Oregon’s Disastrous Virtue Signalling: Carbon Tax

Oregon’s Disastrous Virtue Signalling: Carbon Tax

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Show Summary: Last year, Republican senators walked out. This year, Oregon’s Democrats are determined to push through a carbon tax. Timber Unity stands for what’s right It’s pretty simple—cap & trade? NO. Timber Unity? YES

Original Air Dates: Jan. 11 & 12, 2020 | Angelita Sanchez of Timber Unity & Dr. Bob Zybach

This Week: Here at I Spy, we are completely against any form of a carbon tax or a carbon cap & trade scheme.

A Carbon Tax: Wrong Thinking

Why is a carbon tax a bad idea? In the first segment of this weekend’s show, host Mark Anderson, thoroughly walks you through the problems of how and why a carbon cap & trade scheme damages an economy and how it violates normal free-market forces.

A carbon tax not only doesn’t work for what they claim it’s supposed to do, but it places an increasing financial burden on citizens. California is a prime example of what happens as its citizens and businesses flee the state. One report has shown tens of thousands of businesses fled California, directly because of California’s carbon tax, in a process known in political circles as “leakage.” Basically, leakage is “How many businesses will leave the state if we pass this bill?”

Also, don’t miss “all you need to know” about “global warming.” It’ll give you some ammunition to use in the coming fight against Oregon’s carbon tax, cap & trade bill.

Timber Unity

Government bureaucrats and far-left politicians who support cap & trade seem to believe they know better than the people they’re supposed to represent. Last year the people came together to put their foot down.

The Timber Unity rally on the capitol steps drew together people in rural areas who were tired of latte-sipping liberals looking down their noses at hicks from the country not knowing liberals are just saving the planet. (I wonder how they think the coffee they’d sipping got to their little coffee house?)

Timber Unity Rally Round 2: Timber Unity’s rally to again fight back against Oregon Democrats’ disastrous carbon tax will be on Thursday, February 6th, 2020. Tentative start time is 10:00. See below for more details, contact, info, and more.


Oregon’s Carbon Tax: New and Improved? Hardly.

Even though Salem’s Democrat legislators are trying to sell the “new and improved” carbon bill as something that would only impact people in the city (for now) it’s simply not true. Because more than 80% of all Oregonian communities have their only means of goods shipped, in or out, are only by truck.

Be sure to tune in to hear the mindset of how these politicians feel about rural areas and who they pretend to protect. What Senator President, Peter Courtney told Timber Unity rally participants right from the start will make your jaw drop.

Oh, and remember how Knute Buehler promised a carbon tax when he was running for governor of Oregon? Here he is suddenly for it now that he’s running for much more conservative CD 2

Good News for Oregon’s Forests?

Then we bring back our timber expert, Dr. Bob Zybach, who continues the conversation on the downfalls of a carbon tax and cap & trade schemes. We hear about how the law negatively impacts our forest management processes, a vital economic impact to Oregon. You’ll get a laugh over OSU’s latest scheme to save the planet. (Insert massive eye roll.)

And he discusses California’s dilemmas with its carbon cap and trade scheme (hint: it’s not working) along with the wildfire issue in Australia and the nonsense of some blaming global warming.

This week it’s all about stopping the nonsense of politicians attempting to fill their tax coffers while claiming it’s “for the environment.”

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Timber Unity Contact Info

  • Tweet from @PhRMA: “Did you know that CAR-T therapy was designed to defeat leukemia, but now it’s on the verge of defeating multiple myeloma? That’s the thing about breakthroughs: one can lead to many more.” (via Twitter, Jan. 3, 2020)
  • OSU “study”: We can stop climate change by not logging? “Preserving Forests Makes Perfect Sense, a Letter to the Editor” (via The Oregonian, Jan 5, 2020)
  • Opinion: Why California’s climate solution isn’t cutting it (L.A. Times, Jan. 2, 2020)
    • “The system is supposed to force a gradual decline in carbon dioxide emissions by issuing polluting companies an annually decreasing number of permits to pollute, but it has granted so many exceptions that the program is nearly toothless. … since the beginning of cap and trade in 2013, emissions from oil and gas sources — generated by production, refining and vehicle fuel consumption — have increased by 3.5%”
  • Letters to The Editor:  Is California’s Cap-and-Trade Program Making Climate Change Worse? (L.A. Times, Jan 4., 2020)

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