual control?

My press-releases over the last several weeks have tried to alert people to the changing landscape being twisted beneath our feet. The Governor is promoting “Lock-down Mania”. Why? It behooves us to question what is the end goal of her “mania”? Could it be to eviscerate the economy, sabotage our cultural heritage and preach a unique brand of medical mysticism that borders on malpractice?

The Governor’s office, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), executive agencies and Democrat cronies are perpetuating either one of two dystopian futures. They offer us, on one-hand, the statistically improbable COVID contagion that will destroy the lives of us and our loved ones; or on the other-hand, their lockdown inspired destruction of our free-market economy, complete with untold financial ruin, bankruptcy, unemployment, and despair.

Biden portrays the future as a “dark winter”, but it doesn’t have to be. The future doesn’t have to be a dimly lit hellhole of socialism if the truth can prevail. We must not allow our future to be consumed by what lies in the dark heart of these leftists who are clamoring for positions of authority within the new regime.
We must continue to unite against the left’s endless proposals for the bureaucratic central state. Stand together for the principles our nation’s founders documented so elegantly. Stand and fight for these self-evident truths:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Our individual rights and liberties are not dependent on whether the president, congress, governor, or legislature honors those rights. Those rights belong to us as individual free-will, moral agents graced with unique attributes and filled with human dignity. Our rights are eternal vouchers that belong to every person regardless of race, creed, religion or heritage and the state has no right to intervene in any person’s just pursuits for their own lives, livelihoods, and the well-being of their posterity.

I will not back down from the fight to preserve our American heritage. Together we can bring Oregon back to our original constitutional form of limited government, but we’ll need to hold fast to our principles and not let them steal our livelihoods from us.


Orders v Constitutional Rights: Fighting Back Against Mandate Abuse

Orders v Constitutional Rights: Fighting Back Against Mandate Abuse

Show Summary: Are politicians and others exploiting Covid-19 to push agendas? Where are our rights in the middle of this panic-demic? We talk with Southeastern Legal Foundations, Kim Hermann to find out how we defend ourselves in an era of Covid overreach. Are states liable for their orders?

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Air Dates: Aug 22nd & 23rd, 2020 | Kim Hermann, General Counsel for Southeastern Legal Foundation

Like in so many Democrat-controlled states, Oregon’s mandates and “emergency orders” have given many Oregonians pause, as we decide what are true “safety issues,” and which are actually eroding our constitutional rights. Especially when the orders consist of being locked into our homes or locked out of our favorite businesses. Or being told you have to wear masks, to the point of absurdity. (Recently, a Wyoming department even mandated people had to wear a mask, even if they were at home, alone, on a teleconference.) And all of that after the pretense of being falsely told that these orders would last only “15 days to flatten the curve.” Five months ago.

Mandates and Endless Orders

We’re told we must wear masks to enter a business. Or stand 6 feet apart. Or both. We can’t hug or shake hands. And you certainly can’t have any interaction, like churches or actually non-violent protests that might threaten the State’s power of telling us how to behave and think. Because, without exception, we are supposed to think that everything the state and our ‘dear leaders” tells us is for our own good. And cannot be questioned, opposed, or go unfollowed. Even if you believe some of these orders are immaterial, immoral, or even illegal. Not to mention unscientific. But, don’t you dare ask (or think) such things.

Where are All the Lawyers?

And what’s very interesting throughout this questionable time of panic-demic, we’ve wondered where are all the lawyers? Normally we would see a bazillion of lawsuits except now it seems many lawyers have been quiet. Why?

Well, it turns out there are some valid reasons and we discuss it on the show this weekend with Kim Hermann, General Counsel for Southeastern Legal Foundation.

Southeastern Legal Foundation: Fighting Back

This show is about defending our rights but also about taking the fight to the government that is abandoning their responsibilities—while taking away rights.

Could it be that the Left may have found the Achilles Heel to take away our constitutional rights? Just claim a health emergency? And you have no rights? Democrats who are controlling these blue states are keeping the voters powerless, as they use such hammers as OSHA. OSHA tells private businesses that if masks are not worn by their customers, OSHA will shut the business down. Is that legal? We discuss that too.

