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Good News for Good News

Good News for Good News

Show Summary: Time for a little good news. Changes to the Endangered Species Act mean species might actually start to recover. Hollywood most famous mainstream pop-culture couple goes Christian. Bernie reveals the real intentions of Global Warming Alarmists. And a new Christian movie continues to prove the viability of movies with an actual story. Go figure!

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Air Dates: Month # & #, 2019 | Dr. Bob Zybach & James Hirsen

Good Time for Good News

This Week:  Over the past few months we’ve been able to experience what President Trump has done for our courts, especially the 9th Circuit.  There have actually been decisions made in the past few weeks that support things like, oh you know, the rule of law.

With just that one amazing change, Trump may finally be able to make a decision without being hauled into court, as the Left tries any trick to try stop. And this subtle but important change means we can look at some of the new rules knowing they may actually be enacted.

Good News for the Endangered Species Act

One of those are incredibly important changes he’s made to the Endangered Species Act. And, naturally, what’s being reported about simple changes that could lead to actual recovery of these species is being mis-reported that it will destroy a “vitally needed” government program.

This act that was to save animals from extinction because the money resource for far-left organizations who abused it through their sue-and-settle actions.  Rather than trying to protect animals from harm they wanted to raise funds by suing while having prelimary agreements from Deep State bureaucrats to happily ensure the government would lose its case so that they could pay out high and outrageous attorney fees back to them.  A legal loop hold that until recently was handing over millions to pro-environmental-anti-human groups.

With that atrocious practice eliminated, we turn our focus to the changes Trump’s administration has actually made to the ESA and its new benefits to species and to landowners.  Dr. Zybach walks us through what he’s seen in how the landowner is now empowered to help with the ESA and why that’s a good thing.

Also, don’t miss his personal encounter with the Endangered Species Act, Oregon’s “other Spotted Owl”, the Marbled Murrelet. It’s a good example of abuse by the scientific community and what happens when you sacrifice science on the altar of politics. (You can download his article, Oregon Coast Range Old-Growth: Part III, Marbled Murrelet Habitat.)

Good News from Hollywood. Wait, what…?

Kanye West September 2019 Album leaks, Jesus is King
Kanye West September 2019 Album leaks, Jesus is King

Then we turn to Hollywood, the last place we expected to see good news this week and talk with James Hirsen about one star of pop culture who is making a dramatic change —to Christian music.

Kanye West, who recently became a born-again Christian, has a new album coming out in September.  Mr. Hirsen walks us through Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian, have a tremendous impact on pop culture and why the Far Left may push back against them. Or just flat out turn on them. Because, you know, kids listening to an enlightened and positive message is clearly so dangerous.

We also have a momentary dip into the darker side of Bernie Sanders who wants population control because of (drum roll) global warming. He wants to sacrifice life to save us from death, sigh.

But we only stay on the dark side for a little bit and quickly turn back to some more good news—the newest Christian movie, Overcomer, and its powerful message.

This week, it’s all good fun, and uplifting, except for Bernie’s message.  But then again, when is anything socialist ever good news?

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American Exceptionalism: Why don’t we see more “Little Americas”?

American Exceptionalism: Why don’t we see more “Little Americas”?

Show Summary: Why do countries turn toward socialism when all they need to do is copy America’s success? A look at American exceptionalism and why we’re so hard to imitate.

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Current I Spy Radio broadcast areas. Click for full-size map.

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Air Dates: July 13 & 14, 2019 | Dr. Tim Ball

When you hear the term “American exceptionalism” it usually is used negatively. America isn’t great. America was never great. And so on. Just do a search on Google and you’ll be pummeled with negativity. “American exceptionalism is a dangerous myth” and so on.

But why is it that more “Little Americas” don’t spring into existence? Countries like Venezuela turn to socialism—and then fail spectacularly. Why don’t they instead follow America’s example? It’s not like we’ve hidden away our founding documents. The road map to freedom and prosperity is all right there.

American Exceptionalism

This week on I Spy Radio we look at why, in all the nations in the world, America is uniquely exceptional. And, oddly enough, Oregon is the unexpected example of what American Exceptionalism is all about.

Oregon? Really? How can that be you ask. Because right now the Far Left has taken over in Oregon with a super majority that has the ability to increase taxes regardless of what the other party or even what voters think. And since they won, it was believed by many that Oregon was lost, going completely Far Left. How is that an example of American exceptionalism.

It’s because of our ability to turn things around. To correct course. Because while the Left has taken over, there was an unexpected surprise.

