Facing a Biden World | Vaccines, HCQ, and Economics out the Window

Facing a Biden World | Vaccines, HCQ, and Economics out the Window

Show Summary: What do you really know about the vaccines? Did you know mRNA vaccines, which trick your cells into replicating covid-19 proteins, have never been tried in humans before? Are we all just human guinea pigs now? New revelations on HCQ, including its secret usage. And what impact with the Biden virus have when it’s fully unleashed on the economy? Taxes, job-killing executive orders, and impacts on states.

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Original Air Dates: Jan. 27 & 28, 2021 | Chuck Wiese & Jonathan Williams

This Week: With a President Biden in office for a little over a week, the Executive Orders have been signed in record amounts for any president. But Biden has a problem. There are many who are not only in disagreement with his new EO’s, but are willing to take him to court over them.

So this week we take a look at what Biden is doing to not unify America. Especially now that Americans have tasted the sweet fruits of a robust economy, energy independence, and peace agreements keeping us out of wars under a Trump presidency.

Biden’s desire to change us back to an Obama economy with critical restrictions on mining, fossil fuel production—effectively deciding who and which industries will be allowed to profit and who won’t—and his shut down orders may not go well for him as many rise up in opposition.

Medical Ethics: New Technology Vaccines & “Gain of Function” Research

To find out the specifics, first up we talk with a scientist, Chuck Wiese, to examine what is going on with covid and its vaccines. Concerns over the side effects, the experimental nature of them, and the safety of these vaccines is on the rise and we talk about the data that has exposed some deeply, big potential problems. We also talk about the ethics of using human guinea pigs to try out a first-of-its-kind vaccine technology, and the ethically troubling “gain of function” research that has led to creating diseases like covid-19, and China’s role on its release.

And don’t miss the stunning revelation of what was happening behind the scenes in the medical community with HCQ — hydroxychloroquine. Here’s an unsurprising hint: they were lying to you.

GameStop — Dawning of a New Economic Reality?

Then we bring on Jonathan Williams, of ALEC, who is watching the normal rules of economics seemingly disappear overnight. We look back at the last time Jonathan was on, one year ago, when President Trump had just introduced his budget, which wanted to cut spending and move toward a balanced budget by 2035. It would do it by forcing government to live within its means. Which would mean the Left could no longer siphon off money from taxpayers and give billions to their allies.

Don’t miss our review of the Green Funding Cycle!

Is that why the Left went all out to attack President Trump through every means possible? People do crazy things for just one million dollars. What would they be willing to do for trillions of dollars?

We talk about the crazy revolt happening now in the stock market as Reddit users go after the hedge funds, costing them $39 billion by one estimate. But is what we’re seeing with GameStop shares really such a good idea?

Executive Orders and the Biden Virus in the Economy

the unraveling of Trump’s economy through Biden’s attempts to stop oil in its tracks and bring back alternatives that put American on a bad path, weakening America while effectively giving countries like China a leg up. Why would anyone want to weaken America’s energy independence?

Be sure to visit ALEC’s terrific ranking of the states’ competitiveness and economic outlook site: www.RichStatesPoorStates.org. How is your state doing?

Biden seems to be stuck in an old script that now even his normal supporters such as unions are fighting mad at him for destroying good jobs on the Keystone Pipeline. People got used to good jobs and a good economy under Pres. Trump. Will they put up with this?

All is not well for a Biden world. Listen to find out why.

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Links Mentioned & Additional Info

