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The Eastwood Effect: Heroes Fighting for Freedom | Skarlatos & McEwen

The Eastwood Effect: Heroes Fighting for Freedom | Skarlatos & McEwen

Show Summary: Alek Skarlatos and Scott McEwen talk about American heroes and their stories. Skarlatos is running for Oregon’s 4th Congressional.

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Air Dates: July 18 & 19, 2020 | Alek Skarlatos & Scott McEwen

This Week: When it comes to American heroes, no one tells their stories better than Clint Eastwood. This week, we have two authors whose books have been made into movies directed by Clint Eastwood: Alek Skarlatos, who helped stop a terrorist on a Paris train. And Scott McEwen, who tells the story of Chris Kyle in American Sniper.

American Stories

There are a lot of American heroes. Some take major roles and go on to great things, leading the nation and shaping its destiny. There are the every day heroes, like our police and first responders. But there’s one thing in common: they always have help from often unsung heroes—every day people.

Carl Jung and other psychologists—most recently, Jordan Peterson—have observed that “our brains are hard-wired for stories.” It’s how we process and make sense of the world. You may have heard of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, often referred to as “the Hero’s Journey.” In it, he describes how the hero of stories across cultures all have tremendous similarities. Not just the heroes themselves but how the stories are structured. As part of the hero’s story, his or her journey, they have companions and encounters that help them along the way and to give them what they need to defeat the enemy.

Have you ever thought you are part of the story?

Alek Skarlatos: An American Hero

We start our show with Alek Skarlatos, the Republican candidate for Congressional District 4 in Southwest Oregon.  This will be the first of a series of interviews with Alek over the next few months.  In this first interview we want to get to know him, the man, and find out more about his life story and why he’s running for the CD4 seat. Especially now that his race has been deemed by Cook’s Analytics as one of the top races in the nation that is most likely to flip from Democrat to Republican. (Which we’re sure Peter Defazio is well aware of.)

With a tremendous fund-raising machine, that out raised Peter DeFazio by 3 to 1 in the second quarter this year, Alek has raised nearly a million dollars in that quarter alone.  Whereas the 33-year incumbent, Defazio, only raised a little over $300 thousand.

The Right Man at the Right Time

With a lot of momentum on his side, Alek has also has a fascinating story. A story that he’ll talk about as one of three heroes who, on a Paris-bound train, stopped a terrorist killer. Clint Eastwood made their story into a movie and Alek talks about the experience of being in the film.  He also discusses where he grew up, and why DeFazio may have out worn his welcome in his own district.

Alek Skarlatos saved lives that day on the train to Paris. Can he save Oregon’s 4th Congressional district from a career politician who has done nothing but watch as his district became the poorest district in the state?

Be sure to visit Alek’s website, alekfororegon.com, to keep up to date and donate to help him win

By helping Alek win, you can be part of his journey. And you can help give President Trump a House of Representatives that will support him, not attack everything he does. Imagine what we could get done. Real reforms for a better America.

Weapons for Heroes: Scott McEwen

Then we have bestselling author, Scott McEwen, who co-authored American Sniper, the story of Chris Kyle. The book and mo vie became a national and international success telling Chris’s story as America’s top sniper.  Scott discusses what it meant to co-write the book with his friend Chris and what he learned from this American hero.  A relationship that ended up telling one of the greatest American war stories by two men who loved their country.

And at a time when the military needed it most.

Strategies to Push Back against Tyrants

But we can’t have Scott on the show without asking him to wear his attorney hat because there have been some important developments in the ongoing government lockdowns that people might be able to use to stand up and fight back.

And so we ask him about some of the pushback that’s already starting to happen over mandatory mask orders and lock downs with this whole covid response. For example, the masks. Not to mention shutting down businesses based on false data. And of course, there’s the bad data.

Yes, hydroxychloroquine works. No, masks don’t work. See the links below for more

You’ll hear him discuss what he’s seen in California, and his feelings about the freedoms Americans have been asked to walk from.  And here are the weapons: we talk about the potential lawsuits that might materialize because of recent studies that could lead to possible class-action suits against Democrat governors.  Don’t miss his answers.

Podcast Version

Trapped under a heavy object? Missed the show? Don’t worry—the podcast version will be right here after the show airs.