A Doctor Gets Attacked for Standing Up for Truth

Dr. Steve LaTulippe, a medical doctor in the Willamette Valley has come under attack. Why? Because he has dared to point out on social media that the mandates are causing their own set of problems. pointed out that the mask orders and other mandates are causing their own set of problems.

Developing: We’re also hearing that hospital doctors, nurses, and other workers are being told—as a condition of employment—not to talk about health problems that result from mandates and state orders. So the state orders people to wear masks and stay home. And then they’re also ordering people not to to talk about the problems that result from those orders? Got it. Totalitarianism comes to Oregon.

Standing Up to Mandate Abuse & Liability

If you’re forced to shut down, who’s liable for the lost income? Who’s liable for forcing people into masks that now have shown to cause headaches, rashes, and a host of problems. Should, or can, the state, be held liable for the problems it created?

Where are the Lawyers on this? Where are all the class-action lawsuits?

Follow our guest, Kim Hermann, on Twitter @kimmiehermann

And what about those states that haven’t followed shutdowns, such as South Dakota, which has large cities, yet their number of deaths is lower than blue states that have locked down.

Kimberly Hermann, General Counsel ​for Southeastern Legal Foundation
Kimberly Hermann, General Counsel ​for Southeastern Legal Foundation

And what about contact tracing? How does that not go against the 4th Amendment?

Or what can you do if someone from the state shows up on your doorstep, demanding a cheek swab? Or wants to put you in quarantine?

And what about mandatory vaccines?

We turn to Kim Hermann and the Southeastern Legal Foundation, to get some answers of what rights we have and what to do about the ones we want protected. Does the Constitution trump local emergency orders? Or is a governor, like Gov Kate, allowed to indiscriminately continue with emergency orders, without legislative oversight, and no determination of when the orders end, or what will happen when they do.

Fighting Back

You’ll want to hear this week’s show and the fights that SLF has already taken up on college campuses that opened the doors to using Covid reporting forms to shut down organizations they may not agree with politically. Listen to Kim explain what they’re doing to protect student’s rights, and what SLF, lawyers, and citizens can do to help fight against these blue state, and out-of-control governors.

It’s definitely time for some answers and maybe it’s time for some actions. If you’re being ordered to be silent, it’s time not to be. If your business is being threatened, it’s past time to speak up. Or all of your rights are at stake.

Podcast Version

Links Mentioned

Related Links

The Eastwood Effect: Heroes Fighting for Freedom | Skarlatos & McEwen

The Eastwood Effect: Heroes Fighting for Freedom | Skarlatos & McEwen

Show Summary: Alek Skarlatos and Scott McEwen talk about American heroes and their stories. Skarlatos is running for Oregon’s 4th Congressional.

Coverage Map of I Spy Radio Show broadcast areas, as of November, 2018
Current I Spy Radio broadcast areas. Click for full-size map.

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7p – 8p: KWRO 630AM (Oregon Coast & Southeastern Oregon) | Direct Link to KWRO Live Stream

8a – 9a: KWVR 1340AM (Wallowa County) | Direct Link: KWVR Live Stream
7p – 8p: KAJO 1270AM or 99.7FM (Grants Pass/Medford) | Direct Link: KAJO Live Stream

Air Dates: July 18 & 19, 2020 | Alek Skarlatos & Scott McEwen

This Week: When it comes to American heroes, no one tells their stories better than Clint Eastwood. This week, we have two authors whose books have been made into movies directed by Clint Eastwood: Alek Skarlatos, who helped stop a terrorist on a Paris train. And Scott McEwen, who tells the story of Chris Kyle in American Sniper.

American Stories

There are a lot of American heroes. Some take major roles and go on to great things, leading the nation and shaping its destiny. There are the every day heroes, like our police and first responders. But there’s one thing in common: they always have help from often unsung heroes—every day people.

Carl Jung and other psychologists—most recently, Jordan Peterson—have observed that “our brains are hard-wired for stories.” It’s how we process and make sense of the world. You may have heard of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, often referred to as “the Hero’s Journey.” In it, he describes how the hero of stories across cultures all have tremendous similarities. Not just the heroes themselves but how the stories are structured. As part of the hero’s story, his or her journey, they have companions and encounters that help them along the way and to give them what they need to defeat the enemy.

Have you ever thought you are part of the story?

