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Democrats and their Desperate Disinformation Ploy

Show Summary: Scott McEwen (American Sniper) and Ron Rychlak (Disinformation) on the Democrats methods and how they model tools from Soviet-era disinformation campaigns. Original Air Dates: Oct. 5th & 6th, 2019 | Scott McEwen & Ron Ryschlok This Week: The D’s keep giving us the same story over and over and we’re supposed to think …

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Disinformation Part 1 – The War that Didn’t End


Show Summary: The Deep State? Fake News? It’s real. And Disinformation is the thread that ties them all together. Former head of Romanian counter-intelligence agency reveals how and why. Original Air Dates: Oct. 20 & 21, 2018 | Ron Rychlak If you’ve ever looked around at the chaos in America today and thought, “this… just …

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Archives for the I Spy Radio Show

Here you can find a quick list of available shows for I Spy Radio Show. The first link (show number) will take you to the original webpage for that individual show, including links mentioned, research, guests’ links and contact info, etc. The podcast link will take you directly to the audio file and should open …

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I Spy Radio Store

All of our guests books from all of our shows in 2016 & 2017 all in one place! Featuring books, DVDs, and more as mentioned on the I Spy Radio Show. Get informed. Get the gift of knowledge or share it with your friends and family! Jump to author/guest: Ron Arnold (George Soros/Left’s money/the Green …

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