Links Mentioned

  • Alek Skarlatos’ campaign website for Oregon’s CD4 is AlekforOregon.com
  • You can find all of Scott’s books on our store page
  • Article from Uncover DC: “A scientific look at the mask fallacy – and why we’re told to wear them” (uncoverDC.com, July 10, 2020)
  • More on masks:  They don’t work
    • A study examined papers on the efficacy of masks. The conclusion? They don’t work. See the research paper by Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD — Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to Covid-19 Social Policy
    • A 2006 study showed that reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia) and/or an elevation in blood C02 (hypercapnia) can create painful headaches for people required to wear masks all day
    • It should also be noted that people with asthma or hypotension are at a greater risk of stroke, cardiac arrest, or an irregular heartbeat when suffering from hypoxia.
    • Also, a report by trauma & emergency physician Dr. Kelly Victory, who said, “[T]here’s no scientific justification for normal healthy people to be wearing masks.”
  • And don’t miss this. If someone tells you hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work to fight Covid-19, show them this study: Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19
    • “According to a protocol-based treatment algorithm, among hospitalized patients, use of hydroxychloroquine alone and in combination with azithromycin was associated with a significant reduction in-hospital mortality compared to not receiving hydroxychloroquine”
  • Caught red handed. “Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results” (via Fox35, Orlando, July 14, 2020)
    • In a shocking investigation, Florida state agencies inflated the number of covid cases by over 1,100%
Scott McEwen | Camp Valor and the Next Generation Patriots

Scott McEwen | Camp Valor and the Next Generation Patriots


Show Summary: This week, we talk with best-selling author, Scott McEwen — co-author of American Sniper and author of the new book, Camp Valor, intended for young adults. Plus, a little inside info on the Hammonds case and the standoff at Malheur.

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Air Dates: July 28 & 29, 2018 | Scott McEwen

Scott McEwen is perhaps best known for American Sniper, which he co-authored with Chris Kyle. Since then, he has written his own series of books, the Sniper Elite series, and his latest book is Camp Valor (available on Amazon).

This week we talk to Scott, not only about his latest book, but what the media is doing to itself. Which has turned out to be a theme of ours of late, starting with last week’s show with Scott Adams.And we’ll continue that a bit more next week.

For now, we talk with Scott McEwen about some of the motivating factors that drove him to write this book.

What he’s seeing is generation that is in danger of losing its way. The news media. The education system. The gaming industry. It’s all coming together—and not in good ways. Is the next generation in danger of losing the freedoms the previous generations had fought and died for? Or worse—giving it away?

The next generation of patriots will face new threats, use new weapons, some of which haven’t even been invented yet. We need to give them the foundation they need to face these threats but also teach them to carry the torch of freedom forward.

Scott’s new book, Camp Valor, focuses on a troubled youth who fights to overcomes his past and find the strength and  courage to overcome incredible odds. Camp Valor is also a story about finding hope and a seizing a second chance when it’s offered.

We also get some inside information on the Hammonds case — Eastern Oregon farmers who were targeted by the Obama administration—and the Malheur standoff.

Camp Valor

From the Publisher:

When Wyatt gets framed for a friend’s crime, he thinks his life is over. But then a mysterious stranger visits him in jail with an unusual proposal: spend three months in a secret government camp and have a ten-year prison sentence wiped clean.

Wyatt agrees, and finds himself in a world beyond his wildest dreams, with teenagers like him flying drones, defusing bombs, and jumping out of helicopters. This is no ordinary camp. Camp Valor is a secret training ground for teenage government agents, filled with juvenile offenders who desperately need a second chance. If they can prove themselves over their three-month stay and survive Hell Week, they will enter the ranks of the most esteemed soldiers in the United States military.

But enemies of the United States have gotten wind of Camp Valor, and they will do everything in their power to find out its secrets. Suddenly Wyatt and his friends have to put their training into practice, and find the bravery to protect their country.

Podcast Version

Trapped under a heavy object? Missed the show? Don’t worry—the podcast version will be right here after the show airs.