Oregon Turning Point

About two weeks ago, a huge rally took place on the capitol steps that pushed back against the Far Left’s attempt to change this state for good. Or at least for a very, very long time. The D’s were prepared to force through a carbon tax over the objections of the minority party. But after thousands of people rolled up to the steps and rallied against the elected Democrats’ stance of ignoring the people about it via a vote—the politicians backed down.

Having been there personally, I can tell you it terrified the political Left. They’ve been used to steamrolling rural Oregonians. And now they’re rising up? Panic! And they buckled, cancelling (for now) the carbon tax scheme.

And with that, we tasted a very real example of American Exceptionalism.

Why America is So Unique

Since some have called those who pushed back against Oregon’s lawmakers “terrorists,” we wanted a deeper look at American Exceptionalism and what it means. Dr. Tim Ball has a unique viewpoint as a teacher,  historian, geopolitical expert, and climatologist to meld the Far Left’s desire to rid us of our individual rights and freedom of speech in their attempts to replace democracy with socialism.

The struggles of keeping American exceptionalism alive will always be a part of our life as the Left works hard to charm and deceive us into forfeiting our Constitutional rights that gives us inalienable rights, including freedom of speech and the 2nd Amendment.

Global Warming and Socialism

And deceive us they will. As AOC’s chief of staff, Chakrabarti (the same person who funneled $1 million from AOC’s PAC into two of his private companies), so clearly said this week: “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all. Do you guys think of it as a climate thing? Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

And there it is. That is why staying free takes so much effort.

And yes, that little revelation from Chakrabarti smacks of Agenda 21. (Maybe it’s time to do a refresher show on Agenda 21 and the origins of today’s environmental movement…?)

But tune in to find out more about what makes America so exceptional, why other countries don’t emulate us, and how Climate Change plays a role in all of this. And how, with some effort, Oregonians might finally start turning the tide.

Did you know…

Podcast Version

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Links Mentioned

  • Check out Dr Tim’s books on our store page.
  • Record freshwater levels in the Great Lakes (via
    • “The Great Lakes represent 21 per cent of the earth’s fresh water and are seeing record water levels. Activist scientists attribute this to climate change, which until recently was supposed to result in lower water levels.  Temperature levels in the US Great Lakes reached record levels in 1933. Since then not only the have peaks never again been reached but the number of hot days has steadily declined.”
  • Great Lakes Reveal a Fatal Flaw in Climate Change “Science” (via, June 2019)
  • Environmental scientist from East Anglia (of all places) warns Global Cooling is the real threat (American Thinker, Mar. 14, 2019)
  • Global What? Summer Chill Worldwide Exposes Warming Hypocrisy (Patriot Post, Jun 27, 2019)
  • Educating the Next Generation to Debate Alarming Climate Claims (, July 9, 2019)
    • See also: The Climate Change Debate Education project, which offers alternative educational materials to combat the climate alarmism. “Dr. Wojick and his project are also developing what he calls “gate breakers.” These are one-page, nontechnical summaries that explain a particular issue in the scientific debate about climate change. They are designed to be used to confront, challenge or question “gatekeeping” alarmists – such as teachers, speakers or politicians – who refuse to admit the scientific debate even exists.”
When it comes to Leftist Policies, Science and Reality don’t Matter

When it comes to Leftist Policies, Science and Reality don’t Matter

Show Summary: Oregon is the Petri Dish of Leftist policies. Find out how and why that when it comes to economics and environment, leftist policies leave reality behind.

Coverage Map of I Spy Radio Show broadcast areas, as of November, 2018
I Spy Radio Show broadcast areas, as of Nov 2018. Click for full-size map.

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Air Dates: Apr 27 & 28, 2019 | Ethan Blevins

This Week: It’s spring with farmers preparing fields, rains soaking our rich soils, and forests turning green.  Our skies are clear from heavy smoke and the air is fresh.  But August is coming when things are far more dry, brown, and dusty.

Oregon’s Forests: A Victim of Leftist Policies

Leftist policies - A product of the socialist brain of a liberalBelieve it or not, August in Oregon used to be free of major forest fires for decades but why isn’t it now?  Why have massive fires become a way of life for the summer landscape in Oregon, California, and the rest of the West?

We’ll talk about this with Dr. Bob Zybach, someone who studied Oregon’s history of forest fires for his dissertation and is an avid proponent for bringing back practical and realistic forest management policies to Oregon. A state that should be leading the way on setting proper forest management polices. Except we’re too concerned that environmentalists will froth at the mouth over policies that actually acknowledge mankind is part of the environment. But we digress.

