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Christians Go Over the Walls the Left Keep Putting Up

Christians Go Over the Walls the Left Keep Putting Up

Show Summary: Storytelling is incredibly powerful. We’re hard-wired for it. Is that why the political Far Left, Facebook, Twitter, and Hollywood are all trying to censor the Right—especially Christians? (Jump to podcast…)

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Original Air Dates: Oct. 26th & 27th, 2019 | Dallas Jenkins & James Hirsen

This Week: There are many breaking news stories this week that center on the Flynn case and those who were in power that manipulated events, and then the messaging, to create illusions through storytelling techniques. It’s in the same vein of Disinformation, which we’ve recently covered. This week we take a break from all the breaking news of the Russian collusion hoax, except for one thing, how storytelling is usually won by the far-left.

Using Storytelling Techniques over Facts

People love a good story and if it’s presented well and is intriguing, it becomes believable. To the point that stories can become more believable (and certainly more memorable) than the reality.

Is this why mainstream media stories have taken on the fascination of a reality TV show? They’re staged with heroes and villains in ways that borrow from storytelling techniques to make their version of the story more believable than the facts themselves. Like Trump and Ukraine quid pro quo.

Hollywood: Epicenter of Storytelling

The political Left does this with far more skill than the Right. Hollywood certainly knows this with the billions they make off of storytelling. And that’s where they get you twice, because many times when news stories become too much reality TV, folks turn to “entertainment” as a way to escape—only to be listening to storytelling that often goes against their beliefs and values.

Hollywood has created a vacuum of messaging when Christians allowed the Far Left to take control and stopped going to movies (like who can blame them?), which allowed Hollywood to gravitate to their liberal counterparts in politics and the media.

Going over the Walls: The Chosen

But as in the story of David and Goliath, small nuggets of Christian storytelling continued to rise through the noise. And Christians are finding ways around the Hollywood paradigm. Enter Dallas Jenkins—director of the series, The Chosen—who raised $10 million dollars online, the largest amount ever from online crowd-sourcing for a film series.

The Chosen is a tremendous series about the life of Jesus told from a unique perspective. Staying out of Hollywood’s normal methods for creating and distributing a film, Mr. Jenkins went directly to the people, who in turn stood up to support this incredible project. And it paid off.

The Chosen: Breaking Down Barriers

With the funding he needed, Jenkins created a stunning series with all of the production value you’d see in even more expensive projects, like Amazon’s Jack Ryan series. Created as a multi-season series, the first four episodes are now free to view if you go to thechosen.tv, where you can download it as an app, watch it on your laptop, or stream to your TV.

Tune in this week to hear what has made this series so successful and why, with hundreds of films and TV shows already out there about Jesus, theirs has been such a success.

Hirsen: Why Hollywood Targets Christians

Then we welcome back James Hirsen, who continues the discussion of the different ways filmmakers, that Hollywood studios don’t support, are using to get their storytelling into the mainstream. He discusses the shift in the way stories will reach consumers in this evolving technical world—and how the far-left has been able to maximize their hold on Hollywood, through culture and lifestyle.

Hollywood and The Left’s Censorship

But with all these fascinating stories and their end-around on Hollywood, there is a deeper movement by the Far Left to censor the political Right and especially Christians. Censorship is the new weapon in their attacks. We’ve already by Democrat candidates like Kamala Harris to actually censor the President of the United States from Twitter, (which would force him to use the Leftist media to try to talk to the American people.

Make no mistake. This is not mere “persuasion” attempts. This is a genuine effort to silence opposition of the Left. (See every socialist and communist nation ever.) And the Left and Hollywood are getting support for their censorship from an unlikely place.

Tune in to hear what happened when one director decided to push back.

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  • Download the first four episodes of The Chosen by heading to TheChosen.tv
  • Fox News: “’The Chosen’ $10M crowdfunded show out now: ‘Experience Jesus in a way that’s never been done before’” (April 16, 2019
  • James Hirsen’s bestselling book is Tales from the Left Coast
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Media Censorship: Turns out Conservatives do it too

Media Censorship: Turns out Conservatives do it too

Show Summary: We’ve always thought that here in America that we have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Well, thanks to the Obama administration, we’ve seen that’s not the case. Media Censorship: it’s not just Obama anymore. It’s Conservatives too. One journalist, shares his experience of being blackballed when he bucked the elites’ narrative.

Air Dates: May 7 & 8, 2016 | John Rosenthal

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It’s not always big government we investigate.  Sometimes it’s “big environment” and this week, it’s “big media.”  We talk with author and political analyst, John Rosenthal, who covers European and transatlantic issues but has also extensively covered the Syrian civil war. John found out that if you don’t write what is the “approved narrative”—you don’t get published. And not just that, but they’ll try to destroy your reputation for daring to report the real news.

As Americans, we’ve always felt that we have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Well that’s not exactly true.

After listening to John’s story and what happened with his relationship with the National Review, a “conservative” magazine, we find that censorship is alive and well—and it’s coming from both sides of the media elites.

Media Censorship: Collusion

Much like Washington insiders who bow to their donors, the news insiders now demands journalists bow to the Washington establishment who want to create a narrative to support their policy ambitions. Tune in to catch this fascinating exposé on what’s really happening inside the news industry.

What’s especially shocking is not that it’s conservative sources doing this. Tune in to hear how conservatives conspired with the Obama administration to create a false narrative in Syria.

And it continues. This week, establishment news sources like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard find themselves on the outside of the primary process and are actively attacking the presumptive nominee. These are the same elite who demanded Trump sign a loyalty oath but now they’re attacking him? What’s their motivation or fear? Is it that the media elite are losing their power?

We discuss this with John.  But, even more chilling, are his accounts of how the news elites and the administration collude to use stories to create a political narrative—a narrative that has had deadly results. Just think about this: how many policies have we seen that are bad for America, but end up being good for the elite in power?

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