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Coverage Map of I Spy Radio Show broadcast areas, as of November, 2018
I Spy Radio Show broadcast areas, as of Nov 2020. Click for full-size map.

I Spy Radio can be heard around Oregon at five different times on weekends on seven different radio stations—and anywhere in the world via our stations’ live streaming. But now you can also subscribe to I Spy Radio on your favorite podcasting sites! Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, and more.

When you subscribe, you will automatically get notices of the latest episodes. Just use your favorite podcasting service below. We will be adding more sites a.s.a.p. Don’t want to use a podcasting site ? That’s okay. Use the “by email” link and the service will notify you of new podcasts. Plus, you can always podcasts of our shows right here on our site, on the original pages or on our archives page.

You can also always subscribe to our mailing list and get personal notices of upcoming shows. Once a week, usually Fridays, we send out a weekly show notice to let you know what’s coming up, who’s coming on, and a little sneak peak at what we’ll be talking about. Send an email to Listener’s List. We promise we do not spam and we will never sell your email.

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