Show 5-23 Patriot Act Renewal – New Surveillance Revealed

Show 5-23 Patriot Act Renewal – New Surveillance Revealed

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Air Dates: June 6th & 7th, 2015

Right smack dab in the middle of debate over the Patriot Act renewal, it turns out we are more heavily monitored than ever. That’s right. Just as the Senate continues debate about the Patriot Act expiration, it turns out the FBI is flying surveillance planes over American cities, doing so using “front companies.”

Naturally, if the FBI is up to these games, the NSA, CIA, and probably the EPA are all doing it—or worse.

So what’s to become of the Patriot Act? Over the weekend, Sen. Rand Paul successfully (or traitorously, depending on whom you talk to) prevented Senate’s renewal of the Patriot Act and certain provisions have lapsed due to sunset laws built into the act. It’s not dead by any means and most politicians predict it will be renewed and that this is all just a temporary diversion.

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