Dr. Zybach is also a frequent guest on I Spy Radio. Dr. Bob is back on to take us through what should be happening with our forests during spring time as summer is fast approaching. We know that farmers and ranchers are busy during this time of year preparing for the growing season, so should foresters.

Are We Preparing Scientists or Activists?

We hear so much about preparing today’s youth for the challenges of tomorrow. So what exactly is the curriculum currently being taught in today’s forestry classes? And how well prepared are young foresters when they graduate?

Don’t miss the updates on the Elliott State Forest that is supposed to be making the state millions. Yes. The Elliott State Forest is supposed to generate money. Not cost money. Can it?  Yes.  Is it?  You’ll hear about that and what the future may bring for this vital state resource and how it could pave the way for other states. If they just listen.

Pacific Legal: Fighting Leftist Policies

But first up: Ethan Blevins. Mr. Blevins is an attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation. This is a group that we’ve been following for a long time. No, we’re not stalkers. But this our first time to have them on I Spy Radio.  Pacific Legal Foundation has been growing leaps and bounds and are now all across America, working to hold the government accountable. Just our kind of group.

Oregon’s New Rent Control: Ignoring Science AND Economics

Mr. Blevins litigates cases involving the First Amendment, property rights, school choice, and the separation of powers.  So we talk to him about the new rent control Oregon’s legislature just passed and why its policies will end up raising costs of living—the exact opposite of what they propose to do.

Why? Because the policy completely ignores one of the most basic elements of economics. Not one of those fancy a computer models that predict global cooling—wait, no, warming, er, no, change!—but from long-tested and proven economic science.  But what do we know?

And don’t miss our conversation with Mr. Blevin about Oregon’s supermajority and the potential abuse of powers that come with it. Yes, the Democrats have a 3/5ths supermajority in the House and Senate and yes they hold the governorship. But there’s still hope. And from a surprising source. And it’s why Republicans can’t and shouldn’t give up.

Podcast Version

Links & Further Info

Ethan Blevins (Segments 1–3)

  • Unelected bureaucrats must follow the law, too (Pacific Legal Foundation, Dec 19, 2018)
  • Supreme Court vacates 9th Circuit ruling against EPA victim, Joe Robertson (Free Range Report, April 23, 2019) This is a Pacific Legal Foundation case
  • The Hill: Environmental regulations have become impossible to follow (The Hill, March 18, 2019) found on PLF’s newsroom webpage
  • Ethan Blevins article: Beware the false promise of rent control (Fox News, March 30, 2019)
  • OVERVIEW: How Rent Control Works in New York City (via Oh My Apartment)
    • “People in New York City who have the advantage of renting a rent stabilized apartment, have a very hard time parting with them. Monthly rent under $2000 in New York City is very, very cheap – even for a studio or small one bedroom.” = lack of mobility; prevents people from moving to a better job or moving closer to their current job, thereby increasing commuting distance, time, and expense.
  • Some basic history of Rent Control (via Wikipedia): “In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Emergency Price Control Act into law. The goal of the act was to prevent inflation in the booming, fully employed wartime economy by setting price controls nationwide. ”
    • (Don’t forget: long-time listeners of I Spy Radio know that this is about the time the IRS screwed up the health care system forever. Due to World War II and wage controls in effect, the IRS decided to allow employers to offer health care as a means around wage restriction policies in order to entice workers.

Bob Zybach (Segments 4–6)

Oregon Democrats: It’s Not Your Money

Oregon Democrats: It’s Not Your Money

Show Summary: Oregon Democrats appear to have taken the position that no matter how much or how little you make, it really all belongs to the state. A look at the taxes they have in store for 2019.

Coverage Map of I Spy Radio Show broadcast areas, as of November, 2018
I Spy Radio Show broadcast areas, as of Nov 2018. Click for full-size map.

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Air Dates: Jan. 19 & 20, 2019 | Jonathan Williams

Oregon Democrats appear to think that if you earn money, it’s really not your money. It belongs to the state. You can tell because Oregon Democrats—who have super-majorities in Oregon’s house and senate plus the governorship—have billions in new taxes they want to unleash. Billions to extract from the 3.3 million Oregonians.

The Short List of Oregon Democrats New Taxes

Doubling the gas tax. Tripling taxes on beer and cigarettes. Fees (i.e. taxes) on restaurants. Vending machines. First in the nation carbon tax — plus a California-style cap-and-trade. (Hello $5 per gallon gasoline.) Fees (taxes) on bed and breakfasts. Spa visits. Fees (taxes) on tourism. Fees on small business. Middle business. Big business. Mining permit fee increases. Fees on timber lands. Fees on public utilities. Fees on home heating oil. Fees on

And if that isn’t enough, Oregon Democrats even want to remove property tax exemptions for non-profits and churches.

