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Going Over the Wall: What China Knew and What We Didn’t

Going Over the Wall: What China Knew and What We Didn’t

Show Summary: China lied is in the news. Did they? We talk with geopolitical expert Dr. Tim Ball to help us peer over the wall. Plus, what next in the rule by models era?

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Air Dates: April 25 & 26, 2020 | Dr. Tim Ball

This Week: On last week’s “best of” show with Scott McEwen, we discussed whether the corona virus was one of, if not the biggest, intelligence failures of all times. How did our intel community so badly missed what was happening in China? And even the mainstream media is waking up to the question, “Did China lie about what was happening?” And the questions about China are only just beginning.

So this week we are taking a deeper look at China as well as the U.S. and the world’s response to the “tyranny of experts.”

China Lied? Or something Else?

You have to wonder how the virus broke out of China and was spread worldwide when so many countries watch for those types of viral, biomedical attacks. Was it by accident? Or was there something much more nefarious?

If you remember when Trump first took office in 2016, even some senators were actually telling the intelligence community, “Don’t give Trump the full intelligence reports.” Given that, is it possible in 2020 some inside the intelligence community weren’t forthcoming about what was really happening inside China? Were there still deep state operatives who kept the truth from Trump on the corona virus as a set up to make him look bad? Even shutting down one of the most successful economies of all time?

But putting aside the maybe-they-did-maybe-they-didn’t, how is that one computer model, loaded with only guesswork from an rather small university in London manage to shut down the world so fast? Global warming enthusiast and supporters are most likely licking their lips as they see their dream come true—rule by mathematical modelling. But what does it prove? That if outcomes are scary enough people will adhere?

A Peek Over The Wall: China’s Perceptions of Itself and the West

We explore all those questions this week with geopolitical expert, Dr. Tim Ball. We usually have him on to talk Global Warming but this week, we tap into another of his areas of expertise. (Did you know Dr. Ball served in the military and had a top-secret security clearance?) We look at what the communist regime, their strategy, and the Chinese culture and history reveal about their truthfulness.

How China truly looks at the west, combined with how the West looks at China, makes for dynamic ripe for exploitation. We take a good, long look at China and examine how it’s unique geography and communist rule creates the perfect storm for a worldwide problem.

And we haven’t heard the end of “China lied.” Not by a long shot. Instead, things are only going to heat up. On Thursday, news began to break about federal investigators looking into some odd travel patterns by Chinese nationals in the early days of the Wuhan virus. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks.

The Tyranny of Experts

The Other Side of the Virus Scare

Also, we look at how we’re now in an era of governing by computer models that can “prove” anything they want. And enslave societies to whatever the latest “scientific model” puts out. Did we miss the part where we entered The Matrix…?

And when it comes closer to home, not to mention our future, what will things look like on the other side of the virus scare? Clearly, going forward, we need more opinions and data than from just one source. But how do you fight the argument, “If we hadn’t done ______”? We talk with Dr. Ball to look at the impact of the few examples of “What might have happened” and how we can apply those to the U.S. and right here in Oregon.

Especially for next time. Because this new situation has many unintended consequences. And we need to think it through, thoroughly, so that we can be prepared for the next time a pandemic occurs.

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