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It’s Our Battle Too: Christian Persecution Around the World

It’s Our Battle Too: Christian Persecution Around the World


Show Summary: Christian persecution is largely unreported in the mainstream media, in part because it doesn’t fit the narrative. But Americans need to stand up for Christians. Why? Because it’s not just an attack on innocent people, it’s an attack on our foundations. We talk with David Curry. president and CEO of Open Doors USA, to shine the light on what Christians endure for their faith and how Americans can help.

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Air Dates: May 5 & 6, 2018 | David Curry of Open Doors USA

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This Week:  60 years ago a then-little-known man, Brother Andrew, stood up to help those Christians being persecuted in Russia when he smuggled bibles across Russia’s border.  His story of risking everything to bring hope to persecuted Christians behind the Iron Curtain was made famous in the book, God’s Smuggler, and became the starting point for Open Doors USA.

Christian Persecution

On this weekend’s show, we’re talking about Christian persecution.

In the larger context, it’s about standing up for yourself. For your beliefs. It’s about standing your ground, not giving ground. And it’s about doing so when standing your ground could cost you your life.

Here in America, we’re blessed to be mostly free of persecution. But there is definitely discrimination against Christians. And discrimination is the seed that, if allowed to grow, will become persecution.

America is under assault; especially our values and religious heritage. And that’s a tue shame. In a cruel and senseless world, God is the only thing that makes sense. Our American heritage is built on that faith. To attack the religious underpinnings of our heritages and to remove God is to leave the next generation without the foundations they need to stand on, to make sense of the senseless.  It is removing the landmarks on the journey.

Without the Judeo-Christian heritage, without Christianity, there would be no America.

Open Doors USA: Fghting Christian Persecution Around the World

David Curry, CEO and President of Open Doors USA, takes us through the types of attacks Christians are experiencing around the globe. We discuss why America is so connected to this global fight, why it’s our fight too, and how America’s very founding is so deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian beliefs.

But it’s not only about what Christians endure in other countries, where being a Christian can land you in jail and far worse.

Instead, this week’s show will give you a glimpse into the amazing faith, service, and example of how these persecuted Christians, in the worst of conditions, stand tall in even the most punishing of countries.  Jailed, starved, beaten, or worse there are men and women who live to fight another day to bring their message of God’s love to places where you would think the message could not be heard.

And don’t miss David talking about Open Doors’ efforts to work with the Trump administration, fighting back against discrimination right here in America, and the different ways you too can stand tall and help those who live in fear of standing on their own.

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Links and Info Mentioned during the Show

Our guest’s website Open Doors USA

Christian Persecution in North Korea

Christian Persecution in Nigeria:

Christian Persecution in Egypt:

Ways you can help persecuted Christians through Open Doors USA:

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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly — and The Redemeed

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly — and The Redemeed

Show Summary: This week, we take a break from our usual focus on Big Government. It’s not as if politics doesn’t have fiction and fantasy but we’re taking a look at Hollywood—and especially the Christian film industry.

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PLUS! See below on how to get a free movie credit from Christian Cinema. No commitment, no monthly fees. Just download a free movie to try them out.

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Original Air Dates: Aug. 12 & 13, 2017 | Bobby Downes & James Hirsen

With it being August, and with everyone focused on recreation, this week we take a break from politics to take a look at movies and film making. Not that there isn’t a lot of fiction in politics, of course. In particular we look at a growing segment of the film industry: the Christian film market.

Christian Film Industry

This is an enormous market. There are tens of millions of people in this market segment who’d like to watch films without all the explicit sex, swearing, and lack of morals that are standard in so many of Hollywood’s films today.

Beyond the Mask - a Christian film industry productionWhile Hollywood is aware of this market, they have difficulty reaching it. All too often, it’s because they simply don’t understand it because they don’t have the same viewpoints or background. It’s like the NY Times, trying to write news stories for Conservatives. A lot of times, it just doesn’t work. The author doesn’t have the same mindset and just can’t resist getting in a dig at the very people they claim they’re trying to reach.

Beyond the Mask -The leading mercenary for the British East India Company, Will Reynolds has just been double-crossed and now is on the run in the American Colonies. Read more…

To learn about the Christian film market we turn to the experts that do get it. Our first guest, Bobby Downes, is the CEO and founder of ChristianCienema.com, a marketplace for Christian films made by Christians for Christians. Think of it as the iTunes for Christian movies. We discuss the difficulties facing Christians in Hollywood, and how his company has been a driving force behind raising the quality standards  for Christian films. It used to be Christian films were seen as second-rate or poor quality but a quick look at their site will dispel that notion. Instead, these Christian films understand Middle America, and use film to communicate the positive messages of Christianity through entertaining, high-quality feature films.

Don’t miss Christian Cinema’s FREE offer! Go to www.ChristianCinema.com/radio and you will get a free movie credit just to try them out.  No commitments, no monthly fees. Just good entertainment.

James Hirsen

Then we talk with James Hirsen about the continuing nonsense in Hollywood and why they don’t put out top Christian movies like they did in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Is there really a hostility there or is it hype?  We discuss the notion of being blackballed for exercising free speech, California’s secessionist movement (yes, they really are pushing it) and their continuing confusion over why Trump won. Here’s a hint: now they’re actively recruiting “movie stars” to run for office. Is there a chance they could win?

Perhaps they’re getting mixed up on the difference between being popular and populist politics.

Links Mentioned

  • Free movie credit from Christian Cinema! Download a movie on them just for trying them out! No commitments, no monthly only ever pay for the movies you want.
  • Beyond the Mask (movie & trailer)
  • Check out ChristianCinema.com – think of them as the iTunes or Netflix of Christians films. Watch films on any device using their apps. (It worked great for us on the Amazon app for FireTV/Amazon Prime.)
  • Christian Cinema releases top one hundred picks (ChristianCinema.com)
  • James Hirsen’s article, Dems Seek out Celebrities to run for Office (Hirsen, Aug. 7th, 2017)

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