Yes, even God doesn’t pay enough in taxes.

At this rate, pretty soon, the State and Oregon Democrats will want to tax money you didn’t earn.

Oregon Democrats 2019 Tax Plans

We talk this week to Jonathan Williams, the Vice President for the Center for State Fiscal Reform at the American Legislative Exchange Council ( to get some insight into what all these taxes the Oregon Democrats have planned will do to the state’s economy.

Some of what we talk about includes Oregon’s cap-and-trade scheme, the fees, and the endless taxes.

Don’t worry. There’s hope. But you’ll have to listen.

Podcast Version

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Links Mentioned

Oregon Governor Candidates

Oregon Governor Candidates

Show Summary: Our best-of-the-best go back-to-back. This week we replay our two previous interviews with Republican Oregon governor candidates, Sam Carpenter and Capt. Greg Wooldridge. Because if Oregon is going to survive, we need different leaders. And that means dumping Kate Brown.  Because you can’t keep voting for the same people and expect different results.

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Original Air Dates: March 10 & 11, 2018 | Sam Carpenter & Capt. Greg Wooldridge

Looking for links, websites, and social media contacts for Sam Carpenter or Capt. Greg Wooldridge? Jump to it

This week: We replay our two previous interviews with the two leading Oregon governor candidates on the Republican side: businessman Sam Carpenter and former Navy pilot, Capt. Greg Wooldridge.

Last weekend Republicans gathered at the annual Dorchester event to do a little meet and greet and to plot the end of civilization.  (Or at least that’s what the Democrats think goes on there.) Over the last decade, Oregon has been faced with a Democrat stranglehold on the legislature and governor’s office.  As a result, we’re now staring down the double-barrel of high deficits and a Democrat-led march toward higher taxes.

Oregon governor candidates

First of all, if you believe The Oregonian, the choice for Oregon governor candidates comes down to one person. Oregon is destined (or “doomed”) for another four years of Kate Brown—and more Democrat spending.

The Oregon Governor's Race
The problem for Oregon’s Republican candidates

Well, maybe two people: Kate Brown and Knute Buehler. A Democrat and a democrat-lite.

But are we doomed to go down that road?

No. Thankfully, this year’s Oregon governor candidates include two solid, conservative Republicans. Republican Oregon governor candidates who could actually win not just the Oregon Republican candidacy but win in November too.

Oregon governor’s race 2018

On this week’s show, we replay our previous interviews with the two best Republican candidates who could challenge—and beat—Kate Brown.

With the May primary fast approaching, tune in to hear our previous two interviews with Sam Carpenter and Capt. Greg Wooldridge back-to-back. This weekend’s show will help you compare the two Oregon governor candidates who, we at I Spy Radio believe, are the best candidates in the race.

Did you leave the Republican Party? Find out how you can still vote in the Oregon primary

Either of these two men would be great leaders. And either of these two men would lead Oregon out of the self-digging pit that Oregon has put itself in—if we can’t unseat the Democrats.

Both men are conservatives. Both are strong leaders. And both are turnaround specialists. Sam has helped over 500 companies in Oregon return to profitability. He is the author of a widely respected book, Work the system: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less. Captain Greg Wooldridge was a three-time commander of the Blue Angels and went on to turn around a failing Naval base to make it the top naval base in the world. Like being a CEO of company with 8,000 employees.

In conclusion, let’s say that again: EITHER of these two men will be great for Oregon. They are the kind of leader Oregon desperately needs and one of them will stop us from sinking into a California-style black hole.

So who will it be? Who’s your choice?

Podcast Version

Oregon Governor’s race

(For any links mentioned during the show, see the respective original show pages.)

Sam Carpenter Links

Capt. Greg Wooldridge Links

Campaign website:
Campaign website:
 Twitter: @CarpenterforOR  Twitter: @greg_wooldridge
Sam Carpenter’s Facebook page Greg Wooldridge Facebook page
 Sam’s original show page  Greg’s original show page


The Oregon Primary Secret

Are you a conservative? Did you leave the Republican Party? That’s too bad because when you leave the party, then you can’t vote in the Republican primary. Right? But wait! There is a way you can vote in the primary for the Oregon Governor’s race.

Because here’s a little secret. You can plug your nose and rejoin the Oregon Republican party just long enough to vote in the primary to get a good conservative through the primary. Here’s how:

You have until April 24th to change your registration. Simply visit your county office or go to the Oregon Secretary of State’s website and change your party affiliation. You’ll get a Republican ballot for the primary, vote for your candidate, and then after the primary, May 15th, change your registration back to non-affiliate, independent or whatever.

