Deep State Round Up: Impeachment, Ukraine & Congress

Deep State Round Up: Impeachment, Ukraine & Congress

Show Summary:  Dr Jerome Corsi fought off Mueller and the FBI. This week, in the middle of the impeachment hearings, it broke there are new revelations of Democrat corruption in Ukraine—including indictments. We’re also joined by NFL Superbowl champ, Burgess Owens, on his run to retake Mia Love’s seat in Congress and send Nancy Pelosi’s minion packing.

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Air Dates: November 23 & 24, 2019 | Dr. Jerome Corsi & Burgess Owens

Jerome Corsi: Impeachment and New Ukraine Revelations

Dr. Jerome Corsi successfully fought back against the Mueller probe by refusing to cooperate. The FBI had tried to get him to sign a “confession” that would have suborned perjury—just to get Trump. Yes. Our own Department of Justice wanted to break the law to try to convict Trump, who didn’t break the law.

But Corsi took a stand and said no. Now he’s fighting back and updates us on the status of his counter-suit against the FBI.

Jerome Corsi's book Coup d' EtatAnd then, in the middle of the Democrats Grand Impeachment, the news broke about indictments in Ukraine for corruption—by the Democrats, including Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and others. Perhaps even Adam Schiff. Are the Democrats about to face justice? Finally?

Dr. Cosrsi has some books out as well. See the Links & Info section for his books as well as his solution to the border wall problem.

Burgess Owens: Retaking a Congressional Seat

Super Champion and long-time I Spy Radio guest, Burgess Owens announced that it’s time to take a stand. By running for Congress.

In 2018, a lot of Republicans had turned anti-Trump. Why? Because they believed the lies told by the Democrat-controlled media. That Trump colluded with the Russians. That Trump was an agent of the Russians. And on and on.

And because she bought the lie, Mia Love lost her Congressional seat—thereby paving the way for Speaker Nancy and her Impeachment Circus.

But as we now know (well a lot of us knew already) that the Russia-collusion narrative spun by the media was a lie. And that’s why Burgess Owens wants to take that seat. It’s time to have a congressman who wants to fight with the President and get rid of do-nothing Dems who just want to fight against the President.

If you want a Congressman who will fight for the President and for America, donate to help Burgess across the goal line. He needs your support. And you don’t even have to be in Utah. Visit to donate or volunteer.

Podcast Version

Trapped under a heavy object? Missed the show? Don’t worry—the podcast version will be right here after the show airs.

Links Mentioned

Links & Info

  • [Ukraine’s] MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln (via Interfax-Ukraine (Ukraine’s News Agency), Nov 20, 2019)
    • “it was money criminally obtained by the “family” of Yanukovych and invested in the purchase of Ukrainian debt in 2013-2014”
    • “according to investigators, “the Yanukovych ‘family’ illegally obtained $7.4 billion and laundered the funds through an investment fund close to some representatives of the U.S. Democratic Party in the form of external government loan bonds.””
    • “the Yanukovych family is suspected, in particular, with legalizing (laundering) of criminally obtained income through Franklin Templeton Investments, an investment fund carrying out purchases of external government loan bonds totaling $7.4 billion,”
  • Hesco – Terrablock XS barrier system – video  They’re delivered flat, like if you’ve bought a bunch of cardboard boxes from U-Haul. They’re flat, tw-dimensional, and then you open them up into a 3-dimensional box, that can then be filled with earthen materials, has a un-scalable mesh front . If a section is damaged, you just pull out that module. 
  • ‘Smart Wall’ could be a less expensive, more effective solution to border security (via OANN, YouTube Channel). Sensors built into the entire wall
  • Cuccinelli: Illegal Border Crossings Dropping (The Hill, Aug 14, 2019)
    • “Cuccinelli said recent drops in migration, particularly among asylum seekers, is due in large part to President Trump’s deal with Mexico. The president scrapped plans to impose sweeping tariffs on the country in exchange for Mexico’s promise to crack down on illegal migration.”

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