Show 5-26 Annual Fourth of July Show

Show 5-26 Annual Fourth of July Show

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Show 5-26 | Air Dates: June 27 & 28, 2015

Note: In light of this week’s tragedy in Southern Oregon, we’re putting aside politics and partisanship, recognizing that people need space to heal and come together. So we’re re-airing our annual Fourth of July show, to give people some space and time to heal.

It’s our Annual Fourth of July show! This week on I Spy Radio, it’s time to put aside politics, time to put aside partisanship and take some time to celebrate America, our history, and our common heritage.

This week, we welcome back communications consultant and amateur historian, Greg Leo, whose special passion is the Fourth of July, its history, and the many events and celebrations that have happened on the Fourth.

On this year’s show, we revisit the origins of Independence Day celebrations and traditions, and then trace them through early Westward expansion, the Oregon Trail, and on into modern-day celebrations. Don’t miss the 1852 Fourth of July celebration at Independence Rock on the Oregon Trail, taken from a pioneer journal.

Independence Rock
At Independence Rock on the Oregon Trail

Next week, we will re-air this week’s show—with a special twist.

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