Or. Consider staying in the Republican party. They need good people like you. And if you’re not in it, you don’t have a voice.


Surprise! When Government Makes Sense

Surprise! When Government Makes Sense

Show Summary: North Dakota is a state that understands people need natural resources. They went through a lot of growing pains with the fracking boom. Just imagine: a state that actually has a budget surplus. Hear how they are are using their success to plan for the future—and some surprising developments in working with some environmental groups that may provide a blueprint for Oregon. Also, Trump is making deals on DACA and the border. What do people on the border, who see the negative impacts of illegal immigration think about the deals?

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Air Dates: Feb. 3 & 4, 2018 | Vicky Steiner & Jeff Schwilke

A State that Actually USES its Natural Resources?

About five years ago I Spy jealously watched states whose government was working for the people — especially considering the mess Oregon was in: implementing Obamacare, the CCO’s, PERS, and other devastating public costs, while ignoring an obvious source of revenue. Timber.  So, we wanted to see what other states were doing to succeed, and how they were keeping their state in the black.

We were fortunate to have our research come upon Vicky Steiner, who was at that time working in the oil industry, as North Dakota was experiencing a real economic boom.  Vicky told us about the fast-paced growth spurt they were experiencing and what the state’s leadership was doing to improve their state’s future by providing important infrastructure and designing a savings plan that tucked away millions in the state coffers should there be a downturn.

Now, five years later, we have Vicky Steiner back to update us on where they are as a state and how using their natural resources has paid off.  Due to their careful planning, North Dakota has weathered the downturn when the oil prices dropped and production slowed.  Under President Trump and the U.S. actually exporting oil, along with prices rising, Vicky discusses how they are now expanding their oil fields but have become so much more efficient in their production because they invested in new and better technologies.

Meanwhile, Oregon’s Congressional representatives are asking Ryan Zinke not to allow drilling off of Oregon’s coast.


A Surprise for Everyone

Not only did they use their success to develop better, more efficient production techniques, they also built partnerships with responsible environmental groups who helped to ensure oil production was friendly to their treasured land.  Something that Oregon’s vast forest, that burn or rot because they are not managed and logged, could benefit from its own legislative leadership.

Could what they have learned be a roadmap for Oregon to begin using their own natural resources?

Illegal Immigration

Two brand new illegals
Two brand new illegals. Notice how clean and well-dressed these Hondurans are. All ready for their new (illegal) lives in America

Then we go south to San Diego and welcome border security activist and retired Master Sergeant, Jeff Schwilk.  Jeff has strong and great insights into what is currently occurring on the border.  He describes his experiences of what happens in communities near a border that brings illegal immigrants into their communities — and into their local voting booths.

Jeff discusses what he’s recently seen and some of the gaps on the border wall/fence during his tour with a border security team. Jeff tells us his thoughts on President Trump’s recent position on DACA and explains what he feels needs to happen to get to a workable final deal as he offers his ideas and what his anti-amnesty colleagues are pushing for.  These are important insights from people who live smack in the middle of the immigration issues that you won’t want to miss.

Jeff’s Email on Illegal Immigrants as Invaders

Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 2:32 PM
To: Jeff Schwilk
Subject: Illegal alien DACA Punks DEMAND full Amnesty for ALL Illegal Aliens, not just Dreamers

Illegal immigrant invaders
From Jeff’s email — to us, these are clearly illegal immigrant invaders

They don’t want DACA, they don’t want a “deal”, they want our country!  They are demanding that we leave our borders wide open for all their relatives to sneak in.  (see attached recent photo and new email from them below).  They have now taken over the entire Democrat party who is terrified to stand up to them.  Now they have their sights set on weak-kneed and open border Republicans, of which there are far too many, through their increasing demands and hostile actions.

They meet the very definition of foreign terrorists or insurgents on our soil.  The enemy within.  The Reconquista is real and these foreign aliens can taste it, not just in California where they have have nearly taken over state and many local governments, but now they want the whole U.S. for their “raza” and revenge against America.

No DACA, no Dream Act, no amnesty.  Enforce our Laws and Secure our Homeland first!

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let us know by commenting below.

