The I Spy Radio Show – Conservative Talk Radio Done Right

The I Spy Radio Show – Conservative Talk Radio Done Right

The I Spy Radio Show is not your typical conservative talk radio show. We’re a one-hour show, and not just opinion but actual analysis with guests who are experts in their fields. Other shows focus on news and current events, which means they’re competing for attention, to beat other shows to the punch, or, even worse, to shout louder to get noticed. I Spy Radio is issue oriented. We’re not a news show, we’re a knowledge show. As we like to say, every week, we give you a little more intelligence on big government.

No Shouting Here

The i from I Spy Radio logoWhile we often do select topics being discussed in the news, we’re about going behind the headlines. We’re not a call-in show (although we love to hear from our listeners!). Instead, our format is just one or two expert guests, which allows them to go deep into their topic. Other conservative talk radio shows give you the talking points of who, the what, and the where of stories, but I Spy Radio gives you the how and, most importantly, the why. We give you more in-depth insight in one hour than most shows do in three.

There’s no shouting here. Our goal is to inform, not see who can shout over the other or out-duel with talking points. Instead, we want to arm our audience—with better information, and more in-depth information than you’ll get anywhere else. Why? Because better informed people make better decisions.

I Spy Radio is the second-largest conservative talk radio show in Oregon (yes, we have conservatives here). We’re currently on four terrestrial AM radio stations—and anywhere in the world via our affiliates’ live streams. Check our About Us page for broadcast times and locations.