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Socialism’s Ties to Islam Part 2

Show Summary: In our ongoing series to expose socialism, we continue our look at socialism’s ties to Islam, especially radical Islam. We look at Hitler’s ties to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood. We also dig into what’s happening right now in the United Kingdom and France when former …

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Hopes of Islam coming True?

Show Summary: In the birthplace of Free Speech, the U.K., citizens are quickly losing their right of free speech. Activists are being jailed. Journalists expelled or banned from Britain. Facebook and Twitter urged to ban “hateful” posts. The one thing all these have in common? Islam. Are Muslims beheading Free Speech? Jump to links section …

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Trump’s Jerusalem — The Key to Peace in the Middle East?

Show Summary: The mainstream media was too busy spewing anti-Trump propaganda to notice how “Trump’s Jerusalem” may have profoundly positive and long-term results. We talk with a former jihadist to learn how Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, combined with some unreported events in the Middle East, may open the door in real peace in …

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