Tweet of the Week

This has to be the tweet of the week on illegal immigration/DACA…

Podcast Version


North Dakota, Oil, Economics, Environmentalists (Segments 1–3)

Immigration, DACA, and Border (Segments 4–6)

Can Oregon be Made Great Again

Can Oregon be Made Great Again

Show Summary: This week we continue our discussion on natural resources. Last week, the Pebble Mine in Alaska is poised to begin harvesting half a trillion dollars. What’s Oregon doing with their natural resources? We talk with Dr. Bob Zybach to find out what Oregon is doing wrong and what we should be doing. We also talk with Sam Carpenter who is running for governor as the Republican. He has some unique ideas on how to fix Oregon. Could Oregon turn red?

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Original Air Dates: Month 20 & 21, 2018 | Dr. Bob Zybach & Sam Carpenter

Why is it when we discuss natural resources it seems as if immediately those resources are always aligned with environmental issues?  Why is it they are never considered resources and their impact on income and expenses instead?  Especially when we are discussing rural communities who are nearing bankruptcy. A family turns to their bank accounts (their resource) as they determine budgets.  Shouldn’t a state such as Oregon who has natural resources in their land “bank” be doing the same?

For instance, the wild fires that burned over a million acres of resources this past summer cost Oregon taxpayers a lot of money. That burn cost Oregonians a minimum of half a billion dollars.  Money that Oregon’s depleted bank resources doesn’t have.  And what’s the answer that Kate Brown, Oregon’s governor, has come up with?  Sell off a state forest that if managed is capable of supplying $400 million for Oregon’s schools. And not only does she want to sell it off, but she wants to sell it off at a quarter of its value.  A very bad deal.

Oregon’s Natural Resources: Money does Grow on Trees

Oregon is a land rich with natural resources just waiting to be harvested
Oregon is a land rich with natural resources just waiting to be harvested

Our first guest, Dr. Bob Zybach, focuse s on why harvesting and managing our forests and natural resources would not only save Oregon tax payers money, it would make them a small fortune. And if managed well would turn around an economic disaster in rural communities. Who wants to inhale smoked-filled skies or watch wildlife habitat be destroyed?  No one.  It’s a no-brainer to get behind and support people who are willing to step up and offer solutions. Dr. Zybach offers his well-researched, practical experiences he’s had as a hands-on forester to stop this nonsense of fires in Oregon.

Don’t miss the shocking “workaround” that Governor Kate came up with to get around pesky state laws. Not only will we not make money on the Elliott Forest, we’re spending our future.

Can Oregon be Made Great Again?

We then turn to Republican gubernatorial candidate, Sam Carpenter, who has very intriguing ideas on how to get Oregon into a positive win/win scenario on these needless fires and to get Oregon into overall financial health.  A 30-year, highly experienced businessman specializing in fixing businesses in trouble, Mr. Carpenter brings a wide compliment of innovative ideas into the mix.  Having been a forester himself, he pinpoints the problems Oregonians want solved regarding forests and forest management.

Using his professional experience as a successful CEO he discusses not only his thoughts on forest management but how he’d tap into the advisors he’s already working with to find the best solutions to stop the needless waste.  A man who’s lived in rural areas all of his life, he understands the value of bringing their rural areas up to standards with living wages the way it used to be in Oregon.

And don’t miss his notions on how to win in Oregon.  Hint: It’s not about “reaching across the aisle” by giving up your principles, which is what so many Republicans think they need to do to attract Democrat votes.

Can Oregon can be made great again? Don’t miss a show that will give you a lot of hope!


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Links Mentioned

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  • Save 25% on your tickets for the Mike Huckabee event, Speak Life 18! Use ispyradio as the discount code when ordering from’speaklife
  • Sam Carpenter’s website: and his Facebook page is Sam Carpenter for Oregon

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Pebble Mine — Winning against Environmentalists

Pebble Mine — Winning against Environmentalists

Show Summary: The Trump administration is winning against extreme environmentalists. Tune in to hear some exciting news about the Pebble Mine project in Alaska, its tremendous wealth just waiting to be taken, and how the rabid environmentalists are the past,  not the future. Also, we talk with Jeff Jimerson of Oregon Life United about their plans to turn the tide for pro-life in Oregon in 2018.

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Original Air Dates: Jan. 13 & 14, 2018 | Jeff Jimerson & Mike Heatwole

Welcome to another edition and another year of I Spy Radio — helping you to get a little more intelligence on big govt. If this is your first time joining us, a special welcome to you as we kick off a new year. We hope you’ll join us every week as we give you more intelligence in one hour than most shows do in three.

This week

The first part of a two-part series focused on natural resources. And there is some good news on that front—for once.

Speak Life 2018

But before we get to the natural resources portion, our first guest is Jeff Jimerson, founder of Oregon Life United and lead petitioner to stop taxpayer funded abortions in Oregon.  To help get the word out on this signature initiative, his organization is bringing Mike Huckabee to Oregon, January 21st and 22nd.