Alek Skarlatos: An American Hero

We start our show with Alek Skarlatos, the Republican candidate for Congressional District 4 in Southwest Oregon.  This will be the first of a series of interviews with Alek over the next few months.  In this first interview we want to get to know him, the man, and find out more about his life story and why he’s running for the CD4 seat. Especially now that his race has been deemed by Cook’s Analytics as one of the top races in the nation that is most likely to flip from Democrat to Republican. (Which we’re sure Peter Defazio is well aware of.)

With a tremendous fund-raising machine, that out raised Peter DeFazio by 3 to 1 in the second quarter this year, Alek has raised nearly a million dollars in that quarter alone.  Whereas the 33-year incumbent, Defazio, only raised a little over $300 thousand.

The Right Man at the Right Time

With a lot of momentum on his side, Alek has also has a fascinating story. A story that he’ll talk about as one of three heroes who, on a Paris-bound train, stopped a terrorist killer. Clint Eastwood made their story into a movie and Alek talks about the experience of being in the film.  He also discusses where he grew up, and why DeFazio may have out worn his welcome in his own district.

Alek Skarlatos saved lives that day on the train to Paris. Can he save Oregon’s 4th Congressional district from a career politician who has done nothing but watch as his district became the poorest district in the state?

Be sure to visit Alek’s website, alekfororegon.com, to keep up to date and donate to help him win

By helping Alek win, you can be part of his journey. And you can help give President Trump a House of Representatives that will support him, not attack everything he does. Imagine what we could get done. Real reforms for a better America.

Weapons for Heroes: Scott McEwen

Then we have bestselling author, Scott McEwen, who co-authored American Sniper, the story of Chris Kyle. The book and mo vie became a national and international success telling Chris’s story as America’s top sniper.  Scott discusses what it meant to co-write the book with his friend Chris and what he learned from this American hero.  A relationship that ended up telling one of the greatest American war stories by two men who loved their country.

And at a time when the military needed it most.

Strategies to Push Back against Tyrants

But we can’t have Scott on the show without asking him to wear his attorney hat because there have been some important developments in the ongoing government lockdowns that people might be able to use to stand up and fight back.

And so we ask him about some of the pushback that’s already starting to happen over mandatory mask orders and lock downs with this whole covid response. For example, the masks. Not to mention shutting down businesses based on false data. And of course, there’s the bad data.

Yes, hydroxychloroquine works. No, masks don’t work. See the links below for more

You’ll hear him discuss what he’s seen in California, and his feelings about the freedoms Americans have been asked to walk from.  And here are the weapons: we talk about the potential lawsuits that might materialize because of recent studies that could lead to possible class-action suits against Democrat governors.  Don’t miss his answers.

Podcast Version

Trapped under a heavy object? Missed the show? Don’t worry—the podcast version will be right here after the show airs.

Links Mentioned

  • Alek Skarlatos’ campaign website for Oregon’s CD4 is AlekforOregon.com
  • You can find all of Scott’s books on our store page
  • Article from Uncover DC: “A scientific look at the mask fallacy – and why we’re told to wear them” (uncoverDC.com, July 10, 2020)
  • More on masks:  They don’t work
    • A study examined papers on the efficacy of masks. The conclusion? They don’t work. See the research paper by Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD — Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to Covid-19 Social Policy
    • A 2006 study showed that reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia) and/or an elevation in blood C02 (hypercapnia) can create painful headaches for people required to wear masks all day
    • It should also be noted that people with asthma or hypotension are at a greater risk of stroke, cardiac arrest, or an irregular heartbeat when suffering from hypoxia.
    • Also, a report by trauma & emergency physician Dr. Kelly Victory, who said, “[T]here’s no scientific justification for normal healthy people to be wearing masks.”
  • And don’t miss this. If someone tells you hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work to fight Covid-19, show them this study: Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19
    • “According to a protocol-based treatment algorithm, among hospitalized patients, use of hydroxychloroquine alone and in combination with azithromycin was associated with a significant reduction in-hospital mortality compared to not receiving hydroxychloroquine”
  • Caught red handed. “Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results” (via Fox35, Orlando, July 14, 2020)
    • In a shocking investigation, Florida state agencies inflated the number of covid cases by over 1,100%