Chuck Wiese

  • 55 People Have Died in US After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines (Epoch Times, Jan 17, 2021)
    • Reporting system is passive, meaning reports aren’t automatically added; “reports on VAERS represent ‘only a small fraction of actual adverse events,’ the site states” makes one wonder how many have not yet been filed
    • Laughable: “Health officials on the VAERS website caution that a report to the system doesn’t prove a vaccine caused the adverse event…” This from the same govt that counted anyone who died with a sniffle as having died from covid-19
    • CDC said on Jan 6 that “severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines were happening at a rate of 11.1 per million vaccinations, compared to the rate of 1.3 per 1 million flu shots” TEN times the rate for flu shots. But that can’t be correct. 11.1 per million, with 10.5 million getting the vax = 116 severe reactions total. There have been way more than that – including 55 that died. Almost half that 116 figure.
    • “Norway changed its COVID-19 vaccination guide to direct officials not to give “very frail” people one of the vaccines, citing 13 deaths among people who were vaccinated.”
  • Israeli behind ‘game-changing’ Covid nasal spray says it’s 99.9% effective (Jewish News / Times of Israel, Jan 13, 2021)
  • Medical Doctor: Bacterial Pneumonias Rising From Mask Wearing (Principia Scientific, Jan 25, 2021)

The mRNA Vaccines

  • DNA vs. RNA – 5 Key Differences and Comparison (Technology Networks, Dec 18, 2020)
    • DNA is the blueprint for the organism; RNA is is the builder, the contractor that tells parts of the cell what to do and when to do it
    • “Messenger RNA (mRNA) copies portions of genetic code, a process called transcription, and transports these copies to ribosomes, which are the cellular factories that facilitate the production of proteins from this code.”
  • mRNA Vaccines vs. Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine (Darkhorse Podcast Clips, Jan 9, 2021)
    • mRNA vaccines untested in humans, tested for only ~9 mos

Gain of Function Research

Gain-of-Function Research: Ethical Analysis (Scientific Engineering Ethics, Aug 8, 2016). Read online or download PDF of the paper.

Jonathan Williams

  • Why Joe Biden Can Stop Worrying and Start Spending Like Crazy (New Republic, Dec 1, 2020)
  • Joe Biden Signs 17 Executive Orders and Directives (Before its news, Jan 20, 2021)
  • Davos ‘Great Reset’ conference opened by China’s Xi (WND, Jan 25, 2021)
  • New Research Debunks Claim That a $15 Minimum Wage Would Not Reduce Employment (Foundation for Economic Education, Jan 25, 2021)
  • Western Energy Alliance challenges Biden order pausing new oil, gas leasing on public land (America’s Voice, Jan 27, 2021)
  • Kerry’s ‘better choices’ comment on climate job losses opens door for GOP to pounce (Just the News, Jan 26, 2021)
  • Biden Vows to Cancel Oil and Gas Leases, but ‘Not Going to Ban Fracking’ (The Daily Signal, Jan 27, 2021)
    • According to Biden’s statement: “The executive order also directs the secretary of interior to stop issuing new oil and gas leases on public lands and in offshore waters wherever possible,” Biden said, adding: “Let me be clear, and I know this always comes up, we are not going to ban fracking. We’ll protect jobs and grow jobs.”

GameStop Shares

  • Explanation of GameStop (NBC News, Jan 2021)
    • “But the bigger and longer-lasting impact may be on how the market itself operates. Never before has a group of amateur investors taken on a hedge fund like this and won. The battle over GameStop has taken on something of a David vs. Goliath feel, with some people outside of finance painting it as a reckoning for parts of Wall Street.”
  • I’m Sorry, What Is Going on With GameStop and AMC? (Vulture, Jan 27, 2021)
    • A hedge fund bet GameStop would drop, internet users bought up shares to make it rise, which meant the short seller hedge funds lost billions. $23 billion by one estimate.

Related Links

  • Impact of Biden’s tax plan on Real Estate: What we know (Elliott Davis, Dec 3, 2020) [A good explanation and overview of Joe Biden’s tax plans. Take a read to see why we call Joe’s economics, the “Biden Virus”]
  • California surprise re-open! …leaving Oregon in last two lockdown states (Oregon Catalyst, Jan 26, 2021)
  • Monopolies and competition: “EU president: ‘Unbridled power held’ by Big Tech CEOs must be ‘reined in’” (WND, Jan 21, 2021)
  • Wild Wednesday: Market Gets Slammed Amid Vaccine Worries, Cautious Fed (Ameritrade, Jan 26, 2021)


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