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Annual Fourth of July Show

Annual Fourth of July Show

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Show Summary: This week, it’s our annual Fourth of July show! With special guest, Greg Leo. We talk about the historical predecessor to the American Revolution—the English Civil War, which led to the execution of their king; the first big milestone, the 50th anniversary of the Signing, and much more.

Air Dates: July 2nd & 3rd, 2016 | Greg Leo

It’s our annual Fourth of July show! Freedom and independence! Our Founding Father’s hopes and dreams live on — and look no further than what happened with “Brexit” as the U.K. voted to leave the European Union and regain control of its future and destiny, rather than be a slave to bureaucrats in Brussels.

Freedom is never easy to achieve.  In fact, when it gets right down to it, it’s amazing how much people fear freedom. Why? Because freedom and independence means you’re responsible for your own future. Worse, politicians try to cling to their own power by making people fear their own freedom. Leading up the vote to leave the EU, there was a lot of fear mongering by the “elite” who desperately wanted to scare their own people into thinking leaving the EU was akin to committing suicide.

It came down to trust. The “Remain” politicians didn’t (and don’t) have faith in their own people to succeed or to be capable of taking care of themselves. It was the brilliance of our Founding Fathers to recognize that while human nature is such that people in government will try to accumulate power, they also trusted the American people with the responsibility of their own freedom. They recognized you couldn’t be “partly free”. So they enshrined the rights of freedom and protected people from their own government and guarded against the pursuit of power.

Celebrate with us this weekend as we celebrate the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day.  Our in-house historian, Greg Leo, takes us through some of the hard and trying times our country went through and what the 4th of July meant for us and other countries to see America stand for freedom.  Listen to hear about the first big milestone, the 50th anniversary of the Fourth, some of the celebrations that took place over the past 240 years and don’t miss how history could have been changed with one meeting right here in Oregon.