Links and Info

  • Scott’s latest book, Camp Valor, is available on Amazon or anywhere books are sold
  • Book Review: ‘Camp Valor’ Is A Great Novel About A Teenage Secret Government Training Organization (Red Carpet Crash, July 10, 2018)
  • Book review: ‘Camp Valor’ introduces new hero for teen readers (The Florida Times-Union, July 15, 2018)
  • Find all of Scott’s books in our Store Page
  • US proposes tariffs on $200 billion more in Chinese imports as furious China says it won’t stand for a trade war (Daily Mail, July 11, 2018)
  • Trump Issues Full Pardons To Oregon Ranchers Forced Back Into Prison Under Anti-Terror Law (Daily Mail, July 10, 2018)
  • Here’s Who Urged Trump To Pardon The Oregon Ranchers (Daily Caller, July 20, 2018)
    • Protect the Harvest (PTH), an advocacy group that pushes back against government involvement in agriculture and outdoor pursuits, lobbied officials as high as Vice President Mike Pence on behalf of the Hammonds. PTH pushed for Trump to commute the ranchers’ sentences, at least. Pence “100 percent” supported PTH’s position and set the Hammonds’ case in front of Trump, PTH national strategic planner Dave Duquette told The Daily Caller News Foundation in June.”
  • Two Oregon Ranchers Were Convicted As Terrorists By ‘Malicious Prosecution.’ Trump Could Save Them (Daily Caller, June 13, 2018)
  • Gory Trump Throat-Cutting Art Decorates Portland Gallery (Breitbart, July 17, 2018)

Related Links

  • Related links go here
Liberal Hypocrisy: Facebook & Guns | Plus Trump’s Real Strategy in China

Liberal Hypocrisy: Facebook & Guns | Plus Trump’s Real Strategy in China

Show Summary: Hollywood liberal hypocrisy. Celebrities wouldn’t have any standards if they didn’t have double standards, whether it’s about guns or Facebook. Another law Obama broke. Plus, Trump’s real strategy in China. We talk with two bestselling authors, James Hirsen (Tales from the Left Coast) and Scott McEwen (co-author of American Sniper).

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7:00PM Sunday: KAJO (Grants Pass)

Air Dates: April 7 & 8, 2018 | James Hirsen & Scott McEwen

What do all slaves, since the beginning of human history have in common?

Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out the answer to that one.

But what do all Liberals have in common? Hypocrisy of course. Liberal hypocrisy is rooted in their subjective reasoning. It’s not “murder” if it’s the unborn. It’s not “breaking the law” if it’s illegal immigrants coming here to take advantage of America’s generosity.

[wpedon id=”2365″ align=”center”]

James Hirsen on Liberal Hypocrisy

James Hirsen is a NT Times bestselling author (Tales from the Left Coast), international business attorney and commentator on all things Hollywood. He’s also a frequent guest on I Spy Radio.

Liberal hypocrisy is always apparent (except to them) but no more so than in the recent Facebook scandal and the anti-gun “March for our lives” protest. Why?

There is no why. It’s just the bottomless barrel of liberal hypocrisy of course.

Liberals and Hollywood celebrities are fleeing Facebook. And shrieking at Mark Zuckerburg as they slam the door behind them.Why? Because Facebook sold data on 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica who bought it for the  Trump campaign. Gasp!

Liberal hypocrisy. Ban everything. Ban America!You’ve probably heard elsewhere that Liberals were perfectly okay with Facebook giving Obama access to data—and the Liberals even praised Obama for being oh-so-clever. But not just 87 million users. Facebook gave away data on 190 million users.

Did you know Obama and Facebook may have actually broken a law by doing this? (Don’t hold your breath about the DOJ going after either of them.)

And then there’s guns. The Hollywood liberals—who make their millions selling movies about guns, using guns, shooting guns, and making it all look cool—took to the streets to march for gun confiscation — while surrounded by armed guards.

Trump Strategy on China

Up next, it’s bestselling author, Scott McEwen (co-author of American Sniper) on some international issues. We’ll talk over some strategic war games being played out on the world stage — not so much militarily but economically as well.

Remember: economics IS warfare. Scott has some surprising insights into what Trump is doing with China and why.

Scott lives on the border in San Diego. What’s he think of the horde of illegal immigrants marching their way through Mexico?

Scott’s fans will also want to hear the updates on his upcoming movie. And some updates on two new books that will be released this year  which have already been optioned for movies.