We talk to Jeff about whether it’s true or not that Oregon has no pro-life laws to protect the unborn. No parental notification, no limits?  And then don’t miss the information on Gov. Huckabee’s visit to Oregon at their Speak Life 2018 event—and that’s not all.  This group has some exciting plans coming up, so we’ll be having Jeff back on to give updates as plans come to fruition.

Progressive politicians are wrong if they think free abortions for all is a winning strategy. Especially for today’s youth. Polls show an overwhelming majority of today’s youth are pro-life. Why? Because they’re the sonogram generation. They grew up at a time mom came home from the doctor with sonogram pictures and say, “See? This is your baby brother or this is your baby sister. Here’s the head… Here’s her arm…” They know that’s a baby in there, not some “blob of tissue.”

Pebble Mine

Then we switch hats to focus on natural resources something environmentalists have fought against for years.  But what these extremists don’t understand is that being an environmentalist doesn’t mean we can’t touch natural resources, it’s more about how you treat the lands and the people when you do harvest resources.

The Pebble Mine. Just waiting for permit approvalWe head back to Bristol Bay, Alaska, to talk about one of the most richest mineral deposits in the world: the Pebble Mine project.  A mine that has been put on hold for years as the Obama administration refused to even allow the permitting process to begin.

Long-time listeners of I Spy will remember that Pebble Partnership was forced to sue the EPA to give them same rights as any other mining company and discovered that the EPA had been conspiring with environmental groups to stop the Pebble Mine from ever submitting a permit application.

Now with the Trump administration in place the EPA has allowed the permitting process to begin, a process that will take years to finalize.  And with a growing economy, America will need the gold, copper, and other minerals of Pebble Mine to build computers, cell phones, and other essentials that we use daily in our lives.

Winning against Environmentalists

But it’s more than just Pebble Mine. Tune in to hear how after years of shutting down and, dare we say, terrorizing industry, the extreme environmentalists are on the defensive.  It’s about time. Don’t miss to hear how the extremists are “old school” and their fear-mongering is out of touch with modern-day approaches to natural resources.

And don’t miss next week’s show as we continue our focus on natural resources: Could there be some hope for Oregon?

Speak Life! 2018

We’re pleased to announce that Oregon Life United is bringing out Mike Huckabee on January 21st and 22nd to help with the signature gathering effort. He’ll be speaking at Portland, Salem, and Medford.  To get the details go to and order your $20 tickets online.  Look for the discount code button and type in ISpyRadio (all one word) to get $5 off per ticket. That’s 25% off!

Podcast Version

Speak Life and Oregon Life United Links

  • More information and to order tickets for Mike Huckabee and Speak Life! 2018 can be found at Oregon Life United
    • Don’t forget to use the discount code ispyradio and save $5 per ticket!
  • An unintentionally pro-life article from The Huffington Post: “Are You a Miracle? On the Probability of Your Being Born” (Aug 16, 2011).
  • Breitbart News – “Study: India Performs 15.6 Million Abortions per Year” (Dec 30, 2017): “A new study finds that about 15.6 million abortions were performed in India in 2015”
  • The new pro-life generation High-school students are organizing and engaging in the fight for life, despite sharp opposition from some administrators and peers (Jan. 2018)
    • “Despite the hostility, Curran and other members of Students for Life Dripping Springs continue to gather once a month in the school cafeteria to hand out flyers describing scientific facts about unborn babies. The students are part of the latest front lines of the pro-life battle: Winning the hearts and minds of the next generation means finding even younger activists.”

Pebble Mine Segment Links

  • More information about the Pebble Mine can be found at
  • Breaking the backs of the Enviro movement (something we’ll see more of under the Trump administration): “Exxon Prepares To Sue California Cities, Says They Contradict Themselves On Climate Change” (Jan. 8, 2018)
    • Cities in CA at sea-level on the one hand claim in their lawsuits against Exxon a high risk of flooding due to Climate Change, in some cases, a 99% chance of flooding due to sea levels rising. But now Exxon is suing them, saying that if that’s true then those cities defrauded investors who bought bonds those cities issued, which somehow failed to mention flooding risks.
  • Trump moves to give local communities more control over public lands near those communities — opening it up to mining, mineral exploration, farming, etc. (need link)
  • (Gov) Walker doubles down on opposing Pebble Mine (Alaska’s Energy Desk, Oct 8, 2017)
  • Trump’s EPA Is On Course To Retire Half Its Staff (Daily Caller, Jan 9, 2018)
  • The EPA’s Waters of the United States Rule pits the EPA against farmers, miners, and other industry (Politico, May 27, 2015)
  • With new life under Trump administration, fresh Pebble Mine details released (Alaska’s Energy Desk, Jan 5, 2018)
  • Pebble Partnership EPA Application (Application Dec 22, 2017)
  • First glance at Pebble’s new plans (KDLG Bristol Bay Public Radio, Oct 5,2017)
  • Pebble names First Quantum Minerals as new partner (KDLG, Dec 18, 2017)
  • The Senate tax bill would allow oil drilling in Alaskan wildlife refuge (CNN Money, Dec 4, 2017)
  • Developing Alaska’s wildlife refuge is a win-win-win (WA Post, Nov 30, 2017)
Take Action – Demand Better Forest Management

