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Why the Fight over Benghazi isn’t Over

Why the Fight over Benghazi isn’t Over

Show Summary: In the aftermath of Benghazi, there were a lot of lies and deception. It was more than Obama lying about a video. It was lies about covering their tracks. Tune in to hear one company that was ordered to stay silent. But not any more.

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Original Air Dates: Sept. 23 & 24, 2017 | Brad Owens & Scott McEwen

This Week: September 11, 2012 Benghazi was attacked and four Americans died.  Who’s been held responsible for those deaths?  To date, no one.  But with new information coming forward maybe there will come a day when investigations finally point to those who were responsible for not having top notch security in place to protect Americans.  This week we take a look at what happened on the ground at the time of the attack, the cover-up, and why justice has never been served. For all the finger pointing, could Republicans be why we’ve never managed to get the truth about Benghazi?

Benghazi’s Inexperienced and Unarmed “Security”

First up, our guest Brad Owen of Torres Security, which has been making the news lately because they’ve been able to come forward about being silenced by the Obama State Dept. in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack. They had originally bid on the contract to protect Ambassador Stevens but lost to an inexperienced UK firm. Why? And then, two weeks before the attack, the State Dept. wanted to get out of the contract and hire Torres, except by then it was too late. What did they know?

Brad talks about what happened in the bidding process and how a company, Blue Mountain Security from the UK, with no experience in high-level security work (other than guarding celebrities) but still won the bid anyway. Why? He walks us through the maze of government contracting with little or no concern for the actual danger that these security companies must be prepared to handle.  After the attack happened listen to find out what he and his men were told not to do.

Did Republicans Shut Down Benghazi Investigations?

Then we talk with Scott McEwen, who has worked with those military personnel that have gone into dangerous areas to protect American interests.  We discuss what didn’t happen that day with the inexperienced security company that was not capable of protecting our people.  And don’t miss the discussion about Republican Rep. Mike Rogers who was part of a powerful Republican cabal (including Rep. Darrell Issa) of committee chairmen that worked overtime on blocking Congressional investigation. Again, why?

And we don’t forget about those wiretaps on Pres. Trump that Clapper and CNN laughed off at the time and promised had never happened. Except now we know the Obama administration did wiretap Trump. We talk about what has happened, our government’s lack of transparency, and what the new normal may be if we don’t push back.

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National politics – Hillary Clinton, Benghazi Hearings and CNBC Debate Debacle

National politics – Hillary Clinton, Benghazi Hearings and CNBC Debate Debacle

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Air Dates: Oct 31 & Nov 1, 2015 | Michael Ingmire & John Hawkins

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It’s Halloween week, where little monsters and witches run among us looking for goodies that someone else paid for.

Sounds eerily similar to politics, doesn’t it?

And there was a lot of politics on display the last two weeks. First, there was the Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearings where the only questions that didn’t get asked are the ones that should have been asked and have never yet been answered. Like, what did you do, Secretary Clinton, that night? Whom did you call? Where was the president? What time did you call him? What did he say? These and so many more have never been asked or answered.

Even after the Benghazi hearings where Hillary Clinton was caught in a lie, the mainstream media continues to prop her up
The new Iwo Jima – mainstream media raising the Clinton flag

The answers are especially meaningful to the families of those died there in Benghazi on the night of September 11, 2012. This week on I Spy Radio we talk with Michael Ingmire, the uncle of Sean Smith, the Information Technology Manager stationed in Benghazi who was killed by the terrorists. Michael gives us some more depth into Sean, his career and we ask what exactly was someone of his professional caliber doing in Benghazi of all places? We get Michael’s take on the hearings and we’ll ask him what questions they would like to have answered.

Up next, we talk with John Hawkins, the owner of Right Wing News, to help give the wake for CNBC’s “debate.” You know CNBC was horrid when even the other members of the left-leaning, main-stream media types come out and say, “Yeah, you sucked.”

We’ll get John’s insights into the debate itself, why the RNC continues to hang its own members up as targets for progressive media firing squads, and which candidates are zombies — their presidential hopes dead but they just don’t know it yet. And we’ll get his insights into the new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and whether this will be good for Republicans—or Democrats? Could there be another domino yet to fall?

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Update (Jan. 21, 2016): New evidence, including newly released emails, that military options were available but ordered to stand down