Podcast Version

Links Mentioned


Show 5-21 Memorial Day – Heroes and EMPs

Show 5-21 Memorial Day – Heroes and EMPs

Click the mic to download the show! (Shows are available by Mondays at noon)
To download the show, right-click the mic, and then “Save Link As…” or use the handy player below

Air Dates: May 23 & 24, 2015

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff to summer. Parades, picnics, hot dogs and apple pie, flags everywhere. It is a great weekend to be an American.

And none of that it possible without the dedication and sacrifice of those who fight to keep this country free. On this week’s show, we do that with bestselling author—and huge supporter of the military—Scott McEwen, whose latest book, The Sniper and the Wolf, just hit shelves this week. Scott joins I Spy Radio for a celebration of America and her heroes.

But before Scott, we’ll talk with Dr. Gerard Lameiro, who will update us on a very real threat to America—one that, up until recently, seemed the stuff of movies and science fiction: an EMP. An electromagnetic pulse is not designed to destroy buildings or kill people; instead, it’s designed to electronics. As incredible as it sounds, when an EMP goes off, all electronics in its blast area are rendered useless—unless they’re protected. (See below for some EMP protection resources.)

An EMP device on board a high-speed missile and launched a few miles from our shore, in international waters, would take only seconds before it could be detonated above major population areas. And it would take years for that area to recover. This is what keeps America’s strategists and defenders up at night. Tune in to hear what, if anything, they’re doing about it. Find out why a billionaire hedge fund manager says, “Of all the things that are possible, nothing is more scary than an electromagnetic pulse.”

Update (May 26, 2015): Mark asked if there were non-nuclear EMPs. According to the Daily Mail, it turns out that there are: a low-powered EMP missile that destroys electrical systems in its path as it flies over. No nuclear warhead needed. “In 2012, aircraft manufacturer Boeing successfully tested the weapon on a one-hour flight during which it knocked out the computers of an entire military compound.”

Links Mentioned

EMP Protection Resources

There are a lot of great resources on the web – everything from some simple DIY projects to elaborate, pre-made Faraday cages. Do you have a resource we should add? Contact us to add it to the list or add yours in the comment section.

  • One of the best things you can do to protect yourself against an EMP is to store drinking water, food, and other survival items (e.g., heating/cooking sources, and home-protection). Consider that it could take weeks at a minimum for vital systems to recover and probably years to fully recover.
  • Water is hard to store so look to buy a water purification system (consider that you may not be able to boil water). You can find many options out there but a $16 LifeStraw could literally be a lifesaver
  • If you have no other options, or need something quick while you build a better option, an old microwave apparently can be used as a makeshift Faraday cage but it not as reliable as a true Faraday cage
  • A better option is to make a Faraday cage out of a metal trash can
  • EMP cover – this is a unique lined, multi-layer “envelope” that you can slip electronics into


Show 5-09 | Pop Culture: Real American Heroes

Show 5-09 | Pop Culture: Real American Heroes

To download the show, right-click the mic, and then “Save Link As…” or use the handy player below
To download the show, right-click the mic, and then “Save Link As…” or use the handy player below

Air Dates: Feb 28 & March 1, 2015

In a week of depressing news stories, we need to remember the real heroes of America, like Chris Kyle—the title character of the blockbuster film American Sniper. We talk with Chris’s co-author Scott McEwen.

Even though American Sniper didn’t get the Oscar nod that its fans hoped it would, it was a tremendous success with the people who truly mattered: the American public. And we can guarantee that the 19 medals and awards that Chris Kyle earned meant far more to him than any silly gold statuette. With the incredible success of American Sniper at the box office, we check back in this week with Scott McEwen, Chris’s co-author, to talk about the film and he does not disappoint. We get his—quite literally—behind the scenes insights into the film, his thoughts on the Oscars and his reflections on Chris Kyle, the man and the hero.

If you’ve seen the film or read the book, you know a big part of Chris’s own healing was to help other vets—only to be tragically killed by a Marine. Now that the trial is over, we’ll get Scott’s take on it as well as the healing help that vets need. And don’t miss his incredible news on what could be the next James Bond franchise.

Links mentioned