Take Action – Demand Better Forest Management

Take Action Briefing

What: Demand better forest management to prevent forest fires
Who: Any one from any U.S. state. This affects all of us!
How: Contact your state and federal officials (quick link for contact info)
When: Now!
Why: Environmental policies based on fantasy and political agendas rather than actual science has led to decades of mismanagement in our National and State Forests. In 2017 alone over 1 million acres of prime forests have been destroyed. This is NOT normal and must stop now!

The Problem: Bad Policy is Causing Massive Forest Fires

oregon forest fires, Multnomah Falls Lodge
Oregon forest fires, over 300,000 acres burned so far. And nearly burned the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge.

Environmentalists have hijacked forest management, meaning they’re not managed at all. At the root of environmentalism, environmentalists believe mankind is not a part of nature. This leads to policies that urge forests and nature to be left alone and not managed at all. Fuel piles up, year after year, and it’s just a matter of time before a lightning strike lights the match.

This year, over 300,000 acres in Oregon have burned and the fires are growing. In Montana, 500,000 acres have burned. All across the West, in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, forest fires are raging and it can all be traced to bad environmental policy.

Did you know that prior to the environmental policies of Bill Clinton, Oregon did not have one significant forest fire? Why? Because the forests were actively managed.

Did you know that by law Oregon is required to harvest timber from State lands and O & C lands and use the proceeds to fund schools and roads?

Did you know that Oregon’s three-member land board (governor, secretary of state and state treasurer) recently attempted to sell the Elliott Forest for pennies on the dollar so they wouldn’t have to bother to manage the timber — as required by law?

Did you know nearly one-third of Oregon’s counties are close to bankruptcy because they’re not allowed to log?

Demand Better Forest Management

Things you can do:

  1. Get educated! If you haven’t listened to our show on Oregon’s forest fires, head to the show page for tons of links and listen to the show. You will have plenty of information and ammunition to hit your representatives with.
  2. Contact your state representatives (see contact info, below). Tell them you are tired of these so-called environmental policies that allow our forests to burn. Point out that obviously these policies are NOT working and they must be changed to allow timber harvests. Money from trees is better than smoke and ashes. Trees grow back. This must end and it must end now. Send them a link to the show page and ask them, as their constituent, to listen to the show personally or at least have their staff listen.
  3. Contact your federal Congressman and both of your U.S. Senators. As with your state reps, demand change. Point out that the current hands off policy clearly is NOT working. It is time to end this nonsense. Feel free to send them a link to the show page as well and ask them to listen to the show. Or send them a direct link to the free podcast. (Note: podcast not available until Monday after noon.)
  4. If you’re an Oregonian, contact the Governor, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer. These three make up the state land board. Again, demand change and point out that the current policy of let-it-burn is clearly not working.

Contact Information

  • State – Don’t who your state representatives are? Need their contact info? Problem solved! Get it here. Just type in your address and get your state representative’s and senator’s phone and email.
  • Federal – Go to this link, click on your state, and then type in your address to find your Congressman and your two U.S. Senators. This works for any state. (Or just jump here for Oregon’s search page.)
  • Oregonians only – Contact the state land board members: contact Governor, Kate Brown; contact Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson (note: expand the “Executive Office” section for full contact info but his email is [email protected]​​​​​​​​); and contact the Oregon State Treasurer, Tobias Read. You may also submit a comment to the Dept. of State Lands to let staff know want changes to state policy.

Further Tips & Suggestions

Remember: when contacting your state and federal representatives, be polite but firm. There’s no need to call them names but you can and should point out that the current situation is failing and must be changed. You should definitely listen to the show on Oregon’s forest fires—you will have plenty of things you can discuss. You can also send them link ( to our show and demand they listen to it and then take genuine management steps to end this environmental nonsense that does nothing to protect the environment.

These policies are NOT NORMAL! And they must end now.